Easy Patchwork Math - Square-in-a-Triangle

Featuring: Lynn Wilder

Posts On: September 4, 2015

Lynn walks you through the steps of making a "square-in-a-triangle" component.  You'll be delighted at how easy it is to make using her method.

#7 Colleen 2018-01-31 17:30
This is great! I have been quilting for a long time, and never knew this method for Corner Square Triangles. Also, never knew the math for square in a square. I think I need to get this book!
#6 barb 2017-06-03 14:29
So enjoyed your class. ADD runs in my family, me, my son and uncles. When my son was tested by a child psychiatrist we were told that this disorder usually occurs in bright people for reasons they did not understand. You have proved him right.
#5 Pemela 2017-05-25 16:27
I love Lynn's classes, her teaching style is so clear and inspiring.
#4 tiggy22 2017-05-24 21:20
This was a very well presented technique.
#3 lynneschrag 2017-05-24 08:17
I absolutely love her. I can not wait for her book to arrive. A really good teacher.
#2 SUSAN L PARRISH 2017-05-24 07:00
Love the class , it looks hard but you made it look so easy . Great instructions. I'll have to try it. Thanks
#1 sarah21 2017-05-24 04:41
Absolutely gobsmacked! Why aren't I learning to do these blocks. Must start trying. Amazing quilt and block technique's. Thank you for inspiring me to do better and make better quilts Lynn.
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