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New Login Access

Logging into our new website is super simple. But, there have been many upgrades and changes. First, unlike our old website, this new website uses a single sign-on. This means that you now have one sign-in for the entire website including the forum and the store. Secondly, the sign-in uses your email address instead of a username. And finally, the login has now been designed to allow you to login wherever you are at keeping on on the same page. Click on the images below to see how it all works.


New Dashboard System

We are extremely proud of the New Dashboard System designed specifically for you. This centralized account management system puts your entire account access/options in one area giving you complete access to all your data, account history, membership and the list goes on. Click on the images below to see how it all works.

Access Dashboard


New Help and FAQ Section

With a website this big, with so many new features as well as a few features no longer available, there are bound to be questions, possible website bugs or something you might not understand. Thus, we have provided a way for you to find those answers as well as the ability to submit help tickets to allow us to further assist you in any way that we can. Click on the images below to see how it all works.

View the Help and FAQ Section