Computer Based Quilt Design

While the world often thinks quilting is a quaint craft for old ladies in church basements, quilters are fully engaged in the digital world. Computer Based Quilt Design has grown from hand held devices that helped you calculate yardage to applications for your hand held devices! Software for quilt design such as Electric Quilt and Quilt Pro are popular for quilters, as is the Quiltography application for your iPad. Quilt fabric and pattern designers have long used the Adobe Design Suite of products for both quilt and fabric design. These computer programs and others are available to quilters to test and design quilts. Many allow you to import images of your stash, or fabric designs currently available from fabric manufacturers. Some of these programs will caclulate the yardage of fabric for you ending the need for the dreaded quilt math. There are many design programs and applications, a Google Search will tell you what's available to you based on your computer or devices! Once you get past the learning curve the world is your quilty oyster!

Benefits of Computer Based Quilt Design

  • Limited quilt math needed with Computer Based Quilt Design - YAY!
  • Ability to import actual fabric images.
  • Compared to graph paper and pencil, changes are quickly made.
  • No more guessing about what works and what doesn't! 
  • Quilt Design programs offer quick and easy options to modify your design and play "what if?"

Tools and Supplies for Computer Based Quilt Design

You will need the following for Computer Aided Quilt Design:

Computer or hand held device

Quilting Software - either for calculations or designing

What I Wish I Knew When I Started Computer Based Quilt Design

COMPUTER BASED QUILT DESIGN has a learning curve associated with it, but it's very fun and rewarding. Its a fun way to see if your fabric selections will work for your project without finding out the hard way.

Computer Based Quilt Design Resources