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Frequently Asked Question - How can I get tickets to see the Quilt Show Taping?

How can I get tickets to see the Quilt Show Taping?


TQS offers All Day tickets for our Taping Sessions.  If you are interested in being part of the audience, look for an article in the Newsletter with all the details on the FREE Tickets for Taping. You do not need to be a STAR member to get the Tickets, but you do need to commit to attending from 8AM to 5 PM while we are taping two shows each day. Tickets for Taping are announed in and around January for March taping and generally in June for the  August taping and are offered on a First Come, First Served basis.

When you see "Free Tickets for Taping" in our newsletter, you will be directed to the Help & Support Section and asked to Submit a Ticket with Taping Ticket in the Subject Line and Other in the Category. Provide the full name (as shown on Government ID's) and email address of each person with the prefered dates for attending.

The Support Ticket will be routed to the Production staff once the Newsletter announcement is made. We will contact you via email to finalize the details. Or, you will be notified with a response to your Support Ticket. Go to Help & Support, and select View Your Tickets to finalize the details.

Hope you can join the The Quilt Show Team and be a part of this wonderful experience.  We also bring a "part" of the The Quilt Show Store. So there is plenty to see and do while being a part of the show!