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Show 106 - A Touch of Ireland

Featuring: Denise Labadie

Posts On: July 2, 2007

Denise Labadie, an award-winning quilt maker, uses her profound love of the Irish landscape and ancient megalithic stones as a theme that is central to her quilting. To best express the moods and textures inherent in her complex landscapes, Denise uses a wide variety of colors, fabrics, and threads. In today's show, Denise demonstrates how she achieves the effect of realistic looking "fabric stones", we get a visit from Cheryl Uribe, The Quilt Show's Gizmo Girl, and a piano performance of Danny Boy by Ricky.

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Denise Labadie (Labadie Fiber Art)

From Chapter One:

Alex and Ricky talk about the places they have traveled internationally to teach and Ricky shares some photos from his time in Ireland.

From Chapter Two:

A look is taken into Ireland and the life of Denise Labadie. In the studio, Denise shows her work and tells us more about herself.

From Chapter Three:

Alex and Ricky offer up a tip for keeping track of fabric that you have washed. Denise shows Ricky how to "paint" stones for a landscape quilt.

From Chapter Four:

Cheryl Uribe, TQS' resident Gizmo Girl, shows off the Quilter's Hangup Pre-made sleeve and the OLFA Pinking Blade. Then, Ricky performs Danny Boy from his Heart and Soul CD and Denise answers questions about her processes.

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