Lea shows you the tools she uses to give her a broad value range when creating her portrait quilts.

Star Members can watch Lea in Show 1609: Transforming Quilts from Real Life.

Click here to visit Lea's Portrait Quilts classroom.

Hand Quilting: 3 Ways to Cheat

Want to learn more about hand quilting with Alex?  Head on over to her Hand Quilting classroom.

Libby Lehman is on the road to recovery and is back in her studio for the first time in 2 1/2 years. Ricky guides her as she embarks on a new quilt journey and teaches us about courage and kindness. Libby suffered a Brain Aneurysm on April 30, 2013, then suffered a massive stroke recovering from her surgery.  She remained in an induced coma for months.  Doctors said that she would never be able to speak or understand speech again.  Libby proved them wrong!

TQS Current Show
With Susan Lenz / Judy Simmons

Show 1711 - Art that Honors the Past

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Tutorial: Binding by Machine - BERNINA Flat Felled Foot

Lisa Yarost wasn't happy with sewing on her bindings by hand.  She also wasn't happy with her method for sewing them on by machine.  Suddenly, she had a "aha" moment, and figured out she could use the BERNINA Flat Felled Foot to attach a binding completely by machine.

Click here to see how she does it.


Bead It Like You Mean It

Are you ready to add a little extra ooomph to your quilts with beads? Lyric’s instructional DVD will show you how. Lyric’s teaching style is clear and easy to understand. She will show you how to bead from the top of a finished quilt with no knots of mess on the back.

Star Members may watch the DVD online for FREE through December 31, 2015.

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Quilters Select: What is Print & Piece?

Alex shows you how to use Quilters Select Print & Piece for paper piecing...you'll love it...you don't have to tear it out...

Click here to learn more about Quilters Select products.

Alex's paper piecing pattern is no longer available on the site.  Click here to find a similar block pattern.

Star Members can learn about paper piecing with Alex in Show 809: Paper Pieced Perfection.

TQS Talks to Jenny Bowker on the Set

Lilo sat down with Jenny Bowker in between takes on the TQS set.  They talk about her studio, her stash, and how she started sewing. Lilo also learned a new acronym, SABLE.  Do you know what it means?


The Work of Susan Lenz: Grave Rubbing Series

Susan Lenz uses grave rubbings, antique textiles and buttons prominently in her art, which she creates to honor the memory of an object or a moment in time.

Star Members can learn more about Susan and her work in Show 1711: Art That Honors the Past.

 Click to play this Smilebox slideshow

Susan's work, Ready For Burial, is featured in the Columbia Museum of Art's fall 2015 exhibition, "Independent Spirits: Women Artists of South Carolina," open until January 10.  Here she talks about her work, while visiting a cemetery to take rubbings.

Click here to visit Susan's website.


"In the Yarn Barn"- IQA Houston 2015 Exhibit

For this exhibit at IQA Houston 2015, exhibitors were offered the opportunity to create a small item using any technique, format, and materials they chose: knitting, stitching, quilting, felting, mixed-media, etc. The only requirement was that the result had to be an animal no taller than five inches.  Thus, "In the Yarn Barn" was born.  We have to admit, if we found some of these animals in our barn, we might be a bit surprised.

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What Do You Do With a Layer Cake?

Oops - we seem to have a technical glitch.  So, here's a link to Anita’s Make It Simpler® Monkey Wrench Pattern Directions (from Anita Grossman Solomon) which uses the same technique to  create a monkey wrench (aka Churn Dash) block.

Click here to get PATTERN.

Anita's blog.

For more help, go to www.MakeItSimpler.Blogspot.com.

To see Anita on TQS watch Show 905: Rotary-Cutting Revolution:  It Couldn't Be Simpler!


Not quite sure what to do with that layer cake that's been sitting in your sewing room?  Have a bunch of 10" squares that need to find a home?  Here's a great quilt idea from Modalissa.com.  Just draw some lines, sew some lines, and then cut on some lines.  Easy peasy.


"A Slice of Oz:" Gloria Loughman at PIQF

Gloria Loughman is a quilt artist, teacher, and author from Australia.  Her quilts capture the beauty of her native land.  Recently she had an exhibit at PIQF entitled "A Slice of Oz," which we share with you here.

Do you want to learn more about Gloria?  Watch Show 612: Nature's Journey as she discusses the process and methods she uses to create her quilts. Discover how she builds each quilt with fabric, paint, and thread, and learn the secrets of her machine-appliqué technique.

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