Do your friends ask you to make them quilts? Do they, or you, really have any idea how much it costs? Doug Sobel, a longarm quilter and photographer, has come up with an idea of how much it actually costs to make a Queen Size Quilt using 2018 fabric prices, skilled labor wages, and longarm quilting costs.

What do you think? Is it accurate?





 A Truly Feathered Star by Karen Sievert

#51 Carol Quilts 2020-07-16 12:32
Thanks for this info. Two of my tops were lost by UPS and now I have confirmation of what those two are worth on an objective scale. (My receipts don't lie.)
#50 Kathleen Mortlock 2020-02-02 15:51
$500 hundred in materials ??
#49 Nancie Johnson 2019-11-16 11:05
I’ve made many quilts and given them away. I’ve also just done the longarm portion and I never even thought about what I might charge someone. It seems awkward to hand a friend an itemized bill but it definitely makes sense. I doubt that anyone who doesn’t quilt has any concept of all that goes into it.
#48 Kelyn11 2019-11-10 08:33
Do you get customers that actually pay this price? This is an honest question, as I’m think of adding selling custom quilts as a side business. I’d love to make this kind of money once or a few times every couple of months.
#47 Molly Z. 2019-06-23 02:29
Exaggerated greedy estimate of a shameless person
Mind, artisans don't like selling at all. It is vendors at 'heart' who push an average creation for $1.500
Get back on Earth
#46 Madeline Harris 2019-03-27 05:53
I quilt by hand... wonder what the difference would be?
#45 Debra Stein 2018-02-28 11:22
My last quilt I wrote down my time everyday I worked on it. From start to finish it was 102 hrs! And well over $500 for materials and long arm quilting.
#44 Vickster 2018-02-20 14:27
Where the appraisal for the Q.O.V. quilt
#43 mkdquilts 2018-01-29 12:03
You can go ahead and share, you can see the little buttons for Facebook, Twitter, etc. at the top of the article. It would not hurt to give Doug credit as well.
#42 Jackie56 2018-01-29 06:35
I as well would like to copy this and share, is this allowed and how does one copy it.
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