It’s Hope Yoder here with the first look inside my cozy quilting space. I hope you will join me on my journey learning to free-motion quilt. As the owner of Designs By Hope Yoder, I have a warehouse where our staff and I create our machine embroidery and crafting magic but I wanted a small space, something cozy, where I can begin my journey in the comfort of my home.

I have a wonderful husband of 29 years and two daughters, Hannah (21 yrs) & Olivia (19 yrs) who are at home with us while finishing college. What this means is no spare bedroom for quilting. I found a solution that works in the center of our home, but requires some careful planning since the space I chose doesn’t have any doors to hide the creativity that is often strewn across cabinets and machines. Here is the transformation of our breakfast nook into my cozy quilting space. 

In looking at this space, I wanted it to blend in with the rest of our home rather than looking like the cluttered craft space I had previously. We had a tall tablewith barstools in this space that was rarely used. I re-purposed the table by moving it into the adjacent den which now serves dual purposes, as a table when friends are over and as a cutting station. In our warehouse sewing area we had some leftover Ikea tables that I brought home to use for my sewing machine. They are just wide enough to fit my straight stitch machine with the wide Sew Steady Wish table I have been using for free-motion. 

I have several sewing and embroidery machines at the warehouse and had to pick 1 to bring home. I chose my Juki 2010 sewing machine.

It’s my sewing workhorse which only does one thing, straight stitch. It will sew through thick layers of just about anything, including stacks of thick webbing. The last two things I moved in were my favorite sewing chair and a small chest of drawers on wheels.

So, this is the beginning of my cozy space. What do you think? I love it. Several nights a week I spend about 20 minutes or more practicing free-motion quilting. At my office, I cut twenty ½ yard quilt sandwiches and brought them home for my new nightly ritual. More about that later. But as a self-proclaimed, uptight quilter, I’m proud to announce that my stippling now longer boasts of the dreaded right angles. I’m virtually, almost, right angle free! Now I am thinking of buying myself a machine more suited for free motion quilting. Stay tuned to see my dream quilting machine. Until next time, happy crafting!  - Hope Yoder.

Here's where you can find Hope:

#8 Hope Yoder 2018-06-06 04:21
Yes my fabric stash is at warehouse until I have a spare bedroom. They don’t say quilting is my therapy for nothing.
#7 Donna46 2018-06-02 11:11
I agree Bette, I love myJuki
#6 Donna46 2018-06-02 11:10
Hope I have many of your designs. I now spend most of my time doing free motion. I learned free motion on a Juki just like yours. As far as using a domestic machine, I don’t think you can beat it for free motion. I now have a long arm but I am very glad I learned on my Juki. I seem to still have better control for small intricate things on my Juki. You know how it goes, there is always another tool out there. Have fun. You do beautiful work.
#5 she-quilts 2018-06-01 18:00
Great space! You have done a great job! I'll agree you can get a new machine to be able to do FMQ easier. :)
I have a small sewing area in a corner of our long living room but have yet to really use it. I keep thinking with my FW there, I'd do a bit of piecing at night. Ha!
#4 BBRQuilter 2018-06-01 13:27
love your space! You are lucky you have a warehouse as backup. I didn't get a dedicated space until around year 45 in our marriage. I am now in year 55!!
#3 Ferne 2018-06-01 10:57
It's a great start!. I sew in a corner of my living room so understand the need to keep things tidy whenever possible. Having nice places to store what isn't in use helps a lot along with keeping things organized.
#2 Dottie Macomber 2018-06-01 07:27
I guess she keeps her stash in her warehouse?? Beautiful space but where IS everything?
#1 Bette 2018-06-01 07:13
Save your money and keep practicing FMQ with your Juki. I’ve found it to be my absolute favorite for FMQ. Consistent practice is the key.
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