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Show 2412: Missie Carpenter / Leanne Anderson

Featuring: Missie Carpenter / Leanne Anderson

Posts On: June 2, 2019


Alex and Ricky talk with Missie Carpenter.

Missie began quilting in 1988 as a way to be creative while staying at home with her children. She loves mixing cotton and wool in her layered appliqué work. A woman of many talents, before quilting, Missie was a day trader, sewed window coverings and created English smocking designs.  They look at her work.  

Then, Missie shares her starch basting method for hexies and circles. She also gives you tips for making your stitches "invisible."

Missie also demonstrates her technique for building a penny unit with cotton. Once the units are completed, she glues the pennies together with a glue stick or liquid glue. 60 wt. poly thread just disappears when stitching a cotton penny to another penny. The blanket stitch works well to hold two wool pieces together. She also uses a small whipstitch. They look at examples of mixing and matching fiber type pennies.

Rounding out the show is Leanne Anderson and her adorable dog breed quilts. Dog owning quilters love seeing ‘their breed’ created in fabric. It was this idea that was the catalyst for Leanne’s current count of fifty dog breed designs. The pre-fused laser cut applique kits make creating a dog gone cute quilty item a breeze. Leanne shares tips for preparing, stabilizing, appliquéing, and layering the designs. She also has ideas for adding a dog design to a variety of items (coasters, pot holders, dog food containers, etc.). Alex and Ricky take a look at finished items with her dog designs that her family-run company produces.

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Missie Carpenter

Leanne Anderson

From Chapter One:

Alex and Ricky talk with Missie Carpenter and look at her quilts.

From Chapter Two:

Missie shares her starch basting method for hexies and circles.

From Chapter Three:

Missie also demonstrates her technique for building a penny unit with cotton.

From Chapter Four:

Leanne Anderson shares her adorable dog breed quilts and tips for preparing, stabilizing, appliquéing and layering those designs.

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#5 AuntJo 2019-07-20 19:26
What a terrific show. Thank you.
#4 SissieatTranquility 2019-06-09 08:12
Wish the book was still available!
#3 Sheryl2 2019-06-02 10:50
Another great show! I had an ah-ha moment for EPP other shapes! Thanks you!
#2 odysseygirl 2019-06-02 10:06
Looking forward to watching the new show. I took Missie's class at Academy of Applique in Williamsburg in March and love her method of EPP.
#1 Dillyew 2019-06-02 09:40
Alex, whilst I watched the techniques keenly, yet another learning program, I was so attracted to your lovely split sleeve top. Are the flowers appliqéd onto the body as well? It looks so elegant.
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