Ricky with a koala and Justin with a kangaroo - Australia 2005


Ricky and Justin - planting oaks in a 'wrath' on a farm in Ireland - 2006.

You might think we never change clothes! - I just realized that we are both wearing the same shirts in both places - in photos taken over a year apart. I assure you, I take a shower at least once a week and clothes get washed at least once between visits to other countries - LOL.

I LOVE traveling to far away places to learn about the culture and beauty of foreign lands. The photos above are just a sample of the many photographs from my international travels.

As you may know, the name of our site is The Quilt Show - getting the name from the actual SHOW that will be posing in April. The term World Quilt Community is YOU, our members, and we desire for the site to have an honest to goodness world-wide appeal and membership. It is very easy for us (Alex and Ricky) to think and express on a national level, but quite another thing to think globally. So here's my first appeal to our international members - What can we do on our end to make this site more exciting for you?

It is important to reiterate that the actual content on the site is user submitted. If our international members know of special events or quilt activities in their country that should be promoted, then please submit a press release by using the Contact link and selecting Press Releases/News in the subject pull-down. Selected news stories or events will be posted on the blog for us all to read. Personally, I want to know what is going on in the UK, Ireland, Down Under and Canada. I'd love to know about events in non-English speaking countries too.

My second appeal is for our international members to take the lead and help us with international member submitted content. Tell your quilting friends about us. It is exciting to see the growth of this site. We will continue to develop new site features and tweek those that already exist in order to bring the entire quilting world the richest, most valuable quilting web site on the planet.

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