We want to feature a block with "eyes", where to get some of the supplies, and praise the quilting by.... (The full quilt is at the bottom to see the quilting in full.)

Pattern by EllySienkiewicz Peacock.

The Tree was created using Hand dyed silk ribbon 7mm and 4mm back stitched as the branches and trunk.  The leaves are fabric and ribbon needle turned appliqued down.  Lighter colors were used on top and darker colors further down the branches with a few flowers stitched on with 7mm silk ribbon for color

The Peacock’s is made with three fabrics; a print for the body and fussy cut fabric to create the folded wings and the tail is made of “eyes” individually appliqued.  I struggled to get the “right look” for the eyes.  One day on my way home from work, I drove by a farm and a peacock was on the fence.  I slowed down to get a good look at his face – and he let me!  I went home and finished the peacock using using ultrasuede and a black pigma pen and added his crown feathers.


All of the silk ribbon used for Ribbon Embroidery is hand dyed from the Thread Gatherer.  I love the natural colors and the subtlety which to me, adds depth and dimension.  They also sell silk embroidery thread in the same colorways that is wonderful to work with.



The Hand Dyed Bias Cut silk ribbon is from Hanah Silk Ribbon – perfect for stems and wreaths.  The bias cut ribbon is perfect for stems and can be used for embroidery as well. The colors are luscious and it comes in silk, silk satin and velvet - yummy!


Old World Roses - If you are looking for examples of roses different from the hybrid we see today, Roses of Yesterday and Today is a great resource.  You can order their catalog - I have mine from 1996 - great for inspiration.



The longarm quilting was done by Shireen Hattan – I met Shireen at a Volleyball Fundraiser!  She had donated a quilt to support our Scholarship fund and I enjoyed talking to her.  She let me know she was in the longarm business and gave me a card.  I realized that with a small bedroom studio, I was not going to be a longarm quilter and I needed to join forces with a quilter that shared my aesthetic.  It wasn't long before I was sending her Wedding quilts and T-shirt quilts.  We shared a common vision for each quilt.  I let her know when I want something specific, like feathers or bamboo, and also where she can leverage her skills and expertise for the quilting.  I have never been disappointed!  For the T-shirt quilt I made for my brother and a wedding quilt she added words that were perfect for the quilt and the sentiments attached.  When I finished Americana Baltimore I realized I was not going to hand quilt it and I needed to get Shireen involved.  The only direction from me was to make the quilting on the Clipper Ship block look like wind and the rest of the shapes "organic".  I was thrilled when the quilt came back, in fact, I am thrilled every time a quilt arrives! 

Shireen has won Best of Show 2014 at the California State Fair, Best Machine Quilting at Folsom 2011, and been shown in several juried shows over the years including Road to California, PIQF Santa Clara and MQX New Hampshire.  She has received numerous ribbons from first to honorable mention.


 I have asked her to put into the quilting "Quilted by Shireen Hattan" so her contribution is not lost should something happen to the label.  It is so important to recognize the Quilter - especially when it is not the Quilt Maker.  Thank You Shireen - for your beautiful contribution to Americana Baltimore!

Contact Shireen Hattan (a TQS Star member since 2011), Shireenzstitchez, at Shireenhattan@gmail.com

#2 Oldquilter52 2019-07-13 13:05
unbelievable.ri bbon work Thank you for sharing your talents
#1 Ang 2019-07-05 06:24
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