One-of-a-Kind Experience at the American Folk Art Museum 2015

Members of the Quilt Alliance were given a private tour of quilts at the American Folk Art Museum as part of "Quilters Take Manhattan 2015."

The lighting was kept dim as a means of protecting the quilts.  We have made some adjustments to the images to allow for better viewing.

Thank you to the American Folk Art Museum and the Alliance for American Quilts for making this possible.

A Visit to Sil Thread - Notions Galore in NYC

While visiting "Quilters Take Manhattan 2015," Mary Kay stopped by this amazing notions shop, Sil Thread.  If you can't find what you need here, you don't need it.

Address: 257 W 38th St #1, New York, NY 10018

Shahzia Sikander studied the art of Indo-Persian painting and has used it as a springboard for her own unique works.  As an artist she is continuously inspired by works created 500 years ago, as well as by the works of other artists. Follow Shahzia as she takes us on a tour of miniature paintings that inspire her at the Metropolitan Museum of Art's new season of The Art Project.

Watch for the gorgeous designs on the carpets and walls in the paintings.

Pat Holly (Episode 608) has embraced working in miniature with equally stunning results in fabric.  The detail on "Imagining India" is a feast for the eyes.  The work was done with a steady hand on her BERNINA, with tweezers, fine thread and luscious silks fabrics! The quilt won Best Wall Quilt at AQS Paducah in 2012.

In show 608, Pat shows Ricky how to apply and build the red and blue bird at the lower portion of this image.

(Photo by Jane Sassaman)

What's a quilter to do when she discovers that she does not have enough trim for a show quilt?

TQS Current Show
With Deb Tucker / Carrie Bloomston

Show 1707 - Tricks and Tools of the Trade

Blooms for Julie - Buy the Kit - Only a Few Remain!

Photo by Gregory Case Photography

 Come join us as we make Blooms For Julie, our dazzling Summertime Quilt Project. Click here for more info.


Sometimes you just need to finish that quilt. Julie has a quick method for sewing your binding by machine.  Stay tuned until the end for her bonus tip!

Want to learn more about binding?  Julie has more to share in her classroom.


A New 2 Hour Class For You! Feather Fundamentals

FREE for Star Members! Renae Allen demonstrates how to quilt essential feather patterns, with nine basic but gorgeous designs found on the Skillbuilder 2 practice panel.  Renae has designed a "Practice Panel"  to help you improve your technique by tracing the designs.The practice panels are available to anyone.



Learn Quilt Block Names With This Fun Game

Do you know the name of this block? Jinny's game will help you learn.



Latest Quilt Puzzle

"Circular Emotions" is a "Double Vision" quilt from Louisa Smith. Star Members can watch Louisa in Show 1705: Louisa Smith's Double Vision.

(original photo by Gregory Case)

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Fast Projects for Pet Lovers

Isn't it time to let Fido know how much he adds to your life?  How about a fresh new cover for his/her bed.  WeAllSew has a fast and easy you can easily whip up in a weekend. 

And lets we forget the cat lovers.  How about some darn cute coasters exclaming your love?

Check out these sassy ones from Dear Handmade Life here.

Do you have some out of this world project for your pets, or proclaiming your love? 
We want to see what your "fur friends"


My Country Home: Month 10-Little Grey Squirrel

Did you play “conkers” as a child? You’d drill a hole through the center of dried conker - a chestnut. Thread a piece of string through the hole, and your conker is battle ready! Two players then take turns striking the other’s conker, until one of the conkers breaks. The best conkers were the ones we kept from one year to the next. They were very hard and strong. Our driveway was lined with chestnut trees, and my brother and I played many a game.

Squirrels nested in our chestnut trees. They would leap with amazing agility from tree to tree, and they loved to eat the conkers. The grey squirrel in my block is tackling a nut on the ground. Perhaps she is going to store it somewhere safe ready for the coming winter.

Need some help squaring up some of your blocks?
This month, Janae King shows you how.


The Patterns and Textures of India

Indian fabrics have traveled the globe for centuries; desired for their luscious use of color, pattern and sumptuous fibers.  From simple bandanas to trims embroidered with beetle wings one can hardly pass by these textiles without giving them a closer look. View the exhibit at the Victoria &Albert Museum from October 3- January 10, 2016.

Can't make it to the show.  Let TQS take you on a tour of India without leaving home. Thanks very much to Jim Burt (TQSWizard's Dad) for sharing the amazing photos.

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Blooms for Julie: Part 4

Photo by Gregory Case Photography

If you have been steadily working along with us, you are now on the home stretch.
It's time to work on the borders, quilting and binding.


Take a Peek into the Lifestyle of Carrie Bloomston

Enjoy the studio, work, and play of Carrie Bloomston, with a little bit of fabric thrown in.

Star Members can watch Carrie in Show 1707: Tricks and Tools of the Trade.

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RARE Bears and the RARE Bear Army

Want to stitch a cuddle buddy for a child?  Got some fabric in your stash? It only takes a few hours!

Join forces with RARE Science, Inc. a non-profit organization that helps find cures for kids with rare disease. The RARE Bear Project is a community driven initiative and is supported by the ever-growing RARE Bear Army of volunteers that help make one of a kind bears for special one of a kind kids. Gifted RARE bears will have a serial number specifically made for a child in our program. Some RARE bears will also be made for gifts for those who donate a certain amount to our programs to support rare disease research!

Click here to join the RARE Bear Army.

Go to

For twitter please include #RARE_Science and #RAREBearArmy

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