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As part of Quilters Take Manhattan 2015, three professional quilters—Karla Overland, Laurie Russman and Edyta Sitar—battled for the title "Quilting-Weight Champion of the Worrrld!" Each contestant had one hour to design a Manhattan Masterpiece. The Champion (Edyta Sitar) won a custom-made, bling-encrusted title belt made by artist Frances Holliday Alford, and the ultimate bragging rights.

•   Each contestant could bring with them 1 whole (not precut) yard of one fabric of their own choice to use
•   Each contestant received 1/2 yard cuts of each of the fabrics donated by QTM Presenting Sponsor Moda Fabrics
•   Finished designs could not exceed the size of the design wall provided (48” x 36”)
•   Each contestant had access to the same tools and equipment. This included a muslin-covered design board, pins, fusible web and fusing sheet, fabric glue sticks, scissors, rotary cutter, ruler and mat.
• Contestants and their Assistants (each contender chose one assistant from the audience in the first 15 minutes of the match) are the only ones who can contribute to the design (no help from the audience allowed, including but not limited to: verbal or gestural suggestions, smart phone/tablet research, and all forms of telepathy :) )

After the competition, the quilts were put into a silent auction to raise money for the Quilt Alliance.

2015 Contenders:
Karla Overland: “The Dyemaster”
Song: “Right Now” by Van Halen








Laurie Russman: “Neon Ninja”
Song: "Firework" by Katy Perry
Edyta Sitar: “Scrappy Angel”
Song: “The Final Countdown” by Europe


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and BERNINA's bernette is offering a perfect addition to your sewing room that also contributes to the cause. For each purchase of the bernette Sew Pink Edition machine, $20 is donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

The Breast Cancer Research Foundation is a nonprofit organization committed to achieving prevention and a cure for breast cancer. It provides critical funding for cancer research worldwide to fuel advances in tumor biology, genetics, prevention, treatment, metastasis and survivorship.

The bernette is  fuss-free, powerful sewing machine for high expectations and modest budgets. Ideal for beginners, the bernette Sew Pink with with convenient drop-in bobbin boasts infinitely variable stitch width up to 5mm., with 13 stitch patterns, 10 practical stitches, one buttonhole, and two decorative stitches.  Click here to learn more.


Jamie Wallen loves to play.  His playground is his studio:  he draws pictures with his longarm machine; he paints with threads; and he uses a grid as his field when creating a new design.  When Jamie was a child, his mother took in mending, and he often fell asleep to the sound of the sewing machine.  As an adult, he left a highly stressful nursing career after seeing an ad in a quilting magazine, and he took to longarm quilting as easily as picking up a pencil.  Jamie shares how he strives to make threadwork look like a photograph, blending multiple shades of threads to create one color.  He offers ideas about printing your own fabrics, as well as creating quilt designs both simple and complex by utilizing a grid and starting with basic shapes.  To open the show, Alex demos a fun and fast quilted mini basket using just two squares of fabric and a piece of fusible batting.

Show 1708: Jamie Wallen's Playground debuts on Monday, October 12, 2015.


Alex and Ricky were joined on the set by Jamie Wallen, for a bit of fun while taping Show 1708: Jamie Wallen's Playground.

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This beautiful quilt is "Dragonflies Around the Cabin" by Jamie Wallen.

In 2013 Jamie was the recipient of the 2012 Machine Quilting Teacher of the Year award, and based on this work, you can imagine why.

Click here to visit Jamie's website.

Star Members can watch Jamie in Show 1708: Jamie Wallen's Playground  which debuts on Monday, October 12, 2015.

DragonfliesAroundtheCabinbyJamieWallen - 35 Pieces Non-Rotating

DragonfliesAroundtheCabinbyJamieWallen - 99 Pieces Non-Rotating

DragonfliesAroundtheCabinbyJamieWallen - 300 Pieces Non-Rotating

DragonfliesAroundtheCabinbyJamieWallen - 99 Pieces Rotating

DragonfliesAroundtheCabinbyJamieWallen - 300 Pieces Rotating

(original photo: Gregory Case)


Using his Innova longarm, Jamie walks you through the steps of quilting a feathered wreath.

Star Members can watch Jamie in Show 1708: Jamie Wallen's Playground which debuts on October 12, 2015.

Click here to visit Quilter's Apothecary.


Previously we asked how you stored your stash, what's on your design wall, how you baste your quilts, how you quilt your quilts, and how you hang your quilts.

Now we want to know, "Where do you get your quilting ideas?"  Do you go straight to TQS, or online?  Do you read a book or magazine?  Or do you draw inspiration from your friends and the world around you?

Which kind of quilter are you? Vote below.

(Picture by Lauren Vlcek)


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Follow along with Jen to learn how to make a cute, custom, and functional cover for your tablet or e-reader!

Click here for the pattern.

Click here to visit Jen's website.




Have you been having fun with your Curvalicious ruler?  Cheryl Lynch debuted this Convertible Backpack at the AQS show in Syracuse, and her promised pattern has finally arrived. What's a Convertible Backpack?  It's a quilted bag that can be worn as a cross body bag, or, with the click of a clip, as a backpack. The Curvalicious ruler is used to create the outside of the bag.

The bag measures 12" wide x 15" high x 3" deep.

Here's what Cheryl has to say:
"The instructions have been tested and are illustrated with lots of photos.
There's a zipper closure across the top of the bag with enough pockets inside to hold a tablet, a cell phone, pens and more.  Easy directions for a gusset are included.

I designed this bag for a trip to France.  I needed it to hold my ipad, phone, sketchbook, passport and camera.  While traveling in the countryside, I loved wearing it as a Backpack.  When we got to Paris, I switched it to a Cross Body Bag for security.  It was perfect.  I always had my hands free."


Click here to order the pattern.

Click here to watch a video about Curvalicious.

Star members can watch Cheryl in Show 811  - Quilt a Fiesta with Tile-Inspired Quilts.


Using small, ornate materials, Suzan Drummen makes unbelievable kaleidoscopic works of art. You'll want to see how she manipulates her material - sometimes including herself - to create images that look like 3-dimensional textiles.

Click here to read the article by Kate Sierzputowski and see images of these fantastic works of art.

You can see more of the Netherlands-based artist’s work on her Facebook page here.

(photo: www.thisiscolossal.com)

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