Motion is the latest exhibit at the National Quilt Museum in Paducah.  It was created by the Contemporary QuiltArt Association who will be celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2016.  Their interpretation of Motion is a presentation of quilts by 33 of their members.

From the museum:

Motion is a key concept in design. By combining elements such as line, shape, and texture that make the eye move over the work, an artist can convey motion. Movement can be suggested visually through repetition, directional lines, placement of objects, diagonal lines, and gestural lines. A symbolic representation of movement can create an exciting abstract composition.

More information about Motion from the Contemporary QuiltArt Association, may be found here.

The exhibit runs from November 21, 2014 - February 23, 2015.


Laura was never going to make another "Dear Jane" quilt, but she did…using only two fabrics.  This award-winning quilt was hand pieced, hand appliqued, and quilted on a domestic machine.

Star members can watch Laura in Episode 1511: Make It Marvelous with Museum-Quality Applique 

Never Say Never by Laura Fraga - 36 piece non-rotating

Never Say Never by Laura Fraga - 100 pieces non-rotating

Never Say Never by Laura Fraga - 289 pieces non-rotating

Never Say Never by Laura Fraga - 100 pieces rotating

Never Say Never by Laura Fraga - 289 pieces rotating

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Here's an adorable Christmas Elf project from WeAllSew.com that you can make in time for the holidays. This little fellow was designed by Jessica Abbott the creative force behind the Sewing Rabbit. Author of the Me Sew Crazy Blog, founder of SewSet.com, host of the GNO Blogger Get Together dinners, and creator of Five and Ten Designs.  She's so busy, she must have a bunch of these little guys helping her out.



"Go Tell It at the Quilt Show!" is a Quilt Alliance project designed to capture the stories of quilts where quiltmakers gather.  The interviews are created with  "one quilt, one person,  one video camera, and three minutes of time." Flora Joy was interviewed during the 2014 International Quilt Festival in Houston about her quilt, Frame of Mind.

The Quilt Alliance filmed over 100 stories in Houston this year, keep an eye out for more.


Did you know that Superior Threads has titanium-coated needles? 

Titanium-coated needles have been available for longarm and industrial machines for many years but these are the first titanium-coated Topstitch style needles made for home machines. Superior partnered with Organ Needle Company (Japan) to bring the latest technology of titanium-coated needles to the Topstitch and Microtex style for home machines. Because these titanium-coated needles have an ultra thin coat of titanium nitride, they will stay sharper longer and outlast any current Topstitch or Microtex needle on the market.

Watch the video to learn more and to help decide which needle you might want to try.


We sat Karen Gloeggler down for a quick interview in the TQS booth in Houston.  Karen was featured in Episode 1405: Drawing from the Past: Jane Austen-Inspired Quilts.  Can you guess what her favorite vice is?


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Enjoy these stunning quilts from the Innovative Applique exhibit at IQA Houston 2014. First place in this category went to Sylvia Gegaregian of Portola Valley, CA, for her quilt, Magnolia.  Magnolia also took a first place award in Paducah 2014 and was featured as as a TQS Zoom Quilt.


"Why did you change the website?".  On this day of Thanksgiving, first let me thank you for your patience. The site is going to be evolving over the next 6 months, and I know you will like where we are heading. Here are some reasons for the change:

  1. Number 1 is that Webmaster Bob created the original site in 2007 from scratch. The computer language is an older language and would be hard for a new programmer to come in and take over. As the site grew, Bob just hand created each section. We can't run the business thinking Webmaster Bob is with us forever. That was our first reason for the change.
  2. The new language is in modules. We have certain modules now and we can add more. Bob doesn't have to create each from scratch.
  3. We wanted to improve the ability of the entire membership to exchange ideas, pictures, and techniques. We have added this ability, but we are still learning how it works. We have hired a moderator to learn all the features of the new forum and the new community. She will be teaching us all how to use it soon.
  4. We want people to join, and even create, groups. You will have Public groups to learn together and private groups for fun. We interviewed a group that left MSN and they told us what they would like the site to do. We are working on their suggestions now.
  5. We had a major glitch at the start. The outside programmers missed an important problem and it exploded when the site went live. Webmaster Bob has been working 15 hours a day to add a new module and throw out the original membership and store systems. They are now up and running. You can join and renew fast and easy now (and get $10 Off at Superior Threads). You can also get our Black Friday deals in the new shop. Yes, we added Paypal as you requested.
  6. We have an amazing program of new shows, interviews, projects, and tools to present to you. We are going to use the new architecture and new modules and programs to make learning quilting even easier and faster.
  7. We appreciate your input, suggestions, and even your complaints. We are using all of them to tweak the site to your preferences. You will see a lot of changes each week.
  8. To those who are having some trouble with the videos, we are working with Vimeo to get them fixed. The videos were the one thing we didn't change!! But apparently Vimeo made some changes exactly at the same time. Your iPads should work again. We had one person tell us that the HD is working backwards for her. If she clicks it on, it is actually off. If the video is choppy, click the HD button even if it shows off and see if that fixes it.

Again, thank you for your patience and feedback. We have wonderful content coming your way and it will be worth the pain of webbirth.

Capt'n John



There's a new BERNINA available now in a limited supply. It's the BERNINA 530 Swiss Edition and it has a BERNINA Red faceplate that celebrate's BERNINA's Swiss origins, heritage and family tradition. It includes a wide range of functions and features such as the CB hook, which is the traditional BERNINA bobbin system that produces the legendary BERNINA stitch quality.  It has an optional BERNINA Stitch Regulator and Quilter Accessory Kit.

Click here to learn more about the BERNINA 530 Swiss Edition.


Photo by Gregory Case Photography

Join Alex and Ricky (in Episode 1511) meet up with quilter, lecturer, teacher, and "Dear Jane" aficionado, Laura Fraga, at the San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles.  Along with sharing her love of appliqué, Laura also recently took up skateboarding and managed to get Ricky "on board."  While on site, Museum Director Christine Jeffers gave TQS a tour of the museum, the first of its kind to focus on quilts and textiles.


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