Edyta Sitar's quilt, Common Bride, was featured in a 2-part interview by Meg Cox for the Quilters' S.O.S. - Save Our Stories oral history project. Quilters' S.O.S. - Save Our Stories (Q.S.O.S.) is an oral history project about quiltmakers launched in 1999 by the Quilt Alliance. More than 1,000 interviews with quiltmakers have been conducted by volunteers and shared on the Quilt Alliance website.

Star Members can watch Edyta in Show 2201: It's All About Scraps & the TQS BOM 2018 Patchwork Barn Quilt.



#5 quiltendeb 2018-12-30 10:00
Love Edyta and her quilts. One thing struck me that she said which so eloquently told how I feel is the description of a quilter. Loving the process!!! Every step. How the quilt turns out is not the most important part of being a quilter, but loving all the steps. I enjoy the drawing out, cutting, both rotary and templates, hand and machine piecing, appliqué, (all types), hand quilting, machine quilting.
And I think that is why I don’t stress over how long it takes to complete a quilt because I am enjoying working on it so much and why I have several projects going on at one time.
#4 Aileycat65 2018-01-08 21:12
Not good to use invisible thread on baby quilt because if the thread pulls away from quilt it usually does not break. So a infant can get it wrapped around toes fingers etc and cut of circulation. Could lose a toe.
#3 msw171 2018-01-07 19:55
She mentioned not using clear thread on baby quilts. Does anyone know why? I've used the thread on baby quilts with no problems.
#2 notenoughtime 2018-01-05 10:46
My audio didn’t work either
#1 marcellebethany 2018-01-05 09:54
The audio is off or just squeaking. Couldn’t understand a word.
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