From Janna's book, Courtship Quilts, Love's Labyrinth inspires you to add romance to your quilts with the language of love - flowers!

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LovesLabyrinthbyJannaThomas - 36 Pieces Non-Rotating

LovesLabyrinthbyJannaThomas - 100 Pieces Non-Rotating

LovesLabyrinthbyJannaThomas - 289 Pieces Non-Rotating

LovesLabyrinthbyJannaThomas - 100 Pieces Rotating

LovesLabyrinthbyJannaThomas - 289 Pieces Rotating

Photo by: Janna Thomas


Janna Thomas finds much of her quilting inspiration in flowers and antique stitchery designs.  Her lovely quilts reflect this inspiration.

Star Members can watch Janna in Show 1803: It's All in the Border.


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Terrie Hancock Mangat's quilt, "Medicine Bough Mountain Retreat, 2015" is a 27-foot, 3-part quilt.  Terrie uses color, texture, pattern, zippers, scraps, and even carabiners that are used for mountain climbing.  The quilt has just been hung in the Harwood Museum of Art in Taos, NM.

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(photos: The Harwood Museum of Art and Liz Neely)

Here's a closeup.






In the next two months, the IQF will begin accepting submissions for three exhibits debuting at Quilt Festival in Houston, November 3-6, 2016!

To give you some idea of what theses exhibits are about, here are entries from previous shows (the themes are the same for 2016).

"Hands All Around"
A showcase for current international quilt design.

Registration open: February 1
Deadline to enter: April 20

"In Full Bloom"
An exhibit of floral-themed quilts in all styles.

Registration open: March 1
Deadline to enter: April 29

"Tactile Architecture"

A long-running exhibit of architectural-themed quilts.

Registration open: March 15
Deadline to enter: May 26



Laura from Sew Very Easy shows you a super simple way to English Paper Piece using pre-cut shapes and NO basting.  She also uses Quilters Select Appi-Stick to its full advantage.


The NY Times has written a wonderful article about the African American Quilt Guild of Oakland.  Read about the 80 women, and occasional man, who are part of a number of guilds across the country dedicated to furthering the quilt tradition in black American culture.

Also learn about “Neighborhoods Coming Together: Quilts Around Oakland,” a citywide exhibition of more than 100 quilts opening this week in a variety of locales.



Alex and Ricky are in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA. They are teaching at the Ricky Tims Super Seminar. So what did the crew do the day before the seminar? They took the water taxi and cruised by amazing houses and boats. Steven Spielberg is selling his yacht, and the answer "for how much" is in the short slideshow.

Click on the picture to start the slideshow and see the store Once Upon a Quilt

and Steven Spielberg's yacht.

 Below is Michael Bloomberg's yacht.



These "candy dishes" were inspired by millefiori glass bowls. They are beautiful to look at and easier to make than you might think. Design Sponge has the tutorial for you.


Clara Lawrence visited Libby in her studio and the progress is promising!
"Libby and I had another studio adventure today. I have been noticing some changes in her approach to working on a project and it is exciting. She was very nervous in the beginning, but intensely focused when the task was in front of her, only able to do the one task at a time. Today the intensity had softened a bit, but allowed her to be able to do a couple of things and get back to the task where she wanted to be at. Example: She was thread painting an edge and noticed an area where the stitching wasn’t how she liked it. She stopped and worked with scissors and worked out those stitches and got back to the stitching. She did about 3 times the amount of work in the same amount of time because of this. Stop adjust a situation and then continue. She looked like she was having a lot of fun. We have been continuing to work on the piece that she and Ricky started, she directing where she wants to go. I help when she needs it. Mostly with the machine and some ripping out of stitches so she can re-cut a shape to flow better with the one nearby. You can see her making more and more design decisions today. We changed thread color 3 times. Before, she stayed with the same color and had no desire to change. She has finished stitching down all her flowing shapes with her decorative stitching and now she has homework from me. (I smirked as I mentioned it.) She gave me a look like 'You are giving me homework?' I smiled and answered that with a 'Yes, you have homework. Decide where you want to go from here and when I come back, that’s where we will start. Feel free to doodle if you need to.'  "She grinned and gave me a big hug!
"It was the most promising day ever. My goal is to come as much as needed, until I can see that all there is to do is tweak the machine for her. At that point, I will be giving some lessons to family members (Lester, you are definitely on the list) and whoever stays with her the most, to be able to do basic preps on the machine and then let her go. We will come to that road when it is time. Today was a very good day."


Coming to the San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles March 12 - July 3, 2016, is Blanket Statements: New Quilts by Kaffe Fassett and Historical Quilts from the Quilt Museum and Gallery, York, England.  It features 20 new quilts designed and created by Kaffe Fassett inspired by 15 significant historic quilts, dating from 1780-1949, selected by the artist from the York Quilt Museum and Gallery.




"Color is my absolute passion~and that's what I concentrate on," says Kaffe Fassett of his vivid textile designs.

 The traditional historic quilts provide contrast to Fassett's bold fabric designs and explosion of color.  The San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles is one of only two American museum venues to host this spectacular exhibition. 

Additional loans from Fassett's family and a private collector represent over fifty years of the artist's work in painting, knitwear, needlepoint design, and ceramics, illustrating the full range of Fassett's prodigious talents. The additional material provides visitors with a rich experience and deeper understanding of Fassett's lifelong creative journey. 

Born and raised in Big Sur, California, Fassett studied art at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, but has made England his home since the mid 1960s.  Fassett transformed the hand-knitting world in the 1970s with his bold use of color, incorporating an unprecedented 20 shades of yarn in one sweater!  He continued to explore needlepoint, mosaics, rug making, tapestries, yarn and fabric design, costume and set design, and as this exhibition brilliantly illustrates, quiltmaking. His influence in the quilt world has been as profound as his effect on knitting, needlepoint and other fiber arts. 

Now in his seventies, one of world's foremost fiber artists and designers continues to be extraordinarily prolific and shows no signs of slowing down. 

Lecture: Glorious Color by Kaffe Fassett, May 21 11 am:
Fassett's inspiration comes from his continual travels and this lecture is designed to empower and inspire the audience to create and develop their own "mind's eye". Audiences leave invigorated - entranced by Kaffe's sense and use of colour. They are ready to try it themselves and are encouraged to do so. Fassett highlights works from his latest projects, including his patchwork quilt, fabric, needlepoint, mosaic, painting and knitting designs.  The slide presentation lasts approximately one hour, followed by a question and answer session, and book signing. 
Want to know more about Kaffe?  In this video he invites you into his studio and gives an exclusive interview on his quilting career.

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