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Bloc_Loc Drunkards Path Ruler

Bloc_Loc Bloc_Loc Drunkards Path Ruler Cut and sew perfect drunkards path quilt blocks... Product #: BLOC-NOTI-DR44 based on 0 reviews Regular price: $33.50 $33.50 8

Bloc_Loc 4x4 Inch Drunkards Path Block Ruler

Price: $33.50

Stock Status: In Stock
Tags: Janna Thomas
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The Bloc-Loc 4 inch Drunkards Path Ruler makes it easy to cut and sew perfect drunkards path quilt blocks.

It includes three pieces- a set of two cutting templates and a third template to true-up and trim your block once you have sewn it.

To construct your blocks, simply cut around the cutting templates with a rotary cutter or trace them and cut out the pieces. Stitch your pieces together following the Bloc-Loc guidelines (you can see them in the video below) and then place the Bloc-Loc trimming template groove side down on the block with the groove placed over the seam allowance and the logo on the ruler on the side of the block without the seam allowance under it. Trim the first two sides, turn the ruler around and then trim the remaining two sides.

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