Over the course of this year we've had you focus on the most obvious quilting/creative items that need to find a more organized home to reside. But what about the place where you do your research, watch TQS shows, shop online, sketch, etc.? Whether it is an actual desk or worktable, this space needs attention so it doesn't become a convenient dumping ground. Before we tackle the top of the desk/worktable, and hopefully yours does not look like the one in the photo, we are tackling the items that are much closer to the floor.

We need you to face that rats nest of tangled cables and cords currently lurking around or under your desk or worktable. Quick, can you identiy all of the plug-ins without having to follow the cord back to it's intended home?  Hate looking at all of those cords and want a more streamlined look? Grab your sword and let us help you tame that wild beast in the nether regions of your space.

With everthing in it's place and labeled, you'll find controlling cords and cables saves you time, energy and it makes your space look and feel much neater! Here are some ideas to get you going:

  1. Begin by un-plugging and untangling everything around and under your work space. 
  2. Whether you have two cords or twenty, each needs an identifying label.  From bread tags, tape flags, to high end labels there are a vast array of options to satisfy taste and budget. More about labels in a bit.
  3. If you haven't already invested in a multi-plug surge protector power strip, this is the time to do so.  A lot of money has been invested in your tools, so don't let an unexpected power outage damage these items.



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4.  5.   6.


1. Clip on cord identifyers. Dotz

2.Washi tape flags. TheChicSite

3. Bread bag labels. Apartmenttherapy

4. Make a label for each cable. YesMissy

5. Add a flag. ContainerStore

6. Identifying colored cord covers. Dotz  


Now that you have identified each cord, let's look at the creative ways to keep them from becoming a tangled mess.

Options for Clean and Clutter free:

1.        2.

3.   4.


1.Hide the cord along the table legs using matching colored zip ties. ChezLarson

2. Hang a kitchen basket under your table for your surge protector. Organizeandinspire

3. Spiral Tube by Dotz. Wind the 6 foot long Spiral Tube around the cords, cables and wires and trim to a custom length.

4.Cord Mate channel.  Paint the color of your choosing or leave in white and stick in place. HomeDepot

5.Attach a rain gutter to contain cords. Lifehacker


Options for Visual Inspiration and Admiration:

1.    2.

3.    4.

1.Got any Legos around the house?  Use them to hold your cords. ModernisticDesign

2. Embrace the cord and make it part of your decor style with leaf stickers. Clippings

3. Add a bird for even more charm. Amazon

4. Build a cord hiding picket fence using foam core and double sided tape. Pinterest


At your Workspace:

Frustrated by cords always dropping behind your work area when you unplug?


2.   3.

4.VELCRO brand 8 in. x 1/2 in. Reusable Ties (50-Pack)5.



1.Cord Catchers by Dotz.  Non-stick, and keep your cords for when you need them.

2. Cordie by Quirky to do the same job.

3. Binder Clips along the back of a worktable. Buzzfeed

4.Velcro cable ties.  These work well for lots of other items such as iron cords, hairdryer cords, small appliances.  You might want to buy an extra package.

5. Cable drop cord clips. ContainerStore

6. Rabbits to the rescue. Oddgifts

Need more ideas?  Check out Lifehacker's top 10 tips for keeping cables under control.

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Wouldn't this block make a great Christmas tree if you used the right fabrics? Find out what it's called when you play the Jinny Beyer Memory Match game.


Rosalie Dace was inspired by this 100-year-old church in Spain, with murals by Okuda San Miguel, that cover the floors and ceiling of this 'skateboard church.' The pictures, the colors, and the church architecture are very "quilty" and geometric.
For more photos (including the skateboarders), click on "See More."

Where do you find design inspiration?

Star Members can learn more about Rosalie in Show 711: Quilting: Where Imagination and Reality Meet also featuring Jennifer Chiaverini and Michael Cummings.
(photo: http://www.thisiscolossal.com/2015/12/skate-church-okuda-san-miguel/)

Paula Nadelstern was interviewed about her quilt during the International Quilt Festival in Houston. She had a bit of an epiphany when she decided that if it was YOUR quilt then you CAN break the rules.
Star Members can learn more about "rule breaker" Paula Nadelstern in Show 307: Puzzle Quilts.
One quilt, one person, one video camera, three minutes = another quilt story saved!
"Go Tell It at the Quilt Show!" is a Quilt Alliance project designed to capture the stories of quilts where quiltmakers gather.

This amazing app for your iPad lets you draw and it then applies symmetries to everything you've drawn.  They can be mirrored, tiled, rotated, and "kaleidoscoped." You can even create your own colors. It's a great way to design a quilt if you can pull yourself away from drawing.  The Amaziograph App is available from the App store for just 99¢.
Click to see if this is a tool for you.



We all love flour sack fabrics (or in most of our cases, reproduction flour sack fabrics), but do you know the history behind them?
"Times were lean in the Great Depression and families across the nation aimed to do more with what they did have.  One of the most interesting stories from this era is the curious case of how flour and feed sack companies began printing patterns on their bags!" - www.oldphotoarchive.com


"Poppy Patio" is available for free from Jill Finley and features some of her lovely appliqué along with a very simple "snowball" block.  Finished size is 84" x 84."

Star Members can learn about appliqué and more with Jill in Show 1902: A Bias for Appliqué.






Tapings are fun and sometimes the artists have quilts and art pieces for sale. The TQS crew and the Studio crew get first rights. We showed the works bought by Alex and Mary Kat (click here). Below is the piece Ricky bought from Tamara Leberer. It is a wonderful example of her silk fusion process and is 72" x 20". Star members can watch show 1901 to see how she creates these amazing works.

Your Star membership is what allows us to bring you all these wonderful things going on in our quilting world. It is just $42.95 for a full year with 26 brand new shows plus you get 30% off your next purchase in the shop. Our upgrading members are averaging $11 savings on their 30% off purchase. That makes membership even a better deal.



"Summer Slices" is a fun, refreshing quilt from Jill Finley. The pattern is available on her website. It's perfect for a picnic table topper or wallhanging. Whip this quilt up in a weekend to enjoy with family and friends!

Click here to order the pattern.

Want to learn how to do beautiful appliqué, watch Jill in Show 1902: A Bias for Appliqué.

Click here to see the quilt.

SummerSlicesbyJillFinley - 36 Pieces Non-Rotating

SummerSlicesbyJillFinley - 100 Pieces Non-Rotating

SummerSlicesbyJillFinley - 289 Pieces Non-Rotating

SummerSlicesbyJillFinley - 36 Pieces Rotating

SummerSlicesbyJillFinley - 100 Pieces Rotating

SummerSlicesbyJillFinley - 289 Pieces Rotating

Original Photo: Jill Finley


"Summer Slices" is a fun, refreshing quilt from Jill Finley.  The pattern is available on her website. It's perfect for a picnic table topper or wallhanging. Whip this quilt up in a weekend to enjoy with family and friends!

Click here to order the pattern.

Want to learn how to do beautiful appliqué, watch Jill in Show 1902: A Bias for Appliqué.

Original Photo: Jill Finley

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