TQS made a wonderful stop in North Carolina at an amazing fabric store. Capt'n John eventually asked "What are the most expensive fabrics in the store?" 

Mary Jo's Cloth Store is a famous institution worth a visit. We have a number of pictures and recommend going through manually.

Just click twice on the play button to advance to the next picture at the speed you want. Also, on the panoramic pictues you can click the icon above the picture for a closer look. So, click the picture and walk through Mary Jo's.

Mary Jo's Cloth Store, Gaston Mall, 401 Cox Rd #20, Gastonia, NC 28054




A little something to keep you busy during the long hot summer...

The name of this block surprised us.  Do you know what it is? No?  You'll have to play to find out.



Julie Cefalu gets down to the basics of rotary cutting. Let Julie show you how to navigate without an unexpected accident - or injury.  Consider it driver's training for your rotary cutter!

Go to Julie's classroom for more tips, tricks, & techniques.


Take a look as TQS uses "The Flying Quilt Cam" in North Carolina to help bring you the art and teaching of Lyric Kinard, Debbie Langsam, Susan Lenz, Judy Simmons, Jane Hall, Susan Brubaker Knapp, Laura Gaskin, and Leah Day. Is it a toy? Or is it a powerful tool? We don't know yet, but we do know it's fun!



Have you finished Part 1 of your Blooms for Julie quilt?  Great job!  Now it's time to piece those borders and start on that floral appliqué.



Alex and Ricky had fun on the set with Lisa Calle, who was once described with admiration as a woman who "could make quilting a competitive sport." Show 1703: Quilting the Bones & Beyond debuts Monday, August 3, 2015.

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Lisa Calle was once described with admiration as a woman who “could make quilting a competitive sport.”  Her specialty is longarm quilting, and soon after mastering it she was winning top awards for her work.  Lisa studied Textile Management and Marketing in school, then left a corporate job to raise a family and work at a quilt store.  When designing, she carefully plans her longarm quilting patterns, starting with the center of the quilt and using tracing paper to sketch and audition designs.  She works in one area at a time, and develops fillers that enhance and support the main areas.  She is a great fan of echo quilting and radial symmetry.  She also quilts feathers into every project.  Later in the show, Artist Youngmin Lee shares her love of Pojagi, traditional Korean patchwork.  These square pieces were originally used to wrap, store and carry items, including quilts and clothing.

Show 1703: Quilting the Bones & Beyond debuts on August 3, 2015.


The Month 8 video for the TQS BOM 2015 is now available.  This month Julie Cefalu will show you how to construct a Churn Dash block, and give you tips for machine appliqué.


Happy Swiss National Day, August 1st! In celebration of the holiday, BERNINA is offering 60-month, 0% financing on purchases of $3,000 or more.  Now is the time to get that fancy, BERNINA 880 you've been waiting for!

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In this class, Lynn talks to you about the block components you'll be making and the tools you'll need to complete the job.  There will be a new class every Friday, beginning today, July 31.

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