The Tattered Splendor exhibit at the Houston International Quilt Festival featured heavily used and beyond-repair antique quilts that Marty Ornish made into something wholly new with embellishments and upcycled materials. See the exhibit and hear what Marty has to say about using vintage textiles.

#4 Denise Labadie 2017-03-14 00:34
Marty is amazing. I have seen her quilted clothes. I have made teddy bears for people out of their old tattered quilts, then several family members were able to enjoy the family quilt.
#3 Marty O 2017-03-13 22:53
If the quilts can't be restored or conserved then try using lace underneath the worst areas. You can put an entire new backing on the wuilt to stabilize it. Tulle also works well on the front of the quilt to cover missing areas. I first freeze an unknown quilt to make sure there are no insects Inside the batting❤
#2 Maureen J 2017-03-13 08:10
Love your hair! Would love to wear that homage to "still crazy" outfit. Thanks for sharing.
#1 Susan Stitch 2017-03-13 06:53
What an inspiration! I just received several old and tattered quilt tops and I wasn't sure how to go about repairing them (some are pretty bad off). While I won't be making clothing out of them, Marty has inspired me to find ways to add lace and embellishments to create something new and fresh.
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