Sadly, Sue Garman passed away this January (2017). We are proud that she shared her quilting gifts with TQS throughout the years, including our  2017 Block of the Month quilt, "The Halo Medallion Quilt."

Although Sue Garman learned to sew when she was very young, it was not her first career. In fact, Sue was the Associate Director of the Johnson Space Center in Houston, having also served as Deputy Chief of Staff for NASA in Washington, DC. She grew up in the aerospace industry, was trained as a CPA, and started her career by negotiating multi-million dollar contracts for NASA. Sue’s years with NASA and its contractors never separated her from quilting however. She always regarded quilting as her daily “therapy.” 

Sue wrote,

Hi there! My name is Sue Garman.You know, I don’t remember ever NOT knowing how to quilt. In fact, my grandmother taught the children in our family to sew crazy quilts as soon as they were old enough to thread a needle. 

I began designing my own quilts over thirty years ago. Since that time, I’ve made hundreds of quilts and am probably best-known for both appliqué quilts and intricately pieced quilts. My passion for quilting is reflected in my desire to bring quality designs, ideas, and inspiration directly to you.  

We think that Sue has done just that. You might be familiar with some of the earlier BOMs that Sue designed for TQS. (TQS members have entered her past BOMs in shows and have won 7 State Fairs and over 100 local and national prizes. When you finish this quilt, ENTER IT!!)

Patterns for some of these quilts are still available for purchase. Click here.

#7 MAinMO 2017-01-02 14:30
Another wonderful quilt by Sue. such a gift and I have made 3 of her BOMs and am working on Ladies of the Sea. Thanks everyone for having another one to do.
#6 Ann w 2016-11-02 15:09
I used Batiks to sew the 12 block applique flowers - was it 2009 or 10? At the time I was most unwell so I made myself sew the blocks, it was all I did. I am well again now, I really must sew them together and finish that quilt!
#5 Alex 2016-11-02 13:14
Yes - the background has many yards in it - SO - we have opted the kit to come with or without the background. This will save on shipping.
#4 scarlet26 2016-11-02 13:07
This is THE great news ! beautiful; I would so much make THIS BOM; except that I'm thinking about the ELEVEN !!! yards of white fabric ?! is that correct ?
#3 Sueglass 2016-11-02 09:48
So glad to have another Sue Garman BOM to work on! The colors are wonderful too.
#2 SED123 2016-11-02 09:38
Love Sue's quilts!
#1 ethereal 2016-11-02 00:35
I am SO excited about this news! Sue's past BOM's have been fabulous! I feel blessed that she's sharing her talent with us again, especially in view of her illness. Thank you, Sue and TQS!
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