During this time of staying in place, Ricky is reading chapters from the soon-to-be-released book titled Lizzy Albright and the Attic Window, written by Ricky Tims and Kat Bower. The VidPods (for listening while you create), are found on a Playlist on YouTube. So you can start, and they will automatically play one after the other. Click here to go to the playlist.

This exciting adventure/fantasy story is for all generation who are reading chapter books. Kids as young as eight years old can fall in love with Lizzy, as can anyone who loves a fun adventure. The nostalgic opening of the book is set in 1964, when Lizzy Albright is ten years old. The story is a multi-layered story, but it all comes together in one very climatic ending. 

The book, which features a depression era quilt, will spawn a quilt pattern book, a line of depression era fabrics designed by Ricky Tims for Benartex, and so much more. Listen to the book now, pre-order your autographed copies, and get ready for the excitement. Described as Harry Potter meets the Wizard of Oz, meets Alice in Wonderland, it’s sure to be a hit.

The Lizzy Albright Quilt and line of fabric will be revealed on April 11, LIVE on YouTube and Facebook, at 3PM Eastern, noon Pacific. You’ll be even more excited about the reveal if you have made it through at least Chapter Seven of the VidPods.

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