Brenda Ratliff owns a quilt store, an online site, and writes a blog. She designs fun new fabrics and has a brother who won a pastry award on the Food Network and has created 3 special pie recipes for you



Alex drops by Amy Barickman's booth, Indygo Junction, at Spring Market 2015 and falls in love with the "Mad Men" style and a particular fabric based on the "Fashion Dictionary" by Mary Brooks Picken. 


TheQuiltShow.com wanted to know more about the antique quilt booth we passed at Spring Quilt Market. Carolyn & Donald Springer started Quilts from Mulberry Lane because their passion became to much to keep to themselves. 

TQS asked "What is the oldest quilt in the booth? Who is your typical customer?  How do you estimate the age of the quilt? The answers await you in the video. (We apologize for the crowd noise.)



Why did they wait up to 3 hours?? You must experience this fun event at market.





Did you know that you can find each episode of Sharon Pederson's Quilt Market Reports and every one of the quilt Puzzles all in one place?  


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If you missed any one of Sharon's 30 reports, you'll find it here under the 1602_features.jpg tab on the navigation bar. Just highlight the FEATURES tab, scroll down and you'll see QUILT MARKET REPORTS, click on that and all 30 reports are available for you to view.  

And, Sharon will be back soon with more 'roving reporter' type interviews with the quilters who have quilts in the Association of Pacific West Quilters show in Tacoma in August! 

For those of you who like putting together the quilt puzzles, more great news!  All of the puzzles can be found in one place as well.

Again, look under the 1602_features.jpg tab on the navigation bar.  Just highlight the FEATURES tab, scroll down and you'll see PUZZLES, click on that and all of the quilt puzzles are available for you to do.  



Sharon visits with Jackie Robinson of Animas Quilts and they talk about Jackie's new patterns inspired by the construction of her Yaak River cabin.


Sharon talks to Margaret Miller about using stripes in her Angle Play quilts. You can learn more about Margaret in Episode 401: Playing with Angles.


Sharon talks to Luana Rubin of eQuilter.com about her large online store, the Irish Quilt Festival, and donating to charity.


Sharon talks to designers Moira Dewar and Kathy Engle in the Island Batik booth about their latest line of Batik Essentials.