Sherry Reynold's quilt, Eternal Beauty, won Best of Show at PIQF 2017 and is dedicated to her mother. We think the beauty of the quilt is eternal as well.


Original Photo: Sherry Reynolds


#4 4RSWY 2018-04-03 20:20
Having fun with your April Fools video. Great amazing quilt and funny joke.
#3 gbutterfly2756 2018-04-02 19:51
How do i sign up?
#2 Elainem1 2018-04-02 12:50
And yesterday you were offering as a BOM. I'd sign up for that. 12 year BOM!!! LOL
#1 Roswitha 2018-04-01 05:37
Realy wonderful!
Your mother will be happy and proud.
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