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Learn To Machine Quilt w/ Renae Allen

Renae gives you the tips, techniques and secrets of Machine quilting in this 2 hour DVD. Star members can see these online detailed lessons FREE from Oct 1-Dec 31.


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CLICK TO SORT BY Show # CLICK TO SORT BY Artist CLICK TO SORT BY Techniques Description Start/Finish times
101 Bob Purcell Thread Differences in cotton threads 29:46-38:10
101 Joe Cunningham Basting Make your own frame and basting 17:55-28:23
101 Bob Purcell Fabric stop fabric from bleeding 17:45-17:51
102 Vikki Pignatelli Piecing: Improvisational Piecing & machine applique 19:35-38:24
102 Alex Anderson Sewing Machine Spool holders on machine 16:46-19:07
103 Joen Wolfrom Color Inspiration Photo Imagery and visual coloring 23:00-36:51
103 Gregory Case Photography photographing your quilt 37:30-44:25
103 Ricky Tims Organization Storing threaded bobbins #103
104 Cheryl Malkowski One Block Quilts piecing a traditional block 11:30-15:15
104 Gregory Case Photography Using camera at a quilt show 29:00-34:00
104 Cheryl Malkowski One block Quilts Y seam Magic 16:21-26:45
105 Barbara Olson Art Quilts Jump start your creativity 16:41-37:35
105 Cheryl Sterling Art Quilts Quilted Portraits 12:18-16:00
105 Bob Purcell Thread When to use polyester thread 7:20-11:55
106 Gadgets Notions new notions 28:29-33:13
106 Denise Labadie Painting on Fabric: Landscapes painting on fabric 18:54-28:30
107 Gadgets Notions accurate cutting #107
107 Gadgets Notions ergonomics #107
107 Alex Anderson Ironing/Pressing freezing fabric to iron later 19:18-20:24
107 Ricky Tims Website How to use the blog 47:00-48:24
107 Jean Wells Applique: Fusible making a machine appliqued block 11:42-42:20
107 Ricky Tims Piecing One seam flying geese 1:50-7:20
107 Jean Wells Photography photo transfer & adding dimension #107
107 Gregory Case Photography photos for photo transfer 7:50-11:20
107 Jean Wells Applique: Fusible stabilizing your work 11:42-42:20
107 Gadgets Notions using a design wall 43:10-47:00
108 Alex Anderson Traditional Blocks Making a signature block 2:20-7:10
108 Ricky Tims Traditional Blocks Making a signature block 7:08-13:26
108 Mary Fisher Art Quilts painting on fabric #108
108 Mary Fisher Art Quilts painting on fabric #108
108 Mary Fisher Art Quilts stamping fabric and block printing 14:45-28:29
109 Mickey Depre Art Quilting A visit to her studio 1:47-5:54
109 Susan Cleveland Piping and curved piecing adding piping #109
109 Heather Purcell Thread For quilting and designing 6:50-13:19
109 Susan Cleveland Piecing: Curves sewing curves and adding piping 14:15-25:02
110 Pam Holland Piecing Elies block- drapplique (drawing and applique) 18:45-33:18
110 Alex Anderson Applique freezer paper method for hand applique 1:25-7:40
110 Gadgets Notions how to hang your quilt 33:34-37:41
110 Alex Anderson Marking Tools sharpening pencils with sandpaper 16:00-17:45
110 Gadgets Notions storing your quilts #110
111 Ann Fahl Applique creating her cat quilts #111
111 Ricky Tims Quilted Postcards making a memento quilt/postcard 1:25-10:25
111 Gadgets Notions making quilting easier 42:02-48:35
111 Ricky Tims Quilting: Marking Using painter's tape for marking your quilt 32:30-34:00
111 Ann Fahl Thread Painting Using thread to color your quilt 16:00-32:15
112 Libby Lehman Sewing Machine: Feet free motion and cording feet for your machine 2:30-9:28
112 Gregory Case Photography photo styling or using camera to take 38:45-44:15
112 Gregory Case Photography pictures while quilt is in progress #112
112 Libby Lehman Art Quilts/Thread Painting Ribbon Illusion and Thread Play 10:15-20:25
112 Heather Purcell Thread Thread effects on your quilts 32:15-37:26
113 Virginia Avery Quilting Legend Quilted Garments and a visit to her home #113
201 Judith Montano Restoration How to restore vintage quilts 39:04-41:37
201 Bob Purcell Thread Polyester vs. cotton thread 44:27-50:22
201 Ricky Tims Quilt Storage safely storing your quilts 26:10-27:20
201 Alex Anderson Redwork starting and stopping with no knots 2:13-7:16
201 Judith Montano Stitching/embroidery watercoloring- silk ribbonry- embroidery 7:55-25:55
202 Gadgets Notions change the size of your blocks 7:31-12:38
202 Gadgets Notions makes machine quilting easier 7:31-12:38
202 Cindy Needham Antique Linens marking and quilting on antique linens 22:33-40:45
202 Gadgets Notions marking quilts and innovative tools 7:31-12:38
202 Alex Anderson Piecing: Hand techniques for hand quilting 1:08-7:37
203 Alex Anderson Pinning accuracy and making a 9 patch block 2:20-6:28
203 Suzanne Marshall Applique and embroidery accuracy with points- design and embroidery 25:47-45:49
203 Alex Anderson Tip getting blocks from design wall to machine 24:09-25:45
203 Gadgets Notions great tools 6:39-12:49
204 Ricky Tims Piecing: Curves improvisational caveman curves 1:25-8:34
204 Gregory Case Photography photo sizing and megapixels 8:43-14:50
204 Louisa Smith Piecing: Curves strip sets into curved piecing 15:04-23:34
205 Bonnie McCaffery Digi Bobbe Digitized bobbin embroidery 9:31-19:42
205 Ricky Tims Embroidery: Machine hooping for machine embroidery and applique 1:25-7:56
205 Gregory Case Photography The proper way to potograph quilts 27:20-31:25
206 Alex Anderson Quilting: Designs Creating Feathered Quilting designs 1:30-6:10
206 Ricky Tims Quilting: Machine Great tips for machine quilting 6:30-8:30
206 Bill Kerr Piecing: Curves how to sew curved seams 32:02-37:30
206 Ricky Tims Quilting: Machine How to start and stop tips for machine quilting 12:40-13:45
206 Alex and Ricky Applique sharing applique tips 22:15-22:50
206 Weeks Ringle Design solid color fabric to give impressionistic feel 24:30-32:02
207 Gadgets Notions great tools for longarm or domestic quilting 39:30-47:20
207 Ricky Tims Design how to choose the right design for your quilt 7:00-8:50
207 Ricky Tims Quilting: Machine quilting a large quilt on a domestic machine 2:42-4:44
207 Sue Patten Quilting Longarm: Design using the longarm for design and applique 10:43-23:02
208 Bob Purcell Thread choosing the right needles for your project 7:35-11:08
208 Ricky Tims Piecing demos his fractured courthouse steps quilt 1:20-7:30
208 Ricky Tims Design design tips and repetitive options 30:50-34:40
208 Jane Davila Design/Embellishing showing "emphasis" in your quilt designs 11:30-20:10
209 Gadgets Notions great tools 45:54-51:10
209 Ricky Tims Piecing: Improvisational making a wonky star 2:05-15:00
209 Alex Anderson Cutting strip cutting technique 25:12-26:58
209 Annie Smith Value using the square in a star block to teach value 26:59-45:50
210 Alex Anderson applique demos how to applique 4" postage stamp basket block 1:43-10:26
210 Beth Ferrier Applique: Machine hand applique by machine -" appliquist" 10:49-26:04
210 Bob Purcell Thread tension tips for setting machine tension properly 37:00-40:25
211 Beth Wheeler Photography- thread work- computer technology altered photo artistry 16:46-28:23
211 Alex Anderson Binding binding from start to finish- mitered edges 1:16-7:09
211 Gadgets Notions keeping your rulers organized and in reach 7:20-9:00
212 Alex and Ricky Inspiration Traditional Columbia State Park-Fancy Dry Goods Store 20:20-25:36
212 Lindy Miller Traditional blocks Star block demo 38:10-43:43
212 Alex and Ricky Inspiration Traditional Quilts Trip to Groveland- CA 4:44-31:15
213 Alex and Ricky Inspirational meet Carolee Hensley of the Cotton Patch- Lafayette- CA- choosing fabrics for your project 5:10-10:31
213 Mary Mashuta Quilting: Machine Taking the fear out of machine quilting 33:20-46:15
213 Roberta Horton Labeling Quilts using quilt labels for artistic statement 24:57-32:38
301 Ricky Tims Piecing setting in corners 1:38-11:05
301 Jane Sassaman Fabric & Design shares how to use large prints and designing fabric 12:03-30:06
302 Sally Dutko Art Quilts/ Embellishment fabric lace- tubing- inking and painting 29:39-41:55
302 Ricky Tims Applique machine scribble applique 6:50-12:50
302 Alex Anderson Piecing strippy inserts and prairie points 16:20-24:20
303 Bob Purcell Thread choosing the right thread 49:25-54:24
303 Laura Wasilowski Applique: Fusible cutting and fusing techniques 29:48-48:46
303 Ricky Tims Convergence how to make a convergence quilt 1:28-14:00
303 Gadgets Notions tools to keep you organized 14:40-21:35
304 Ricky Tims Design shares design basics- designing on point 10:45-18:48
304 Sue Garman Applique shares shortcuts- tips and tricks- using precuts 26:52-37:12
304 Merrily Parker Quilting Longarm: Design shows the features of the Gammill longarm 2:15-9:53
305 Eleanor Burns Piecing: Traditional Blocks flying geese- partial seams- 9 patch- Y seams using strips- swag border 21:59-46:25
305 Ricky Tims Piecing shares string pieced block- using random strips for fun and fast quilts 1:30-11:02
306 Gadgets Notions keeping your mat in tip top shape 10:50-16:52
306 Kim Deneault Applique: Reverse learn how to do raggedy reverse applique 24:00-31:08
306 Alex Anderson Piecing shows how to make Sawtooth Star Block 1:40-10:10
307 Gregory Case Photography photo image sizing 12:15-16:25
307 Ricky Tims Mitered Corners shows how to get a perfect mitered corner 2:30-12:02
307 Paula Nadelstern kaleidoscope quilts shows how to make her puzzle quilts 28:00-38:18
307 Alex Anderson Squaring up tips on squaring up your blocks 26:30-27:55
308 Gadgets Notions finding what you need for quilting 41:33-42:55
308 Gregory Case Photography photographing your quilt- lots of tips 32:39-37:00
308 Gina Perkes Applique: Raw Edge tips on how to raw edge applique on a Longarm 20:50-22:50
308 Alex and Ricky Piecing tips on piecing accurately 2:00-8:40
308 Gina Perkes Quilting Longarm: Design using the longarm for making fabric and tips 22:57-32:34
309 Susan P. Mark Applique: Fusible how to make the venetian scroll 19:48-24:20
309 Gadgets Notions making designing a snap 32:28-41:35
309 Daphne Greig Applique: Fusible simple stain glass pattern 24:50-29:45
309 Alex Anderson Piecing the 6 minute circle 2:00-11:20
310 Ricky Tims Binding demos mitered binding 1:21-13:20
310 Liuxin Newman Applique: Hand Turned she demos hand techniques and has many great tips 13:27-34:10
311 Joanna Figueroa Piecing/ Diamonds learning to deal with the diamond shape and precuts 22:05-35:18
311 Alex Anderson Piecing the perfect pinwheel 2:03-11:42
311 Gina Halladay Blogs trends in the quilting industry 12:28-21:07
312 Ricky Tims Applique: Machine demos the double blanket stitch 1:45-12:56
312 Melody Crust Embellishment shares her bling techniques- using paint on fabric 26:15-43:20
313 Jinny Beyer Quilting Legend tour of her home and store- personal design and color inspiration 2:25-59:10
401 Bob Purcell Needles choosing the right sewing machine needle 40:40-44:06
401 Margaret Miller Piecing design options from a 4 patch block with stunning results 1:47-10:48
401 Margaret Miller Piecing Angles using the elongated angles in your quilts 20:40-40:25
402 Sue Nickels Applique: Raw Edge demonstration of raw edge applique 21:13-42:38
402 Ricky Tims Embroidery: Machine giving new life to your quilts using embroidery 7:00-12:45
402 Gadgets Notions making quilting more doable 44:52-49:57
402 Gregory Case Photography self publishing-photography in book form 1:40-6:47
403 Ricky Tims kaleidoscope quilts draw-cut- sew- press and build a kaleidoscope quilt along with Ricky 9:55-39:25
404 Elly Sienkiewicz Dogtooth border constructing the dogtooth border- accuracy 25:50-48:36
404 Elly Sienkiewicz embroidery demonstrates stitches and ribbon embroidery 49:00-1:04:04
404 Alex Anderson Fabric/ Color fabric selections and color value 11:09-18:10
404 Gadgets Notions great ideas and tips 2:50-10:26
405 Valorie Wells Applique circle applique with freezer paper 13:40-18:55
405 Valorie Wells Grocery Tote how to make a simple tote bag 2:30-13:20
405 Ricky Tims Trapunto mock bobbin trapunto 24:20-34:40
406 David Taylor Art Quilts design and construction of a David Taylor quilt 29:00-51:35
406 Ricky Tims Art Quilting making a grid art quilt 8:40-16:25
406 Bob Purcell Thread troubleshooting thread issues 1:15-8:35
407 Alex Anderson Design basic design tips to jazz up your traditional quilt 1:45-9:25
407 Elsie Campbell Piecing: Precision choosing fabric- 8 pointed star- HST- and tips for precision piecing 25:46-44:36
407 Gregory Case Photography photo journey of TQS behind the scenes 47:08-56:35
407 Bob Purcell Thread what do the different thread weights mean 9:40-13:56
408 Alex Anderson Flange demos a "thread catcher" or flange 37:04-39:30
408 Alex Anderson Applique: Machine demos machine applique and lots of tips 21:40-36:48
408 Alex Anderson Neutrals working with neutrals for astounding results 13:42-21:40
409 Cindy Brick Crazy Quilts quick techniques to create a crazy quilt 28:07-42:00
409 Ricky Tims Design simple design techniques 1:55-12:45
409 Ricky Tims Design Tips to create Ricky's Simple Gifts quilt 25:43-28:07
410 John Flynn Indian Wedding Ring how to create the wedding ring and/or pickle dish quilt 25:04-35:45
410 Ricky Tims Trapunto machine trapunto feathers 1:30-15:20
410 Alex and Ricky Cutting tips on strip cutting 24:14-25:02
411 Alex and Ricky Sewing Machine cleaning your machine 18:00-19:28
412 Susan Schrempf Embroidery: Machine embroider with silk ribbon on your machine 21:02-40:17
412 Alex Anderson UFO Blocks making those extra blocks into pillows 0:45-13:30
413 Rose Hughes Applique: Fast pieced fast pieced applique based on photography 21:31-38:20
413 Alex Anderson Binding how to make a scalloped edge binding 1:50-13:12
413 Gadgets Notions make quilting fun 40:45-50:05
501 Ricky Tims Design achieving luminosity with value in fabrics 1:33-11:58
501 Gadgets Notions fused glass 43:29-47:30
501 Melinda Bula applique fusible flowers using applique methods 25:02-41:12
502 Analie Belden Design: Dresden Plate different ways to create the Dresden plate block and a no measure border technique 20:10-32:45
502 Alex Anderson Heart Block how to make a heart block 1:20-13:58
502 Gadgets Notions tools to make the job easier 35:19-44:30
503 Sue Garman Quilting Longarm: Design designing a quilt with the longarm 2:08-12:24
503 Sharon Malec Pictorial Quilts Dog Quilts and how she makes them 38:03-41:54
503 Cathy Franks Quilting Longarm: Design thread weaving on the longarm 22:40-35:35
504 Marti Michell Quilt as you go- Circular Log Cabin demonstrates how to quilt as you go and the Log Cabin quilt 27:40-31:25
504 Alex Anderson Design drafting tips for success 38:00-43:11
504 Gadgets Notions making the quilting life easier and fun 33:29-39:27
504 Marti Michell Cutting shares her best cutting techniques 10:55-25:20
505 Alex Anderson Stitching: Hand shows how to do hand blanket stitching 7:20-12:15
505 Ricky Tims Embroidery: Machine shows reverse applique with satin stitch on the machine 17:35-23:00
506 Esterita Austin Photo Quilts creating using photos and freezer paper 22:25-31:30
506 Jan Krentz LeMoyne Star how to make this star with no "Y" seams 1:30-10:50
506 Dan Purcell Blogging internet blogging and websites for quilters 31:50-39:12
507 Judith B. Montano Stitching: Hand for Purses demos for several purses 31:30-41:22
507 Alex and Ricky Gifts fabric gifts to make 41:46-45:08
507 Jeanie S. Ajero Kaleidoscope gift cards how to make gifts for other using the kaleidoscope pattern 1:35-15:08
507 Rebecca Kemp Brent Embroidery: Machine multiple gift ideas using machine embroidery 15:43-30:22
508 Alex Anderson Kaleidoscope Block traditional kaleidoscope block 23:41-40:07
509 Joanie Zeier Poole Quilting: Machine heirloom machine quilting 19:44-34:05
509 Alex Anderson Piecing how to piece an isosceles triangle in a square 1:20-11:55
509 Gregory Case Photography photographing quilts at shows 35:10-40:50
510 Patt Blair Drawing and Painting drawing and painting that anyone can do 22:48-38:55
510 Tammy Finkler Quilting Longarm: Design making whole cloth quilts on a longarm 2:00-13:10
511 Terrie Sandelin Miniature Quilts fast and precise techniques for making miniatures 16:12-33:10
512 Ricky Tims Design building designs using the AccuQuilt 24:00-34:40
512 Gadgets Notions making cutting so much easier 37:01-43:30
512 Sharon Pederson Applique: Machine using many techniques to get the results you want 9:34-23:55
513 Libby Lehman Thread Techniques creating radiant circles 27:06-37:35
513 Libby Lehman Organization how to get organized 16:12-26:43
601 Jinnny Beyer Design design your own tessallation 12:55-23:14
601 Alex Anderson Piecing efficient ways to piece 1:13-11:35
601 Gadgets Notions high end sewing tools 47:28-51:15
601 Jinny Beyer Piecing: Hand learn the fine art of hand piecing 24:45-47:36
602 Bob Purcell Thread busting the thread myths 11:01-18:45
602 Gadgets Notions getting things under control 54:20-56:58
602 Ricky Tims photo imagery photo imagery and color choices 1:35-11:00
602 Carol Doak Paper Piecing tips for successful paper piecing 27:24-48:55
603 Karla Alexander Shuffling block shuffling- stack the deck- the new traditional quilt blocks 25:07-43:34
603 Gayle Hillert Embellishment decorative stitches on your machine and how to use them 1:35-17:20
604 Alex Anderson Design: Drafting learn to draft the 8 pointed star 0-11:20
604 Linda Taylor Quilting Longarm: Design stacked feathers- machine doodling 22:47-38:15
604 Gregory Case Photography upgrading your camera- single lens reflex 40:00-45:45
605 Dan Purcell Computer connecting computer to TV for viewing 35:50-46:50
605 Ricky Tims Resist Dyeing make your own fabric with school glue 1:25-9:00
605 Kate Cox Improvisational Landscape Quilts using a photo- raw-edged applique and free motion quilting you learn to make your own landscape 20:46-34:56
606 Alex Anderson Traditional blocks LeMoyne star and split LeMoyne made easy 0:00-14:02
606 Philippa Naylor Trapunto shows us her trapunto techniques 25:10-41:60
607 Rami Kim Fabric Folding 3 dimensional "chopkey"- folded squares and Hexagons and lightening bugs 19:50-36:37
607 Rami Kim Fabric Folding: Garments fabric folding in garment construction 36:45-43:20
607 Ricky Tims Prairie Points prairie points for edging and embellishing 2:10-9:50
608 Pat Holly Applique: Machine creating your own background fabric with stitching- framing miniature quilts along with applique tips 1:33-18:55
608 Jennnifer Forest decorative stitching crewel and embroidery- hand stitching 30:39-36:05
608 Alex Anderson Quilting Hand: feather & lazy daisy teaching the feather stitch and lazy daisy stitch 36:35-46:07
609 Judy Woodworth Quilting: Feathers mastering free form feathers on your machine or a longarm 1:00-19:48
609 Bonnie Browning Borders & Bindings mathless borders solutions and binding techniques 29:10-45:18
610 Ricky Tims Bobbin applique applique with bobbin thread 30:58-38:55
610 Cynthia England Picture Piecing piecing with freezer paper 9:00-18:10
610 Cynthia England Photo imagery using your own pictures to design your own pieced quilt 18:20-29:30
611 Alex and Ricky Texture Magic designing with texture magic 2:20-8:00
611 Becky Goldsmith Applique learning to needleturn applique the Piece O' Cake way 19:17-34:10
611 Ricky Tims Applique single shape designs and creating your own designs for applique 35:08-42:03
612 Gloria Loughman Landscape Quilts shares her process focusing on color and design 17:17-38:50
613 Alex and Ricky Fabric baskets demo how to make fabric baskets 0:00-11:53
613 Laura Cater-Woods 3 Dimensional quilts using found fabrics- papers- make books 24:15-40:20
701 Nancy Brown Design designing an animal portrait applique 28:50-34:15
701 Nancy Brown Animal Portrait Applique showing you how to create portrait applique 6:42-19:52
702 Lura Schwarz Smith Photo Printing enhancing your printed images 18:50-29:05
702 Kerby Smith Photo Printing getting good color printing on fabric 0:00-17:56
703 Rachel Clark Piecing a Braid magical tricks to build fabric- create 9 patches into braids 19:30-37:10
703 Renae Haddadin Design: Drafting shows how to draft Mariner's Compass- New York Beauty- circles- etc 1:20-9:18
704 Dale Fleming Fabric Choices creating rhythym and balance in your quilts 39:14-46:00
704 Dale Fleming Pieced Curves easy pieced curves 9:00-26:18
704 Dale Fleming Piecing: 6 minute Circle quick and accurate pieced circle 27:35-35:06
705 Frieda Anderson Applique: Fusible fun- fast fusibles for great results 22:40-40:15
706 Camille Roskelley Embellishment adding monograms- rick rack and blanket stitch to your quilts 3:42-15:35
706 Alex Anderson Drawstring Bag shows you how to create a fun drawstring bag 31:15-40:08
707 Judy Mathieson Paper Piecing: Mariner's Compass foundation piecing with freezer paper and special techniques to get perfect points 7:42-36:55
708 Terrie Hancock Mangat Applique: Reverse hand stitching reverse applique and outlining stitch 28:00-45:38
708 Gayle Hillert Embellishment the many ways you can use your machine to embellish with cording- binding- embroidery - labels- etc. 1:22-14:25
709 Marcia Stein Applique: Machine building the applique photo quilt 18:10-28:57
709 Alex Anderson Visual texture choosing fabrics that sing together 1:57-8:42
709 Marcia Stein Photo Quilts making graphic quilts from photographs 9:40-16:58
710 Laura Nownes Tumbling Block- Diamonds choosing fabric and cutting diamonds 4:20-13:42
710 Laura Nownes Piecing: Y Seams learn to make Y seams accurately 14:55-28:42
711 Alex Anderson House Block Great time saving tips 1:23-10:40
711 Rosalie Dace Piecing innovative piecing lines and curves 32:05-50:35
712 Ami Simms Applique: Machine Pup-us-Dog-us applique quilts and fast finish triangles 25:30-37:45
713 Yvonne Porcella Self Portrait fun and freeing approach to quilting 30:30-40:35
713 Yvonne Porcella Painting on Fabric: Silk how to paint on silk for different effects 41:20-55:20
801 Susan Carlson Collaged Portraits creating portraits from lots of scraps 34:30-42:30
801 Ricky Tims Pieced Slivers improvisationally inserting slivers of fabric into your quilt blocks 1:20-8:55
801 Susan Carlson Fabric Collage using lots of fabric paint your way to a gorgeous quilt collage 20:25-33:50
802 Edyta Sitar Scrap Quilts create beautiful scrap quilts with HST's- and strips 24:30-50:20
802 Alex Anderson Design: Feathered Wreath how to draw the traditional feathered wreath 1:38-12:48
803 Ricky Tims Design teaches design and creates a Rhapsody Quilt 0:00-45:37
804 Ricky Tims Piecing: Curves no pins curved piecing and set in corners 23:30-36:10
804 Ricky Tims Applique preparing and cutting for raw edge appliqie and using the double blanket stitch 0:38-23:02
805 Darra Williamson Applique: Fusible Making the sunbonnet Sue block with fusible applique 14:50-44:00
806 Verna Mosquera Applique: Needle Turn inspiration- color- design and tips for perfect needleturn applique 14:20-37:44
807 Ronda Beyer Quilting: Machine curved cross hatching and using stencils for machine or longarm quilting 10:30-25:50
807 Gregory Case Photography optimizing color to take good shots for entering quilts in shows 43:48-49:30
808 Ricky Tims Mono printing dyeing fabric using mono prints 3:00-7:58
808 Jo Morton Piecing: Traditional Blocks Using Ohio Star to teach pressing and accuracy in piecing 23:48-35:50
809 Alex Anderson Paper Piecing tools- tricks- tips- fabric selection and curved seam stitching for excellent paper pieced results 1:45-44:05
810 Sue Spargo Folk Art/Embellishment combines textiles and unusual shapes to stitch and embellish her amazing folk art 10:50-41:18
811 Cheryl Lynch Folk Art/Judaic Art using computer- cut-outs- rick rack and other embellishments to create Tile inspired quilts 10:50-43:40
812 Rob Apell Art Quilts create an endagered species quilt using fusible and raw edged applique 11:25-25:08
812 Rob Apell Quilting: Machine tension- tips- and ergonomics of free motion machine quilting 26:18-38:48
813 Wendy Grande Embroidery: Silk applique with silk- silk ribbon embroidery- rouching and stitches for amazing results 13:55-45:30
901 Susan Brubaker Knapp Contemporary Art Quilts using photos- thread painting and sketching to create a quilt 29:30-44:52
901 Susan Brubaker Knapp Applique: Needle Turn vines- sharp concave and convex curves along with traditional tips and techniques 11:00-28:40
902 Ricky Tims Piecing: Improvisational Creating Chantelle using improvisational piecing 0:58-12:19
902 Lola Jenkins Pictorial Quilts fantasy collage techniques to create pictorial quilts with fabric panels 25:55-37:55
903 Velda Newman Large scale Art Quilts designing a large scale art quilt 36:20-42:18
903 Velda Newman Quilting: Machine innovative machine stitching with line and texture to bring your quilt to life 25:30-35:27
903 Velda Newman Art Quilts painting techniques on fabric and giving shape to a flat surface 10:24-24:29
904 Alex Anderson Designs: Quilting create your own designs for quilting traditional through contemporary 1:30-9:34
904 Sarah Vedeler Embroidery: Machine using technology and digitizing for amazing results 18:52-34:15
905 Ricky Tims Quilt Finishing 3 techniques for finishing a quilt like framing- facing and faux binding 1:05-11:05
905 Anita Grossman Solomon Cutting and Piecing tips for pineapple- Key West and Windmill blocks for accuracy 23:44-39:10
906 Katie Pasquinin Masopust Improvisational Drawing Designs drawing your own designs for original quilts 24:20-34:15
906 Katie Pasquini Masopust Painting step by step to painting techniques for improvisational quilts 35:08-47:24
906 Ricky Tims Paper Piecing successful paper piecing using an original design 0:44-15:19
907 Patty Hawkins Piecing: Improvisational creative process to stunning art quilts 36:15-41:50
907 Alex Anderson Lettering easy lettering techniques for appliqueing 26:00-33:10
907 Tonya Ricucci Piecing: Improvisational easy word play piecing techniques 10:05-24:50
908 Dianne S. Hire Embellishment danglers- wedgies- curves and Tabbies 21:15-35:50
908 Alex Anderson Piecing when shapes don't match up like triangles and squares 0:00-9:10
908 Tom Russell Embellishment whimsical embellishment with beading- buttons- etc 40:20-50:20
909 Gyleen Fitzgerald Piecing- "Y" seams butterfly seams- Grandmother's Flower Garden with many tips and techniques 16:48-33:45
909 Gyleen Fitzgerald Pineapple Quilt using scraps to create a pineapple quilt 34:24-50:10
910 Alex Anderson Matchsticks- Art Deco stick blocks and inserts 2:50-10:40
910 Don Linn Design Using his architectural background to create templates for his U.S. Air Force Academy Quilt 19:40-35:38
911 Ricky Tims Quilting: Machine drawing and quilting feathers 1:00-7:52
911 Jacqueline de Jonge Color- Paper Piecing foundation paper piecing- accuracy in spikes and creating her unique quilts 18:30-28:35
911 Jacqueline de Jong Piecing: Curves how to set in curves 29:27-41:30
912 Joyce Becker Finishing framing small landscape quilts 39:20-44:19
912 Joyce Becker Landscape quilts innovative approach to quick and little landscapes 23:33-38:37
912 Pam Clarke Quilting Designs techniques to approach machine quilting designs 1:26-13:25
913 Eleanor Burns Partial Seams/Quilt Legend teaches fabric frenzy and partial seams 30:34-48:32
1001 Susan Cleveland Prairie Points creatively different prairie points and fun ways to use them 28:33-42:35
1001 Susan Cleveland Miters perfect and creative mitered corners 10:26-27:32
1002 Alex Anderson Design: Drunkards Path & Curved seams teaching drunkards path and curved seams 1:22-8:54
1002 Michelle Jackson Art Quilts value and color- drawing templates from photos f20:25-45:15
1003 RaNae Merrill Mandalas drawing- designing and constructing a mandala quilt 9:34-26:46
1003 RaNae Merrill Paper Piecing tips for paper piecing a mandala quilt 41:19-51:14
1004 Nancy Prince Thread Painting shading and highlighting pictures with thread 10:22-25:00
1004 Nancy Prince Thread Painting using computer to convert photo into a pattern and using premade fabrics to create your own quilt 25:35-34:50
1005 Gina Perkes Quilting Longarm: Design applique and bobbin work on a Gammill 1:05-13:40
1005 Pat Yamin Two Patch and Envelope Blocks tips to create two patch envelop quilt and Robbing Peter to Pay Paul block 29:04-58:55
1006 Linda Thielfoldt Quilted Clothing/Garments quilting and making garments on a Long Arm 26:58-54:09
1006 Linda Thielfoldt Quilting: Faux Feathers- Long Arm quilting the traditional and faux feathers 12:02-25:50
1007 Pepper Cory Sashiko Japanese folk art stitching 13:16-27:35
1007 Pepper Cory Log Cabin: Folded roof tile block which predates the log cabin 28:55-43:15
1008 Alex Anderson Pincushion making a custom pincushion with perfect piecing 41:40-54:20
1008 Robbi Joy Eklow Squaring up your quilt unique idea for squaring up your quilt 27:10-39:00
1008 Robbi Joy Eklow Design using computer for magnificent designs- 11:38-26:06
1009 Laura Wasilowski Embroidery/ Fused Quilts fused art quilts- stitching techniques 11:40-25:05
1009 Laura Wasilowski Rubber Stamping make your own rubber stamps 26:17-39:55
1010 Charlotte Angotti Tri Rec Ruler creating an Isosceles triangle in a square 12:56-26:10
1010 Charlotte Angotti Quilting: Machine personal approach to machine quilting 40:50-46:10
1010 Debbie Caffrey Cutting tips for power cutting 12:14-12:56
1011 Carol Ann Waugh Binding finish using a rat-tail binding - art quilt finish 22:18-35:13
1011 Carol Ann Waugh Stupendous Stitching maximize your machine stitches 12:13-22:00
1012 Ricky Tims Primitive Fun Block how to create a fun primitive look 1:58-13:20
1012 Sonja Lee Barrington Wool Pocket Purse make a wool pocket purse 26:53-42:34
1012 Sonja Lee Barrington Silk tips for working with silk 43:34-54:50
1013 Ricky Tims Piecing: Traditional Blocks primitive rail fence and accuracy 1:10-11:20
1013 Susan Shie Journalling telling your story on your quilt through journalling 13:50-28:10
1013 Susan Shie Painting on Fabric using an air pen- and painting on fabric 43:45-56:30
1101 Tom Russell Embellishment all the tips and tools you need to embellish with beads 11:06-24:59
1101 Alex Anderson Sewing Machine: Feet shows how to use a ruffler foot and great ways to use ruffles for your projects 42:00-49:16
1101 Tom Russell Embellishment tools and threads for embellishing with buttons successfully and creatively 26:12-41:06
1102 Alex Anderson Quilting: Feathers and Cables drafting cables and feathers for hand or machine quilting 1:00-13:10
1102 Luke Haynes Art Quilts using unusual fabrics- buying- cutting and storing the fabrics 25:12-42:05
1103 Jan Krentz Fabrics: Striped stars and diamonds- landscaping and colorwash all with striped fabric 39:06-44:30
1103 Jan Krentz Fabrics working with stripes in various ways 9:34-37:59
1104 Tommy Romano Piecing: 9 Patch block a twist on piecing an accurate 9 patch and more tips 25:00-36:46
1104 Tommy Romano Quilt Tips good quilting habits for successful piecing 1:00-23:44
1105 Cara Gulati appliqueing curves how to applique those intricate curves 37:46-51:46
1105 Cara Gulati Piecing Curves no pins to sew curves 24:05-33:18
1105 Ricky Tims Quilting: Machine tips for successful machine quilting/stopping- starting- marking and trapunto 1:12-13:45
1105 Cara Gulati Binding unique binding techniques 33:20-36:45
1106 Brian Haggard Crazy Quilts embellishment techniques- loose edge applique and embroidery 29:48-41:22
1106 Ricky Tims Couching free motion couching 1:00-7:55
1106 Brian Haggard Photos manipulating photos to personalize embellishments 9:15-28:55
1107 Kim Kleine Felting felting and couching wool- bobbin stitching 39:40-54:30
1107 Ricky Tims kaleidoscope Quilts rainbow kaleidoscope quilt block- paper piecing and preparing the fabric 1:07-14:40
1107 Tami Pfeil Felting working with felt demonstrating circles and flowers 25:13-38:55
1108 Barbara Persing Quilting Longarm: Design how to design quilting patterns- ribbon quilting pattern 30:50-44:14
1108 Barbara Persing and Mary Hoover Pieced Strata how to make a stratavarious pieced quilt 19:00-30:00
1108 Alex Anderson applique preparing finished applique for both hand and machine stitching 1:10-9:24
1109 Karen Eckmeier Applique/ Art Quilts creating accidental landscapes 9:50-24:33
1109 Karen Eckmeier Landscapes/Garments teaches her Happy Villages and decorative garments 25:40-39:23
1110 Barbara Shapel Two Sided Quilts creating 2 sided nature quilts 33:20-42:16
1110 Daniela Stout Piecing: Strip and Tube using 2 1/2" strips and tube piecing technique 10:20-32:19
1111 Cindy Walter Fabric Painting creative fabric painting for great results 19:08-34:30
1111 Alex Anderson Paper Piecing: English Grandmother's Flower Garden block- applique 1:35-12:10
1111 Cindy Walter Painting on Quilts successfully paint your next quilt 35:29-48:15
1112 Edyta Sitar Applique: Fusible laser cut shapes for fusible applique 28:40-41:30
1112 Edyta Sitar Piecing: 8 Pointed Star piecing the 8 pointed star using strips 10:56-28:10
1113 Meredith Schroeder TQS Legend her incredible career and accomplishments 0:00-47:54
1201 Sue Nickels Design:Feathers design and drafting feathers for machine quilting 12:05-11:54
1201 Sue Nickels Quilting: Machine feather construction and machine quilting techniques 27:35-42:30
1202 Alma de la Malena Cox Wood Quilts create quilts on wood with fabric and paint 42:24-52:46
1202 Jacquie Gering Modern Log Cabin log cabin block and constructing it modern style 12:03-25:12
1202 Jacquie Gering Quilting Design taking quilting designs modern and fresh 26:49-38:20
1203 Marsha McCloskey Sewing project create a fun E reader cover 37:00-444:58
1203 Marsha McCloskey Piecing drafting and piecing the perfect feathered star 11:15-24:23
1203 Marsha McCloskey 1/4 square triangles precision cutting to make quarter square triangle blocks 25:56-35:50
1204 Cathy Miller Japanese Notan a mirror image technique to get positive negative designs 32:24-45:10
1204 Cathy Miller Applique: Moc-Mola achieving the layered applique look and process 14:35-30:22
1204 Jill Gorski Buttons collecting and quilting with buttons- history and caring for them 46:30-1:01:07
1204 Cathy Miller Songs of Quilting quilting and singing-Star and Plume 2:30-7:12
1205 Sue Rasmussen Pictorial Quilts piecing a pictorial quilt and drafting the design 10:40-32:10
1205 Sue Rasmussen Piecing: Curves sewing a pictorial quilt using gentle curves 23:40-39:20
1205 Sue Rasmussen Technology use Ipad for creating the pictorial quilt design 40:38-42:57
1206 Lauren Vicek Applique: Reverse applique framing technique 41:00-57:00
1206 Lauren Vicek Crazy Patch deconstructing the crazy quilt method 27:25-40:45
1206 Ricky Tims Gifted Quilt Blocks putting together quilt blocks made by various quilters 2:05-12:48
1207 Hollis Chatelain Art Quilts/Thread creating the art quilt using blue jeans 11:00-27:24
1207 Bonnie Browning Quilting: Improvisational Zentangle using the Zentangle to design for machine or hand quilting 36:16-53:05
1208 Sue McCarty Quilting Designs customize your designs for machine quilting 26:34-38:20
1208 Ricky Tims Quilt Sleeve sewing a sleeve for hanging your quilt 1:40-11:20
1208 Sue McCarty Quilting Longarm: Design start and maintain your own long arm quilting business 39:28-52:30
1209 Georgia Bonesteel Piecing: Strip Picture use strip piecing to create a landscape quilt 15:25-28:20
1209 Charlotte Warr Anderson Landscapes: Organza & Other Fabrics working with organza and other fabrics 30:25-47:10
1210 Alex Anderson Sawtooth Star piecing and the versatility of the Sawtooth Star 3:48-15:40
1210 Ricky Tims Lone Star piecing the Montana Star Quilt or Lone Star 32:40-51:25
1211 Ann Peterson Paper Piecing: Foundation foundation paper piecing with no paper removal 28:17-39:50
1211 Sarah Kaufman Log Cabin: Folded overcoming physical obstacles- piecing the folded log cabin 45:00-58:47
1211 Ann Peterson Piecing: Curves tips for curved piecing 10:45-26:34
1212 Judith Baker Montano Photo Imagery/Embroidery create realistic imagery with photos and embroidery 10:49-38:30
1212 Karin Hellaby Pineapple Quilt simple technique to create pineapple block 39:55-50:07
1213 Carol Doak Paper Piecing innovative paper piecing and creative design elements 2:14-32:12
1301 Jean Wells Art Quilting using line in design- nature for inspiration- texture 10:40-25:40
1301 Jean Wells Color working with color and designing with color 25:50-40:54
1302 Mickey Depre Hexagons jazz up the hexagon with contemporary look 19:30-30:00
1302 Mickey Depre Hexagons using traditional hexagon techniques 8:37-19:15
1303 Grace Errea Applique: Machine raw edge machine applique- building design from picture 38:50-53:24
1303 Alex Anderson baby blanket simple baby blanket using flannel and voile 3:50-12:20
1303 Grace Errea Art Quilts using value to create pictorial quilts 23:10-35:00
1304 Wendy Butler Berns Art Quilts border treatments- flip and sew techniques 9:50-21:35
1304 Sue Spargo Contemporary Folk Artitst dimensional stitching- boullion stitches- picot weaving stitch- drizzle stitch 34:50-45:34
1304 Wendy Butler Berns Texture Magic piecing and applique with Texture Magic 21:45-34:50
1305 Gwen Marsten Liberated Quilts single layer and Amish binding techniques 39:55-57:20
1305 Mickey Lawler Fabric Painting tips to create your own skydye fabric 10:13-23:34
1305 Mickey Lawler Painting on Fabric: Landscapes using painted fabrics to create landscape quilts 24:26-35:11
1306 Sheila Frampton Cooper Quilting: Machine fearless machine quilting techniques and design 42:40-53:54
1306 Sheila Frampton Cooper Quilting: Free Form incorporate shapes into quilts- free form curved piecing 16:00-41:26
1306 Angela Walters Quilting Longarm: curved working with negative space- improvisational curved piecing 1:54-15:25
1307 Alex Anderson Scrap Quilts choosing fabrics for success 0:00-13:50
1307 Alex Anderson Bowtie Block tips for piecing the bowtie block- choosing right pattern for scrap quilts 14:50-35:16
1308 Caryl Bryer Gallert-Gentry Art Quilts shows innovative technique called appli-piecing 13:14-27:39
1308 Caryl Bryer Gallert-Gentry Art Quilts using the Fibonacci sequence to create art quilts 27:42-37:00
1309 Alex Anderson Piecing: Fan Block easy tips to piecing the fan block 1:40-15:50
1309 Susan Else Quilted Sculptures forming and stuffing fabric to create 3-D sculptures and a Diorama 28:31-58:20
1310 Ricky Tims Applique: Stipple landscape quilts using fabric confetti and random stippling 1:28-16:27
1310 Rose Sheifer Tablecloth Quilts tips to collecting and preparing the vintage tablecloths and the design and construction of vintage tablecloth quilts 17:20-41:15
1311 Lyric Kinard Beading adding beads for color and texture to your quilts 37:30-44:08
1311 Lyric Kinard Design five principles of design 1:00-18:46
1311 Lyric Kinard Screen Printing using thermofax machine and screenprinting to incorporate into your quilt design 25:15-37:25
1312 Amanda Murphy Binding and Trims continuous bias zig-zag binding- using trims for enhancement 8:02-20:42
1312 Amanda Murphy Holiday Décor make a Christmas Tree Skirt- snowflakes and stockings 21:04-28:02
1313 Michael James TQS Legend Geometric fabric inserts into a whole cloth quilt 24:15-39:40
1401 Ricky Tims Scalloped binding create a scalloped binding by machine 1:40-14:21
1401 Janet Stone Piecing: Flying Geese and HST's piecing tips to achieve perfect results 27:30-35:33
1401 Janet Stone Applique: Machine raw edge applique by machine and fusing 36:55-50:06
1402 Alex Anderson Miter Border Squiggle create a squiggle miter border 13:36-28:42
1402 Ricky Tims Charm Quilt fun and easy charm quilt 28:44-43:15
1402 Linda Pumphrey Isosceles triangles working with the isosceles triangle 0:00-13:35
1403 Connie Fanders Sergers benefits to using a serger for quilting 46:16-59:08
1403 Gyleen Fitzgerald Butterfly Seams piecing the Courtship of Seven Sisters block using her butterfly seam method and tips for accurate piecing 10:48-46:15
1404 Victoria Findlay Wolfe Art and Scrap Quilts Creative play to create to the next level- using scraps and orphan blocks 0:00-38:55
1405 Karen Gloeggler Handkerchief Quilts make quilts using antique handkerchiefs 25:35-37:40
1405 Karen Gloeggler Reproduction Quilts tips to reproduce the Jane Austen quilt 11:15-25:34
1406 Karen Marchetti Design building stitches for quilting design options 0:00-11:25
1406 Tula Pink Piecing: Tubular teaches tubular piecing techniques 39:47-54:45
1406 Tula Pink Modern Quilts traditional blocks with a twist- using unusual patterns and fabric combinations 23:36-39:45
1407 Kim Diehl Applique: Needle Turn invisible needle turn applique by machine 10:08-27:15
1407 Kim Diehl Big Stitch Quilting tips for easy quilting using the Big Stitch 27:18-39:15
1407 Christine Barnes Color value- temperature and intensity to create beautiful quilts 39:16-48:45
1408 Ricky Tims Northern Lights inspiration and construction of his Northern lights quilt- 9 patch strippy style 0:00-30:28
1408 Ricky Tims Quilting: Machine quilting with his trademark feathers- designing 30:30-44:35
1408 Karen and Shari Ruwe Embellishment variety of embellishing techniques- pleated poppies- adding texture with metallic thread 44:37-57:49
1409 Linda Beach Art Quilts develop and piece her organic shapes into landscape and art quilts 25:10-38:35
1409 Linda Beach Stash organize- assess and use your stash effectively 38:38-54:41
1409 Ricky Tims Contemporary Quilts Sailboat block- turning antique quilts into contemporary designs 0:00-15:52
1410 Bonnie Hunter Scrap Quilts scrap management and piecing strategies 10:18-22:15
1410 Bonnie Hunter Modern Scrap Quilts string piecing- color common sense- leaders and enders technique 22:18-35:40
1411 Alex Anderson Pressing pressing accurately and the differences between piecework and applique and redwork pressing 0:00-14:00
1411 Carolyn Konig Piecing- Drafting- Applique teaches drafting and piecing by hand and her applique techniques 23:40-54:35
1412 Cynthia England Quilt Sleeve no handwork sleeve for your quilt 28:20-36:37
1412 Cynthia England Picture Pieceing traditional quilts with picture piecing techniques 0:00-28:18
1413 Leni Levenson Weiner Photo Quilts of Human Figures Breaking down the photo for construction ease 10:15-21:05
1413 Leni Levenson Weiner Photo Quilts Creating a picture intuitively with freehand cutting 21:34-30:55
1413 Jennifer Sampou Inspirational Using life experiences to work creatively 36:20-44:25
1501 Jane Dunnewold Surface Design; Dyeing; Printing; Resist dyeing Making print on demand original cloth 11:52-25:10
1501 Jane Dunnewold Fabric Manipulation Photo transfer 26:14-38:05
1502 Mary Elizabeth Kinch English Paper Piecing Maximizing fabric prints in your hexagons 11:52-26:46
1502 Mary Elizabeth Kinch Small Scale Quilts Working in miniature blocks 27:3-37:54
1502 Terry Grant Inspirational and Photo Quilts Using studio space and creating from photos 39:27-50:45
1503 Jerry Granata Unconventional Fabrics; Machine Quilting Using exotic fabrics and machine quilting on exotic fabrics 11:50-35:58
1503 Field Piece Inspirational Witte Museum, San Antonio, TX 40:23-43:00
1504 Jeanie Sumrall-Ajero Machine Embroidery; Computer Design Combining machine embroidery and kaleidoscope designs 23:35-31:60
1504 Jeanie Sumrall-Ajero Photo Transfer; Computer Design Kaleidoscope designs from photos 33:02-43:50
1504 Connie Fanders Serger Quilting Using a serger to piece, making prairie points and a rag quilt 1:50-12:30
1505 Priscilla Knoble Japanese Hand Applique; Color theory Hand appliqued stems, hand applique tips and tricks 12:40-25:58
1505 Priscilla Knoble House Block Creating a house block from photos 27:13-38:31
1505 Priscilla Knoble Inside Purse pocket Constructing an inside pocket for a purse 39:33-46:30
1506 Nola Emerie Inspirational Quilting after a massive stroke 42:30-54:10
1506 Lisa Sipes Longarm Quilting Adding visual and textural interest to quilting 12:55-26:53
1506 Lisa Sipes Longarm Quilting Triple straight stitch technique 27:44-40:35
1507 Cheryl See English Paper Piecing Techniques for making perfect and precise hexies and diamonds 11:15-24:30
1507 Cheryl See 3 Dimensional Piecing Creating three dimensional jewel boxes 25:46-40:05
1507 Pat Sloan Applique Using the running stitch for applique 40:20-50:24
1508 Valerie C. White Scraps Creating prayer flags 26:20-35:49
1508 Valerie C. White Embellishment Thread Painting:Enhancing your quilts with thread 26:20-35:49
1508 Elizabeth Hartman Modern Quilting Making pieced letters 35:55-49:23
1509 Rosie de Leon-McCrady Redwork How to trace and create beautiful redwork stitches 01:50-16:23
1509 Rosie de Leon-McCrady Redwork Learn where the word Redwork came from 18:05-25:50
1509 Rosie de Leon-McCrady Redwork How to create redwork; blue work; crazy patches and more 28:03-36:45
1510 Leslie T. Jenison Screen Printing Tools for Screen Printing 10:44-40:10
1510 Leslie T. Jenison Quilt Shows Curating a Quilt Show 40:10-48:14
1511 Laura Fraga Applique and stitches How to do hand applique and use thread color to match your applique 10:08 - 23:14
1511 Laura Fraga Circles How to make perfect circles 25:01 - 33:00
1512 Debby Schnabel Circles with Bernina How to sew your circles with sewing machine, before doing your handwork 10:49 - 22:08
1512 Debby Schnabel Hand Embroidery What type of needles and thread to use for your hand embroidery work 25:03 - 37:14
1513 Mary Mashuta/Roberta Horton Berkeley Tour Touring the Berkeley House and quilts made by Mary Mashuta/Roberta Horton 1:20 - 15:48
1513 Mary Mashuta Sashiko Mary teaches Ricky her machine techniques for Sashiko 17:47 - 34:11
1513 Roberta Horton Photo Transfer How to create Photo Transfers 35:51 - 50:05
1513 Mary Mashuta/Roberta Horton Legends Behind the scenes with Mary Mashuta/Roberta Horton and how they got started sewing 51:19 - 57:56
1601 Ricky Tims Tips for Quilting Ten tips to learn and apply while you are preparing your quilt 1:05 - 15:48
1601 Lynette Anderson Embellishment How to decorate and embellish your projects 23:29 - 27:08
1601 Lynette Anderson Applique Techniques and tools to apply to applique 29:00 - 41:11
1601 Lynette Anderson Hand Stitches How to make perfect stitches for hand embroidery 44:08 - 56:46
1602 Sally Collins Templates How to cut precision templates for your quilting projects 11:50 - 24:37
1602 Sally Collins Sewing and Pressing Learn the correct way to sew straight and press your fabrics 26:20 - 39:45
1602 Sally Collins Alden Lane Nursery TQS takes a tour of Alden Lane Nursery and what goes on for Quilting in the Garden 40:46 - 46:36
1603 Sharon Schamber/Tom Russell Life of Tom Russell Sharon and Tom talk about how they met and how they share the love of quilting 1:49 - 17:56
1603 Sharon Schamber/Tom Russell Machine Embroidery Sharon shares her techniques on how to scan a design and then embroidery on your quilt 18:00 - 27:34
1603 Sharon Schamber Making a shoe for Iron Sharon shares her invention on how to make a shoe for your iron 27:35 - 32:18
1603 Sharon Schamber/Tom Russell Raw Edge Applique Sharon and Tom share how to accomplish Raw Edge Applique 34:23 - 51:15
1603 Sharon Schamber Fusible binding How to make fusible binding for your quilts 53:09 - 1:09
1604 Lynn Wilder Patchwork Math Lynn teaches how to apply Patchwork Math to your quilt 9:08 - 24: 48
1604 Lynn Wilder Country Charmer Lyn demonstrates on how to make her Country Charmer Quilt 24:60 - 38:03
1604 Lynn Wilder Helen Stubbings/Tracey Browning How to applique the glue stick way and english paper piecing with Helen 43:37 - 54:55
1605 Barbara Shapel Two Sided Quilts Barbara demonstrates how to put together a "two" sided quilt 27:02 - 39:00
1605 Barbara Shapel Free Motion Quilting How to free motion quilt your two sided quilts 40:27 - 57:05
1606 Cindy Needham Quilting Stencils Cindy shows how to design your own quilts with her stencils 14:55 - 27:38
1606 Cindy Needham Thread Choices How to pick your Threads wisely for all quilts 33:30 - 42:12
1606 Bari Ackerman Fabric Collage Bari shares her fabric collections as well as how to sew motifs for quilts 44:53 - 56:23
1607 Jane Hardy Miller Picking fabric for Fabric Braiding Jane shows the audience what to look for when getting ready to pick and put fabrics together 10:29 - 20:35
1607 Jane Hardy Miller Get started on making a braid quilt Jane shows Ricky how to do the construction, sewing and how to put together the braids 22:35 - 38:24
1607 Peg Pennell How to embellish your quilts Peg shows the audience how to pick your beads and embellish your quilts with her bead bezels. 38:44 - 51:09


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