A special, hand-crafted quilt has gone missing. Made for Lt. Col. Cynthia Weidman, it depicts Weidman's 24 years of service and is a fabric reminder of traveling the world and helping others. They are asking for everyone's help to find the quilt.

Here's more information from the maker of the quilt, Sara Price, San Antonio, TX:

"Lt. Col. Cynthia Weidman, who serves as Chief Nurse at Joint Base San Antonio Lackland, is about to fly into retirement. Weidman's husband, Bill Heisel, a retired Air Force veteran, looked forward to presenting a special hand-crafted quilt during her retirement ceremony on Monday. But instead, pictures of a sentimental gift are all that remain.The quilt depicts Weidman's 24 years of service. It's a fabric reminder of traveling the world and helping others.“Just came back a year ago from a 10 and a half, 11 month deployment to Afghanistan. "During these long deployments, Heisel embarked on a nine-year covert mission, working alongside a family friend in the United Kingdom. Together, they researched and constructed a snapshot of Weidman's life through the quilt.“For me to do something for that long and keep it a secret that’s pretty cool," Heisel said.

Hotel surveillance footage shows multiple people breaking into vehicles in the parking lot of the Hampton Inn and Suites near JBSA Lackland and Sea World. At one point, one of the individuals breaks into the retired military couple's white pickup and takes a bag with the quilt inside. “We’re gutted. That’s the right word, gutted because it does mean a lot." Weidman recalls the moment when her husband broke the news. At first she was confused as to what quilt he was talking about. But then Heisel explained what he's been working on for almost the past decade. Weidman and Heisel hope the community and San Antonio police are able to stumble upon those responsible and more importantly, find the quilt. “The tears flow and when I got to see the picture of the quilt, it’s heartbreaking," Weidman said."

If you have any information regarding the quilt,  you can contact Sara at:


#8 Peggy A 2020-07-26 19:03
I also lost a quilt top with backing that was made for my husband. It hurts to think someone would take your hard work that means so much to you both.
#7 Meleg Christine 2020-07-26 16:11
Angry , heartbroken, furious that this was stolen from a service member and fellow nurse! Prayers sent that it is found safe, and the crooks found howling in dispair!
#6 4SandyK 2020-07-26 11:30
I know you must be Heartbroken about thi s. You do have some great pictures of it and if the person in the area it was lost can send the information out to her friends hopefully it will help also. You are fortunate you took pics of the quilt, most of us don't have the foresight to do that. I would suggest you have a good size picture made for her to present to her. Remember it is the thought that counts! God Bless.
#5 Mary Culbertson 2020-07-26 11:24
Look at the top left of the article and you will see a blue tag that says "fshare". Click on it and a window will come up that asks if you want to put this of facebook. Be sure to put it on your newsfeed. Good luck to you. I am so terribly sorry about this loss. We must do all we can to help find it.
#4 Deb Harrison 2020-07-26 10:09
I shared through my facebook page. There is a link for that at the top of the page showing the whole quilt and story.

This is the second time I have heard of thefts at a Hampton Inn and Suites. The first was in Phoenix where they stole the tires on our friends car and left it sitting on cinderblocks.
#3 Chara Boehm 2020-07-26 08:58
My heartfelt condolences to you regarding your stolen quilt. I so hope that it will be found undamaged and returned to you. Thanks for your service.
#2 Bethelbee 2020-07-26 08:15
How heartwrenching! I hope somehow they are able to recover that beautiful and meaningful quilt! Her husband worked so hard on it and wanted to present it to her for her retirement from service.....
Thank you for your service!!!
#1 LEANN E MCCLAIN 2020-07-26 08:15
Can you make this shareable? I live within 150 miles of San Antonio.
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