Giant Clam by Hollis Chatelain is one of a series of quilts she created based on the beauty and serenity of the underwater world.  It is 25" x 36" and uses hand-dye-painted fabric and is machine quilted.

Artist Statement:

During the last years I lived in Africa, I could see the ocean from my studio window. When I started noticing how many water related dreams and drawing ideas kept surfacing, I realized how living by the ocean for the first time was affecting my work. I became increasingly intrigued by the contrasts between the often rough and wild surface of the ocean and the beauty and serenity of the underwater world. I decided to make a series of underwater quilts to translate these feelings and emotions into my art.I love the graphics of the giant clam and made up the colors to suit what I thought it should look like.

You learn more about Hollis by watching Episode 1207: Out of Africa: From Life Experience to Incredible Quilts.

You can see more of Hollis' beautiful quilts by visiting her website: www.hollisart.com.

Giant Clam - 35 pieces non-rotating

Giant Clam - 96 pieces non-rotating

Giant Clam - 300 pieces non-rotating

Giant Clam - 96 pieces rotating

Giant Clam - 300 pieces rotating


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