Alex spoke with Connie Potter. Connie was responsible for quilting the TQS BOM 2016, "Rajah Revisited" quilt. They discussed how she decided to quilt it knowing there was not much quilting "real estate." They also talked about the fundamentals of longarm quilting when working with a client.

#4 chockfullofjoy 2017-02-27 18:22
Connie, great to see your chat with Alex!
Connie has quilted six quilts for me and she is FABULOUS! Her custom quilting on my Dear Jane and several TQS BOMs is phenomenal. I'm SO grateful for her talent and collaborative skill. She is my go-to longarmer, even though it means shipping them to Washington.
#3 Connie Potter 2017-02-20 09:38
Thank you MSHendel! Though I have a Gammill Statler, for this quilt (as I was marinating) I decided to work entirely free-style. In other words, I dropped (disconnected) the computer belts and used my free-style techniques, to include feathers, echoing, and the use of rulers with an extended base plate. For an up close look, click onto my blog post (archived 11/23/15) that talks about the procedure with pictures at http://ppatchworks.blogspot.com/2015/11/featuring-tqs-2016-block-of-month.html.
#2 bbquiltmaker 2017-02-20 07:38
Mshendal, go to Connie's blog for detail photos of the Rajah quilt.

#1 MSHendel 2017-02-20 06:59
thanks for the insights into long arming. I'm definitely a marinated! Could you post some close up photos of the Raja quilt so we can see details of the quilting, especially the center and some of the borders. The photos so far have been of the whole quilt and it is hard to see.
I'm stumped as to what to do for the quilting. As an advanced beginner on longarm I'm not comfortable with a lot of custom quilting, but good at swirls, feathers and the like. I want to work to my strengths but need ideas to try something new. No computer.
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