Name: Curved Diamond Foot Warmer
Designer: Louisa Smith
Begins: September 2, 2015

("Lime, Pink and Red Flora" by Louisa Smith)

Description: Louisa Smith (Episode 1705) is sharing a fun and stunning quilt to keep your toes warm using just ONE Block!  Check out this great quilt that you can whip up for when the days get chilly! Be sure to use the BERNINA 1/4" foot to ensure that your blocks are consistently accurate.


Download Template PDF file and Instructions



#7 deniseh 2015-09-12 04:53
I also did what Sheila did, but I moved the image to one side so I at least one whole end, and then changed to current view and printed. Then I moved the image to the other side and did the same. then I had the whole image on 2 pieces of paper. I placed them on the window to match them up and then finished tracing the missing ends. I then carefully stuck them both together and the fit was perfect.
#6 susan 2015-09-03 02:03
I am also trying to figure out the size of pieces in the strata. The best I can figure, it varies, some pieces have more, some have less. No rules?
#5 Sheila 2015-09-02 17:13
Lanajoyce: I think you are printing the template to fit the size of a standard paper. You need to adjust your printer to print at full or "actual" size. That said, it still runs off a piece of legal sized paper in landscape orientation. So...I printed it that way, then traced one end on a second piece of paper and flipped it over matching up the lines...then taped it together. Not an easy fix, but it's workable.
#4 Alex 2015-09-02 16:34
Lanajoyce - I would take this question to the forum also......
#3 lanajoyce 2015-09-02 16:14
I tried printing out the template and it is not the correct size. It measures approx. 7 inches (where it is written
12 inches) and the other measurement is 4 inches, instead of 7 inches.
Anyone have a clue how to fix this on my printer?
What should I change to get it to print the accurate size? Thanks for anyone's help - appreciate it!
#2 verline 2015-09-02 13:33
Thank you for the lovely free pattern.
Are the strips for the strata 1 1/2" wide?
#1 Kit B 2015-09-02 13:27
There are no fabric requirements! I am not familiar with "strata". It seems to mean stripped pieces, but what width and length? Can you help?

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