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Magnetic Telescoping Pin Pickup Tool

Tooltron Magnetic Telescoping Pin Pickup Tool Quickly finds and picks up dropped pins.. Product #: TOOL-NOTI-PINT based on 0 reviews Regular price: $5.99 $5.99 1

Magnetic Pin Pickup Tool

Price: $5.99

Stock Status: In Stock
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Everyone needs this inexpensive but indispensable tool in their work area!

Have you ever spent 20 minutes on your hands and knees searching for a pin that fell on the floor, worried that if you don't find it your children or pets will get it or that you will find it the hard way when you step on it? Enter the Magnetic Pin Pickup Tool!

This easy to use tool extends to 36 inches so you can search the floor without even bending over. To find a lost pin, extend the telescoping post and pass the magnetic end back and forth over the suspect area, keeping it just above the floor. The strong magnet attracts pins as it passes by, and you will hear a satisfying "plink" when it picks one up.

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