Celebrity RARE Bear Silent Auction

November 2nd, 5pm through 6th, 12pm


A special one of a kind opportunity to bid and win Celebrity RARE Bears made by the hands of Celebrity quilters!  These one of a kind collector bears were made from 23 celebrities that put heart and soul into making a one of kind RARE Bear representing their style and personality.  All proceeds will go toward RARE Science RARE Bear Program and Research Programs that accelerate finding therapeutic solutions for the 200 Million kids that are undiagnosed or have a rare disease.

Our RARE Bear Program is made up of 700 RARE Bear Makers around the world (we span 9 countries and 45 states in the US) that we call the RARE Bear Army.  These dedicated volunteers sew each bear, and mail them to us unstuffed.  At our headquarters, we have more volunteers that fill the bears with soft stuffing, and then sew the seams shut, along with packing and shipping the bears to children around the world!  For each of the amazing RARE Bear makers, we send a picture of the child with their gifted bear that they made back to the maker. We hope you consider joining the RARE Bear Army!


How To Join the Silent Auction and Win a Celebrity RARE Bear

To See the Celebrity Bears

  • All Celebrity Bears will be located in the RARE Science Booth at the International Quilt Festival November 2 – 6 in Houston, Texas.
  • However, you do not have to be present to bid or see the bears as we are using an easy to use online auction site.

To See and Bid on a Celebrity RARE Bears

  • Click here to access the Celebrity Bear Auction or go to https://www.charityauctionstoday.com - select Charity Auctions at the top of the page and enter RARE Science in the search box through a computer or smart phone.  If you need help come by the RARE Science booth at the festival and we can help you register to bid.
  • Once you locate the auction, you will be asked to register for the auction by creating a bidder account using a credit card. Your credit card is safely stored in an encrypted environment. Your credit card will only be charged if you win auction items. You are now ready to start bidding!
  • The Charity Auctions Today platform sends two types of out-bid notifications. We send out bid notices by Email and by SMS Text Message. You will find the opt-in/out option on the Bidder Profile page.  
  •  Email – This is sent by default to the email address used when registering.
  •  Text – To receive a text message out bid notification please opt-in to receive text messages when you register. If you did not opt-in during registration, you can out-in/out at anytime from inside your bidder account.
  • When you win an auction item, we will notify you by email for each item you won. Shortly after the winning notification email, you will receive a second email that will contain a link to view your invoice. When you click the link within the email, it will bring you to your bidder account. From there you can view the invoice and the item you have won!

For Assistance in getting more information and help bidding, email us at rarecelebbear@gmail.comcall (619) 414-1234 or visit our booth


RARE Science accelerates finding therapies for kids with rare disease by empowering patient families/foundations with tools that help with community awareness and patient outreach through our RARE Bear Program.  We also drive research by pooling knowledge and providing research tools for specific diseases so we can understand the biology that is responsible for the observable traits of rare disease.  This helps identify therapies that may help in the more immediate.   We unite patient families, clinicians and researchers across the globe to accelerate finding cures for the most vulnerable patients, our children! For more information, please see our website www.rarescience.org.

RARE Science, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is qualified under Section 170 of the Internal Revenue Service Code to receive gifts, grants, & contributions which are deductible for federal income tax purposes


#1 J Locke 2016-09-29 15:44
What one could see of the bears was nice, but if it were me, I'd redo the pictures. The only one that gave a complete picture of the bear was the wool one. The others were all cut off. Each needs one whole picture, then 2-3 close-ups.
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