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Make It Your Own Embroidery Class Supplies

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Select Self-Erase Marker by Quilters Select

Mark with one end and erase with the other


Thimblepad Leather Adhesive Thimbles

Handy stick-on leather thimble pads for stitching


Embroidery Stitching Handy Pocket Guide

With more than 30 stitches covering all the basics and beyond


Lap App Perfect Press Wool Mat

A perfect addition to the Lap App, designed to fit on the Lap App.


Hand Embroidery Dictionary by Christen Brown PDF DOWNLOAD

500+ Stitches; Tips, Techniques & Design Ideas


The Lap App

A small adjustable lap table for handwork and appliqué


Fabric Prep Fabric Stabilizer By Quilters Select - 3 Yds.

Stabilize fine fabrics like silk, satin, fine linens & light cotton for sewing 


Thread Magic Ultimate Thread Conditioner

 Strengthens thread and prevents it from tangling and fraying


Assorted Sashiko Needles by Hidamari

Assorted Japanese sashiko needles for your next project