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Show 2004: Into the Woods We Go - Embroidery with Whimsy in Stitches

Featuring: Amy McClellan / Sarah Fielke

Posts On: February 12, 2017


When it comes to creating warm and whimsical design, this Utah quilter has it all stitched up. By combining cotton, wool, and timeless woodland themed embroidery designs, Amy's quilts have a charm that is simply irresistible to quilters around the world. Along with clever tricks for prepping your work, she shares a technique using cereal boxes that will have you raiding your kitchen cupboards.

Then Australian quilter, Sarah Fielke, shares how effective a hand-quilted big stitch can be on your project.

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Amy McClellan

Sarah Fielke

From Chapter One:

Amy loves working with a combination of wool, fabric and embroidery thread when it comes to creating her warm and whimsical designs. She shares her quilts, which include the first one she ever made. Amy also discusses her Saturday Sampler and Stitch Society programs.
Quilts, Quilts, Quilts by Diana McClun & Laura Nownes

From Chapter Two:

Amy shares tips for working with a combination wool/cotton fabric to make the process enjoyable.
Craft Mates (in book form) - storing bobbins filled with embroidery floss
Freezer Paper
Chenille Needle

From Chapter Three:

Amy teaches her technique for making appliqué templates using cereal boxes! She also shares her method for creating a streamline assembly system when it comes to a repetitive type of work, such as making lots of leaves for a project.

From Chapter Four:

TQS visited Australian quilt artist Sarah Fielke while she was in Sisters, OR, to learn her big stitch hand quilting technique. Sarah loves to bring a contemporary feel to traditional quilt designs through the use of unusual fabric color combinations.

#18 grace andrew 2017-08-17 05:41
Your article is really mind boggling. This really inspires me a lot.EmbroideryD igitizing
#17 4maggie3 2017-07-17 18:24
I am unable to waych show 2004. Would like to see, is there anything I need to do on this end?
#16 Quayquilter 2017-04-19 05:41
I was thrilled to see this as I was in Sarah's Definition of Stitch class and I am the lady standing behind her looking on. Some of crossed the hall to see Sarah's quilts hanging up. The students produced some fantastic work and I was on a very friendly table and swapped fabric with one of the group. Later Sarah stayed at my house when she taught workshops in the UK and she was a perfect guest. A great person.
#15 Lorrie 2017-03-17 22:17
If you read at the beginning it is only series 1 - 17.
This is series 20.
#14 Sharmond 2017-03-17 19:31
how do I watch a free show? All I see are trailers.
#13 Lk2stch 2017-03-17 12:13
I am logged in and do not have access.
#12 Lk2stch 2017-03-17 12:12
I tried to watch show #2004 during the free quilt weekend and the site would not let me. You advertise free access and then it is not there. Very disappointed.
#11 red54 2017-03-12 07:03
logged in, Star member, STILL can't watch full show. :sad:
#10 1960quilter 2017-03-06 19:32
Amy McClellan really knows her stuff, so to speak! Very talented. Awesome show!
#9 quiltingmidwife 2017-02-26 03:50
Amy mentions the patterns are available. I've looked on her shop website and don't see the one I want which had the mini churn dash or maybe there isn't one for this. What size are the blocks?
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