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You can make a quilt that will be stunning with this technique. Watch show 403 and then put it on your 2016 "To-Do List". Star members can watch the show over and over to perfect the technique. Basic members can get the DVD from

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Lea shows you the tools she uses to give her a broad value range when creating her portrait quilts.

Star Members can watch Lea in Show 1609: Transforming Quilts from Real Life.

Click here to visit Lea's Portrait Quilts classroom.

Hand Quilting: 3 Ways to Cheat

Want to learn more about hand quilting with Alex?  Head on over to her Hand Quilting classroom.

Libby Lehman is on the road to recovery and is back in her studio for the first time in 2 1/2 years. Ricky guides her as she embarks on a new quilt journey and teaches us about courage and kindness. Libby suffered a Brain Aneurysm on April 30, 2013, then suffered a massive stroke recovering from her surgery.  She remained in an induced coma for months.  Doctors said that she would never be able to speak or understand speech again.  Libby proved them wrong!

TQS Current Show
With Susan Lenz / Judy Simmons

Show 1711 - Art that Honors the Past

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Tutorial: Binding by Machine - BERNINA Flat Felled Foot

Lisa Yarost wasn't happy with sewing on her bindings by hand.  She also wasn't happy with her method for sewing them on by machine.  Suddenly, she had a "aha" moment, and figured out she could use the BERNINA Flat Felled Foot to attach a binding completely by machine.

Click here to see how she does it.


Bead It Like You Mean It

Are you ready to add a little extra ooomph to your quilts with beads? Lyric’s instructional DVD will show you how. Lyric’s teaching style is clear and easy to understand. She will show you how to bead from the top of a finished quilt with no knots of mess on the back.

Star Members may watch the DVD online for FREE through December 31, 2015.

Scroll inside this box for info from our latest newsletters - Fused Log Cabin Table Runner from Sue Bleiweiss

Sue loved the look of wonky log cabin blocks but didn't like dealing with all those 1/4″ seams, so she came up with a fused method to create them.

Star Members can watch Sue in Show 1608: Creating Unique Collage Quilts & Quilts with Meaning.


Jinny's Memory Match: 11/30/2015

It looks like flying geese.  Do you know the name of the block?  Play the game to find out.



"Go Tell It at the Quilt Show!" interview with Cathy Wiggins

Cathy Wiggins was interviewed by the Quilt Alliance as part of its "Go Tell It at the Quilt Show!" program at IQA Houston 2015.  "Rodeo" is made entirely from leather, with the details quilted by machine.

Ricky Tims Leads Another 52-Week Online Photo Challenge Class in 2016

Ricky Tims leads another 52-Week Photo Challenge Class in 2016.
Only 10 Days Left to Save 75%

Why photography? Because it teaches composition in a millisecond versus creating a project that takes days, weeks, months, or even years. Photography allows you to be creative anywhere and at any time. Composition is just one of the three major aspects to the online class.  In addition to learning the Elements of Art and Principles of Design, Ricky teaches camera techniques as well as editing, using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

The year is divided into three Parts. Part 1 is 26 Weeks and begins on January 3, 2016. Save 75% if you register before December 10th. Share this with anyone who might be interested in one of the most amazing online photo classes available anywhere. Ricky interacts with the students. He provides critiques for helpful learning. Students interact with each other as well.

It's perfect for Quilters, Travelers, Artists, and Creative Individuals!
Get the complete details and class requirements at
Gift eCards Available!


"The 52-Week Photo Challenge is the best gift I’ve ever given myself. Ricky taught me how to finally trust myself enough to take my camera off of Auto. And I learned more about Photoshop than I ever thought I would."  – Becky Goldsmith, quilt teacher, author, Piece O' Cake Designs.

"Every Sunday morning, like a kid waiting for Santa, I open up the next lesson. Lessons continuously build our skills with the camera, composition and the use of Photoshop to enhance our pictures. Ricky quickly responds to questions and classmates are eager to share their knowledge and provide assistance. I recommend this class to anyone who truly wants to get to know their DSLR and become a better photographer." – Charlene Shaw, Canada

"The lessons on design and Photoshop are wonderful. And the opportunity for growth that Ricky provides is invaluable! I thought this class would be about photography, which it is of course, but so much more. You will learn to refine how you see and to dig deep into your inner artist." – Roseanne Miracle

Tips from Great Artists: Adding a Touch of History

If you love the way Susan Lenz includes history in her work in Show 1711,
we know you will want to learn these other creative ways to cherish history.

Brian Haggard (Show 1106) shares ways to incorporate fabric images of your ancestors in a quilt.


Rosie McCrady (Show 1509) likes to enhance a piece of vintage redwork with buttonhole-stitched appliqué. 


Pepper Cory (Show 1007) shows you how to make a block using the measurements of your hand,
just as the women on the Isle of Man did years ago.



Jump-Start Your 2016 BOM Fun!

Rajah Revisited by Lessa Siegele.  Photo by Gregory Case Photography

Looking to give Santa a hint about what you REALLY want for Christmas?  Make it easy for the guy in the red suit; tell him that TQS has the 2016 BOM kit in the shop.  This way you can get a head start by prepping all the fabrics before the first pattern installment begins on January 1, 2016. 

As a bonus for joining in, along with each monthly installment we will share with you historic facts about the women and the amazing journey of this celebrated quilt.  We hope that as you work on it, you will find inspiration, while being transported back in time.


 In the meantime, to help you get ready, be sure to download the Introduction Packet, which includes everything you will need to begin working on the "Rajah Quilt Revisited" BOM quilt. 

***Download the Introduction packet pdf, so you're ready when the program begins.***

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