The Francisco Center for the Performing Arts in La Veta, CO wanted to present the musical play, The Quilters, but felt a bit challenged by the quilt that is the main link to telling all the stories within the play. Ricky raised his hand and said, “Making the quilt will be easy! Leave that to me,” and he set out to design and oversee the making of the Legacy Quilt.

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Alex shows how to make an easy Sawtooth Star. Use these tips for Month 7 of the Block of the Month "My Country Home".


How did you do on last week's puzzle? Here are another 10 blocks for you to try. All week, if you hit play again, you will have the same 10 blocks re-sorted so you can really learn them. Good Luck!

TQS Current Show
With Jamie Fingal / Gina Perkes

Show 1702 - Rebel with a Cause


A New 2 Hour Class For You! Feather Fundamentals

Now available for Star Members! Renae Allen demonstrates how to quilt essential feather patterns, with nine basic but gorgeous designs found on the Skillbuilder 2 practice panel. You won't want to miss it! Star members can see these online detailed lessons FREE. Watch as often as you want to perfect your technique. Anyone can benefit!  Renae has designed a "Practice Panel"  to help you improve your technique by tracing the designs.The practice panels are available to all members.





Photo by Gregory Case Photography

Star Members, come join us as we make Blooms For Julie, our dazzling Summertime Quilt Project. Click here for more info.


Latest Quilt Puzzle

"Capturing Brittany" by Lenore Crawford

Lenore created this wonderful quilt from photos taken in Brittany, France. 

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Surprises at Kensington Palace

A visit to Kensington Palace for tea turned up some fun surprises, including colorful gardens, fascinating wallpaper, and Redwork portraits.

If you are interested in the Fashion Rules exhibit, click here.

Want to learn how to make your own Redwork pieces? Star Members can watch Show 1509 - Seeing Red: Ramp Up Your Redwork! featuring Rosie de Leon-McCrady.

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Get Creative with Jen: Travel Tic-Tac-Toe

Watch and follow along with Jen to learn how to create a fun and creative travel tic-tac-toe board using only two fat quarters, some mini charm squares, and Shabby Shapes from Shabby Fabrics! This would be a great project for kids or to use in a classroom.

Click here to download FREE pattern.

Click here to order Shabby Shapes.

Superior Threads is Having a MasterPiece of a Sale

Superior Threads is having a sale on their MasterPiece thread. MasterPiece is certified Egyptian-grown, extra-long staple cotton, which is designed to create perfectly pieced seams. With Superior processing, MasterPiece has a smooth finish, extremely low lint, beautiful colors, and is strong. It is the finest #50 extra-long staple Egyptian-grown cotton thread available. Ideal for piecing, detail quilting, appliqué, and as a bobbin thread.

MasterPiece is available in 75 solid colors, wound on 2,500 yd. cones and 600 yd. spools. It doesn't have the heavy lint, fuzz, or slubs that other cotton threads have. This smoother finish means flatter seams, a cleaner machine (yay!), and less breakage and frustration. Pair MasterPiece with our Topstitch #80/12 needle for a winning combination. You will notice the difference in sewability with MasterPiece vs. other cotton threads. You will be much happier using the highest grade cotton thread available, It is well worth it.

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MasterPiece Cones on sale for $19.95 (reg. $24.95)
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Easy Patchwork Math with Lynn Wilder - Introduction

Do you find that the mathematics of quilting make you run screaming from the room? Fear no more! Designer, teacher and lecturer Lynn Wilder has found a way to make quilting math palatable for all of us in her TQS classroom, Easy Patchwork Math.

Join Lynn in her TQS classroom this Friday, July 31.  In each class you'll learn how to make a different quilt block component using her easy-to-follow formulas.  These different components can then be put together to make an infinite number of blocks.

You'll learn how to make:

  • Half-Square Triangles
  • "Y" Squares
  • Square in a Square
  • Flying Geese and Double Flying Geese
  • Square in a Triangle

In the first lesson, you'll learn about these different components and the tools you'll need to get the job done.

Pdf files will be provided for each component.  Additional components can be found in Lynn's book, Patchwork Math Using Quilting Design Components, available in the TQS Shop.

Click here to visit Lynn's blog.

Smithsonian National Collection: Machine Quilting

Find out which brand of sewing machine caught the eye of Mrs. Ulysses S. Grant.

Barbara Janssen, at the Smithsonian Institution, shows the patent model of a Grover & Baker sewing machine and explains how the stitch it produced helped to determine the probable date of a quilt in the collection.

Libby Update

The other day Alex decided to pick up the phone and call Libby's house.  After a few short rings a sweet voice picked up the phone -

"Hi Alex"

Alex asked "who is this?" (thinking it was a sister....)

"It's me, LIBBY!"

Girl talk then pursued.  Libby can communicate quite well, but often there is a disconnect between her brain and her voice. 

Alex asked, "Is it in your brain clear and it is just the getting it out that is hard?" Libby answered , "Yes."  Alex then asked " Are you sewing yet?" and Libby answered, "One thing at a time!" That's LIBBY.  

Is the battle over? No. This poem, shown in the CaringBridge and written by Libby's sister, Ellen, sums it up perfectly.

What is more beautiful -
 A bald eagle soaring in circles searching for food
 or a hummingbird hovering, sipping red nectar from a jar?

 A river crashing its boulders with noisy spray and foam
 or a lake so serene and smooth only the ripples kiss the shore? 

 The mountains born of eruptions and carved by ice
 or young meadows blanketed with soft grass and flowers ?

Who can say what Beauty is?  

Only our Creator, and to Him all is good.  
Why do we doubt his plans for our lives?  
Why do we ask -why? 

Because we are His children, always seeking, asking, stumbling, and struggling, and in need of His mercy.  

Which is more beautiful  
 the "old" Libby at her peak of fame, fortune, and health 
 or the "new" Libby full of promise, compassion, and Hope? 

Why do we ask? All is good.  


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