Lori Kennedy, walks you step by step through the creation of her "Dizzy Daisy" pattern which is great background filler for any quilt.



Visit Tula Pink's Historic Home and Studio

Tula Pink bought an old farmhouse outside of St. Louis and turned it into a showcase for her work.

TQS Current Show
With Janna Thomas

Show 1803 - It's All in the Border


Laura was asked how she decides on the hand embroidery stitches used on her small art quilts. Here is a  tutorial on stitch placement which shows you how to use it to create the focal point in a design.

Star Members can watch Laura in Show 303: Fearless Fusing and Show 1009: "Stamp Out" Fabric.
(photo: Laura Wasiloski)

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Sharon Pederson - Lesson 2: Cutting a Square from Your Strip of Fabric

This time Sharon is teaching us how to cut squares from a strip of fabric.  She shows which tools to use and how to manage different sizes of squares.

TQS Welcome Tracy Mooney, Senior Editor at Generation Q Magazine, to the TQS Team

After meeting Alex at the BERNINA Ambassador Reunion in December, Tracy volunteered to help out on TQS. She will act as our "roving reporter," informing us about interesting happenings in the quilt world. She will take us on studio tours of prominent quilters, visit quilt shows and offer the occasional tutorial.

When not working for us, Tracy can be found at her day job, working for Generation Q Magazine or blogging at, where she talks about ways to keep sewing with health challenges such as arthritis and autoimmune disease.

Tracy writes,

"I started quilting 20 plus years ago and became obsessed pretty quickly. It's a Quilt, Sew, Live, Breathe kinda thing - which just happens to be the GenQ motto. I started writing for Generation Q in 2012 and immediately started a feature called We Sew 2 where I design projects for kids to sew. It's been great working for this independent magazine with a small but mighty team. In 2013, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder called Sjogren's Syndrome and it changed how I make quilts. I wrote an article a while back about products that help you continue to sew when you experience health issues and decided this is the focus for my blog going forward. I created Sew Supportive because I want to help people keep sewing no matter what health issues come their way!"

The Anatomy of a Needle with SCHMETZ

Rhonda Pierce, Marketing Director and Sewing Educator for, discusses SCHMETZ Household Needles and Needle Anatomy.  She describes the different parts of the needle and how and why they do what they do.

Get Creative with Jen: Easy Heart Garland

We are still counting down down to Valentine's Day.  In part 3 of Jen's Valentine's Day tutorial series, she shows you how to create fun and easy heart garland!

Click here to visit Shabby Fabrics.

Free Cutting Diagram Download:

Faig Ahmed Creates Amazing Rugs from Traditional Azerbaijani Textiles

Faig Ahmed takes the patterns of traditional Azerbaijani rugs and distorts them to create new textiles that appear to be melting off the wall.  The designs are far from traditional and far from boring.

From his bio,

"Faig Ahmed is an internationally recognized artist from Baku, Azerbaijan, who represented Azerbaijan at the Venice Biennale in 2007. He is well known for his conceptual works that utilize traditional decorative craft and the visual language of carpets into contemporary sculptural works of art. His works reimagine ancient crafts and create new visual boundaries by deconstructing traditions and stereotypes."

(Photo:; Kate Sierzputowski)

Janna Thomas Shows You How to use the Flying Geese Square Bloc Loc Ruler

Have you tried a Bloc Loc ruler yet?  Their grooved technology locks onto the seam, allowing you trim 90% faster and more accurately.  Here, Janna Thomas (Show 1803) shows you how to use the Flying Geese Square Ruler.

Star Members can watch Janna in Show 1803: It's All in the Border.




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