Lynette Anderson and RJR Fabrics have a great tip for handling your hexies.  Star Members can watch Lynette in Show 1601: Trunk Show, Travel Talk, and Tools & Techniques.

Lynette is also the designer of the TQS BOM 2015 - My Country House.



The Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show is this Saturday, July 11, 2015 from 9 am to 4 pm, rain or shine.  And guess who is going to be there...our very own Alex Anderson.  Alex will be giving two lectures and hosting the Birthday Celebration.  If you can't catch her at one of these events, you'll find her signing books behind the Stitchin' Post the day of the show.

Click here for all you'll need to know about the show.

Click here for more information regarding lectures and evening activities.

431 Studio Dream Tours
Alex Anderson
Thursday, July 9 9:00 – 10:30 am $20

432 Scrap Crazy
Alex Anderson
Thursday, July 9 1:00 – 2:30 pm $20


Birthday Celebration
Hosted by Alex Anderson
Friday, July 10 – Approximately 6:30 pm
(After the Picnic)

Join the Stitchin’ Post for a unique birthday celebration hosted by Alex Anderson of  TheQuiltShow.com. There will be music, a wide variety of quilts, guest speakers, and the Gee’s Bend quilters.

(Lecture visitors without picnic tickets are welcome to sit on either side of the stage. Look for signage.)


Just a Few More Volunteers are Needed!  

The Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show is hoping to fill in the last few volunteer shifts to make this year's 40th Anniversary a success! The weather is looking great for show day, so if you were on the fence about volunteering, there's only a few days before there will be a quilt hanging on it!

 Click Here To Sign Up to Volunteer or call the SOQS Event Office: 541-549-1004 7/5-7/9 10am-4pm


Chalk what??  Nina and Connie have a fun project that will be a hit with the kids!  Learn to make a quick, fun place mat using chalk cloth - like a chalkboard, only fabric - that can be customized and decorated for any occasion.

There are many other entertaining and educational lessons. Click on  to watch additional BERNINA videos.


Pam Vieira-McGuiness caught up with Cheryl Arkison at Spring Quilt Market 2015, and they discussed Cheryl's new book.  Cheryl is the author of Sunday Morning Quilts and A Month of Sundays and shares her quilting journey on her blog Dining Room Empire.  You can also visit her website, www.cherylarkison.com.  And don't forget to visit Pam at her blog.


A doctor’s reputation is often based on credentials.  Sandra Leichner’s credentials are impeccable:  every quilt she has ever entered into a show has won Best of Show.  So when Sandra demonstrates her appliqué techniques, you know you’re in capable hands.  Sandra has been quilting since 2000, and prior to that she sewed clothing. 

Want to learn from the Best?  Sandra shares:

  • Her understanding of how fabric behaves, and she teaches quilters to better work with their projects. 
  • How to create a perfectly flat appliqué point without using glue. 
  • Her signature tendrils in various thread weights. 

Afterwards, Quilt Maker Lynn G. Kough shows how to use just one shape to create a variety of designs and original works in fabric.



Julie shows you two ways to start piecing your fabrics without tangling your thread or mangling your fabric.

Click here to learn more from Julie in her classroom.


It's time to test your knowledge of basic blocks. These blocks also are good examples of quilting history and beautiful construction. There are 10 blocks you will see every week. During the week, if you hit play again, you will have the same 10 blocks sorted again for you to really learn them. Good Luck!


Another quick and easy tutorial from Angela Walters. This tutorial will show you how to quilt a variation of the basic swirl, called the swirl hook. This machine quilting design is perfect for pointy blocks or when you just want to add a different texture to your quilt!

Star Members can watch Angela in Show 1306: No-Pin Curves and Quilt "Modern" also featuring Sheila Frampton Cooper.


Alex and Ricky were joined on the set by Sandra Leichner for Show 1701: The Appliqué Doctor is In. Every quilt that Sandra has entered into a show has won Best of Show.  Now that's a doctor I'd like to have make a house call!

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow

If you like Ricky's modern quilt shown in the Smilebox, here's the scoop:

It's called Ripples in the Rockpool and it is available at his online store at www.rickytims.com.  There is also an online class available for only $14.95 at www.letsquilttogether.com.


The puzzle is a simple cupcake block by Sandra Leichner, aka The Appliqué Doctor.  Star members can watch Sandra in Show 1701: The Appliqué Doctor is In, which debuts on Monday, July 6, 2015.  Sweet!

CupcakeBlockbySandraLeichner - 36 pieces non-rotating

CupcakeBlockbySandraLeichner - 100 pieces non-rotating

CupcakeBlockbySandraLeichner - 289 pieces non-rotating

CupcakeBlockbySandraLeichner - 100 pieces rotating

CupcakeBlockbySandraLeichner - 289 pieces rotating


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