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Dee's Fun Fast Frameable Collage Kit

The Quilt Show Dee's Fun Fast Frameable Collage Kit Have fun making a personal art piece to frame .. Product #: DFBL-PKIT-FFFC based on 0 reviews Regular price: $22.99 $22.99 Out Of Stock

Fun Fast Frameable Collage Kit

Price: $22.99

Stock Status: Out Of Stock

Make a fun and easy personalized art piece to frame.

Kit includes a 4 ounce bottle of Gloss PPA glue (enough to make many collages!), a #4 detail brush, a 3/4 inch stroke brush, and 3 decorative napkins to get you started. 

Watch Dee's Fun Fast Frameable Collage Class!

Gloss PPA Glue
This universal acrylic adhesive and medium, has been extensively studio-tested on literally every type of paper, plastic, metal, wood & glass. Substantially different than any other wet adhesives, PPA is non-sticky when wet and absolutely non-tacky when dry.

#4 Detail Brush & 3/4 Inch Stroke Brush
These are the two most frequently used paint brushes in all arts and crafts projects. Using the finest synthetic sable-like hair, they are well-balanced and made to be used with all media and adhesives. Their lacquered hardwood handles and gold-colored nickel ferrules make them beautiful precision art tools, as well as real studio workhorses.



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