Right outside of Comic Con International San Diego 2017 this year was an exhibition of the costumes from the Star Trek: Discovery series. We were drawn to the use of pattern repetition as well as the use of quilting to enhance a costume. We were also amazed at how leather was worked in the shoulder of one of the coats.

If you want to know about using pattern and repetition in quilting, read Design to Quilt: Principles of Design-Pattern/Repetition (Week 35).

If you want to know more about quilting with leather, watch Show 1909: Taking Leather to a Whole New Level, featuring Cathy Wiggins.

Video: Mary Kay Davis

#1 Wezi 2017-10-09 12:33
There's an aweful lot of intricate sewing there. Anyone who enjoys sci-fi and fantasy should be VERY impressed.
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