Scraps have a way of growing without anyone noticing, and before you know it, they can take over a studio.  Are you still on the hunt for some of those wonderful vintage suitcases (we mentioned them last week) that Susan Carlson uses?  Or maybe you haven't finished that last bit of lettuce in the clear plastic container?  Why not put those unruly scrap bits to good use with something fun?  While we don't want to add another UFO to your already-long list...come on, we know you have one... these little projects/ideas might be just the ticket for taming that scrap pile into submission while you find the perfect way to store them.



1. A string quilt is a perfect way to use lots of scraps.  Ricky shares a stunning string quilt design idea (Show 305) using scraps left over from his classes.



2. How about using scraps to make "fabric" that can then be made into a block? Make a sawtooth star following Victoria Findley Wolfe's (Show 1404) demo. The idea is from her book 15 Minutes of Play. Check out this WIP on Lilo's design wall.




3. Amanda Jean at Crazy Mom Quilts sewed together all of the scraps into a fun and colorful scrap quilt.  Check out the binding - it's also made from scraps!  Here is a tutorial from Heather at The Sewing Loft for making binding out of scraps.


4.Stop throwing out those little breath mint boxes.  Green Bee covers them with pretty fabric to store basic sewing/knitting items.  They make great little quilty gifts.  One more idea: Life at Cloverhill shows how to keep that iron cord under control with a cute cuff.


5. Ebony at Love Bug Studios makes dog beds and use the scraps as stuffing.  She donates the beds to her local shelter.  It's a great way to do something good for a dog and utilize some of your unwanted scraps at the same time.



6. And how about making some nifty boxes out of your fabrics?  Another clever idea we found from Crazy Mom Quilts

Need more ideas?  You will have to wait till next week, when we share Part B of what to do with your scraps.



#2 Claire31 2016-02-02 05:03
Those are great for ' bigger ' scraps but what about smaller scraps and batik bunny ears that are such gorgeous colours I can't bear to throw them out !
I'm trying to reduce my ufo's then I hope to work from Susan Carlson's books (just wow!) so a lot of tiny lovely bits will disappear. Have also started a batik Dear Jane. When grandchildren appear in your life there never seems to be enough time - what are a few ufo's when life becomes so fulfilling !
#1 Elaine 2016-02-01 07:11
Love these ideas, especially the string quilt. Makes me want to cut all my fabric into scraps just to make one!

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