We are on day 4 of 5 in taping brand new shows.  It's amazing to see the quilts and how the artists work.  We have the wild freedom of Katie Pasquini, the layered touchable wool folk art (and fantastic stitches) of Sue Spargo, the color sense of Michelle Jackson and so much more.  

One of the great things of being on the road is having quilters open their homes to us to use as our "studio".  We will have great pictures of these sites in the behind the scenes slideshows.

I am learning so much.  I have got to take more classes!



After taping show 801 with Susan Carlson - my quest began to take her class. I could see by this episode that she was/is a world class teacher. How fortunate that she was teaching at Asilomar this year and there was a last minute cancellation - BINGO - I hit the jackpot!

Now came the issue of what image to create - Once again, my little red tennis shoes (my first pair) were calling my name. This class was so much fun and inspirational - I thought you might want to see the fruits of this week's labor - If you have not yet watched her show - NOW is the time! What should I name this quilt?

Here is a quick slideshow of some of the steps in the process. Coming up this weekend, more photos from Susan's class.



One of many the amazing things about the Red and White exhibit was the response from all ages, genders and of course the "non quilters". It came to my attention that there were many folks who were "dragged along" to experience this incredible display - only to be knocked out by the total experience. But what caught my eye was a little girl (Penelope) - who was intently sketching plans for her first quilt! We need to learn from Penelope and always have a pencil in hand just in case inspiration strikes - Care to guess the pattern?



I got a first day review of the red quilt exhibit at the Armory in NY city - If you are toying whether or not to go - this is a non negotiable - This exhibit (presented as an 80th birthday gift from her husband to the city of NY for and from Joanna S. Rose's private collection) is once in a lifetime event and experience - I hope to see you there. Free to the public - open until March 30th.3672_dscn4699.jpg



What a great community we have here - Ricky and I put out an offer to help aid the Red Cross for our brothers and sisters in Japan - Your response and generosity has been amazing! I warned the guy at AIM mail center that my mail box may have a little extra activity and I was right on the money. There is still plenty of time to get your name in the pot to win a quilt of mine and a spot at Ricky's retreat in La Veta, CO. Simply go here to find out more. PS: Your check to the Red Cross can be from any country and in any denomination - we figured that one out early in the game!


Here's my take - if National Talk Like a Pirate Day (September 19th) - is now INTERnational Talk Like a Pirate Day - What is holding us down??? I think it is time to celebrate INTERNATIONAL Quilt Day - raise your hand if you vote yes - it's time for a serious movement.....



In our very first vidcast, Alex speaks with Darra Williamson about the current Show #805, 1930s quilts and March Madness.   3607_renew_join_0.png





Last weekend was one for the record book. To celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary (and how fast did that happen?) Joey and Adair hosted a surprise party for us at Alden Lane Nursery. Who knows how they pulled it off??!!  They invited family and friends who have shared our journey for a significant amount of years - if not entirely along the way. If Saturday night wasn't enough - the party continued Sunday morning at Mom and Dad's house. What a wonderful event it was and as Kenny Chesney sings, "Don't Blink".....



This is the latest piece I have been working on.Many of you have seen it on my facebook page behind me in photos.... It was pieced with Sonya Lee Barrington hand dyes. Each square measures 2" finished. I am thinking about using silk thread - I know that my big bad girl Bernina is up to it - the better question is.....am I? All tips and hints are greatly appreciated....especially about using silk thread on a machine-


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