Yvonne Porcella, We Will Miss You!

Yvonne Porcella passed on Saturday, but lives on in her art and our hearts. She is truly a legend and her Legend Show with TQS is open to the world so you can get to know one of the giants whose shoulders we stand on today.


Here are some of the top winners at the AQS Phoenix show.  

Who won Best of Show? Don't miss the amazing quilting.

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Lori Kennedy, walks you step by step through the creation of her "Dizzy Daisy" pattern which is great background filler for any quilt.



Visit Tula Pink's Historic Home and Studio

Tula Pink bought an old farmhouse outside of St. Louis and turned it into a showcase for her work.

TQS Current Show
With Jenny Bowker

Show 1804 - Quilting Outside the Blocks


Laura was asked how she decides on the hand embroidery stitches used on her small art quilts. Here is a  tutorial on stitch placement which shows you how to use it to create the focal point in a design.

Star Members can watch Laura in Show 303: Fearless Fusing and Show 1009: "Stamp Out" Fabric.
(photo: Laura Wasiloski)

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Valentine's Pillow Tutorial

Here's an adorable project from the Fort Worth Fabric Studio blog.  Two great things about this project.  One, you can use up your scraps. Two, you can make the project again.  This time use green and white fabrics and add a shamrock.  Or how about using pastels and adding an rabbit for Easter?  Maybe red and green with a pine tree for Christmas?

Click here for tutorial.


On the Set with Jenny Bowker

Alex and Ricky had fun on the set with that lovely quilter from down under, Jenny Bowker.  Jenny's Show 1804: Quilting Outside the Blocks debuts on February 14, 2016.

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Trailer 1804 - Jenny Bowker

Jenny Bowker creates incredible pieced landscapes, with exotic images from the Middle East and Malaysia, where she lived with her diplomat husband.  She connected with the traditional tentmakers of Cairo (who have been crafting their elaborate appliqué fabric pieces since 2000 BC), and depicts them as the gentle people she came to know.  Jenny shares her quilting style, which often extends the quilt’s interior design out into the borders.  She saves the most complicated quilting for the outside edges, where it is easier to manipulate them.  She also walks us through the process of dissecting a tiling design (whether simple or complex), and creating a vellum pattern for it.  She demonstrates this technique with a challenging design featuring two overlapping vases. She also discusses why all quilters should enter their work into quilt shows.

Jenny's Show 1804: Quilting Outside the Blocks debuts February 14, 2016.

Debby Weighs In: Oatmeal Three Ways

Oatmeal is one of those tried and true breakfast options. Oatmeal has long been touted as being good for your heart because of its high fiber content. But sometimes you get a little tired of oatmeal day after day, right? Never fear, there are so many ways to doctor those oats, you will never get tired of them again!

First, there's overnight oats. What could be easier? You take the ingredients, most of which can be found in your pantry or refrigerator, combine them in a mason jar, and put them in the refrigerator overnight. In the morning, your breakfast is ready and waiting for you! Here's a link to a variety of Overnight Oatmeal recipes.

Another recipe that I found was actually a quilter's creation! Quilter Kathleen Tracy came up with this unique idea for Crispy Baked Oatmeal. I have tried it and can tell you that it is delicious. 

And a third way to make oatmeal a little differently is to vary the add-ins. Here's an extra-special combo I made called "Almond Joy Oatmeal." It is so delicious, I have sometimes made it for dessert!

Oatmeal is a good way to start your day. It gives you plenty of energy to get into the studio and start quilting!

Visit Debby's healthy living blog!

Get Creative with Jen: Craft Supply Organizer

Jen shows you how to create an adorable organizer using embroidery hoops and layer cakes.

Click here to visit Shabby Fabrics.


The Lion King Cherrywood Challenge 2016

Remember Cherrywood's fabulous "Wicked" challenge?  This year the theme is "The Lion King."

Click here if you'd like to see quilts from the Wicked Challenge.

Let their luscious hand-dyed golds tempt you into creating something fit for the King of the Jungle! Be inspired by the stunning artistry, vibrant colors and exhilarting choreography of Broadway's Award-Winning Best Musical, THE LION KING.

Whether you are inspired by the regal status of the lion pride, the gorgeous golden colors of Africa, a movie or Broadway musical...have FUN and express yourself by creating a 20" x 20" quilt using the Cherrywood Challenge pack.



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