I NEVER read instructions - you know someone like me...the bike is built and three screws are left over - who cares, right? Well, I just read how to sew the triangles and UH OH! Does it really matter if the light fabric is on top - I mean REALLY????



Make no mistake - this gal works best under a deadline - WHEW, signed, sealed and ready to be delivered....Are you a deadline type of person or the queen (or king) of UFO's?



TQS News Flash: WE HAVE GREAT NEWS!!!! Due to MANY circumstances out of our control (like the moving of the P&B Warehouse to the east coast and the horrific weather the U.S. has endured) the Beloved Beauties BOM fabric is FINALLY - LITERALLY - FOR SURE - on the road from the east coast to Denver where it will be cut and kitted! 

The fabric should be there early next week and then it will take about 5 days to kit and take its last journey to La Veta, CO - to be shipped to you!!!! Hang in there and THANK YOU for your patience - the fabric is gorgeous and worth the wait.





I was especially struck by the native people - AND - it just goes to prove a point that red is not only a neutral but a very good color for protection from the animals -



We were supposed to be out of the park by a certain time, but it was always-- "Just one more picture...????" 




John and I got home Friday night and to say yesterday was rough would be the understatement of the century.....traveling to the other side of the globe has its challenges - but equally and so much more its rewards. I am having a time trying to process the journey - it was incredible! -  Koodos to Jim West for a smash up job as our leader. (I look forward to more adventures with you). If I had to pick my FAVORITE aspect of the trip - it would be the people of Africa. They were simply amazing - happy, friendly and very funny. Here is Mary sharing her Christian name with me and asking what my name is - It is a small world after all....by the way, she may not be quilter, but they all bead a mean streak!



Design is universal.  We have enjoyed the local art and had the chance to visit quilt guilds and Spinners and Weavers.



I got the chance to feed a Black Rhino and feel it's face.  It became gentle when it lost it's sight, but hurry and take the picture because you need to pay attention!


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