Ann is halfway through her journey out West! In this video, she shares mushroom hunting, poetry, recipes, smoked fish on the campfire, a tour of the inside of her happy tiny home, a cribbage tournament, and something she's been trying to figure out for a while - how best to keep the closet from exploding between destinations. With a few left over scraps of batting, fabric and yarn, she'lll show how to make pads for plastic hangers to keep clothes on and pointy shoulders out! I'll also share a little crochet band to hold several hangers together to minimize the "fallout".

Want to see what else Ann has been doing on her West Coast journey in her Airstream trailer?

Click here for Part 1: Lil Airstream

Click here for Part 2: Colorpods

Click here for Part 3: States in Stitches

#3 Susan Ruth 2020-02-16 10:46
Oh, I wish I was traveling with you. Just watching the video of the ocean is relaxing!
#2 swalker287@aol.com 2020-02-14 15:51
I'm so enjoying the videos of your trip and your little crafting projects. Thanks to TQS for carrying this.
#1 Fredrx06@aol.com 2020-02-14 05:25
I enjoyed your video and hanger covers
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