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Learn About Tabs in the Search Box

The Quilt Show's Search Bar at the top of our new website has several Tab features that allow you to explore the site quickly and easily. Learn all about these Tabs and how they can can help you navigate our new site.


At the top of the site you will find The Quilt Show's search bar. Type whatever you are looking for into this space and you will be directed to the most appropriate part of the website.


tabs search bar


Once you've typed in something to search for, your results will be displayed amongst the Tab functions. There are six different Tabs to choose from: Watch, Learn, See Quilts, Shop, QuiltipediaBlog, and FAQ.


The Blog tab is not featured in the image below. If your search does not return an item from that specific section of the site, that tab will not be displayed amongst the tabs that did return an item.


tab buttons


We will go through each tab and show you examples of things to search for and the right tab to choose to find it. Say you are looking for Susan Cleveland's shows, you would type in "Susan Cleveland" and then choose the Watch tab.


tabs search watch susan cleveland


If you are looking for a classroom, like Dee Christopher's Long Time Gone classroom, you would search for "Long Time Gone" and then choose the Learn tab.


tabs search learn long time gone


You can search for classrooms by their teacher too. For example, if you remembered that Dee Christopher taught the Long Time Gone class and didn't recall the name of the class, you can type in "Dee Christopher" and click the Learn tab and scroll down until you find Dee's Long Time Gone class.


Sometimes what you are looking for will not always be at the top of your search and you may have to scroll down a ways or click another tab to find what you are looking for.


tabs search learn dee christopher


Many quilters on our site have many quilts to look at. If you're looking to see all of the quilts that Victoria Findlay Wolfe has made, you would search "Victoria Findlay Wolfe" and then pick the See Quilts tab.


tabs search see quilts victoria findlay wolfe


You can search for items in the shop, like the ones Alex mentions in her LIVE videos, using the Tab function as well. For example, there are many different types of scissors that you can buy in our store, so search "Scissors" and then select the Shop tab.


tabs search shop scissors


There are many different types of quilting techniques to learn about at The Quilt Show. If you were interested in embroidery but didn't know where to start, you could use the Quiltipedia tab in the search bar to learn about all the different types. Search "Embroidery" and then pick the Quiltipedia tab.


tabs search quiltipedia embroidery new


Last, but certainly not least, if you want to find the article you read the other day or are looking for the puzzles you love to do, you would use the Blog tab. Type "Puzzle" into the search bar and then click on the Blog tab.


tabs search blog puzzles


If you have a question about something on the site then most likely someone else has had that question too. This is where the Frequently Asked Questions, or FAQ, comes into play. If you want to see what some other people's questions are, then search "Help", "Question", or a similar word or phrase and click the FAQ tab.


tabs search faq


These are just a small sample of the many things you can search for using the Tabs function of the Search Bar. Whatever artist, show, technique, shop item, or blog you are looking for, the Tab and Search functions will help you find it!
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