This whimsical quilt, Zoo Holiday, was created by Nancy S. Brown and the Bulbs, a group of 11 appliquérs.  It was quilted by Laura Lee Fritz and completed in 2014.  If you are from the Bay Area, you'll really love this quilt.

Design basis: Original Design by Nancy S. Brown.
Artist statement: The San Francisco Zoo animals have decided to take a holiday and visit the many tourist attractions in San Francisco.

Zoo Holiday won Most Humorous Quilt at Road to California 2015.

Star Members can watch Nancy create her animal appliqué in Episode 701: Animal Magnetism.

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Jagged by Alissa Carlton was improvisationally pieced from start to finish.  "First long strips and then some cutting and sewing.  Dense straight line quilting fills in the whole top, to add to the graphic bold feel of the design." Alissa's quilt was exhibited in the Small Quilts category at QuiltCon 2015.

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This is one of Alissa's books.

JaggedbyAlissaCarlton - 36 pieces non-rotating

JaggedbyAlissaCarlton - 100 pieces non-rotating

JaggedbyAlissaCarlton - 289 pieces non-rotating

JaggedbyAlissaCarlton - 100 pieces rotating

JaggedbyAlissaCarlton - 289 pieces rotating


While here in Northern California we are enjoying an unusually early spring, other parts of our country are still experiencing unbelievably cold weather. What is better in cold weather than a bowl of delicious chili? I recently had this recipe, and it is my favorite chili ever. When I checked the stats on it, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the calorie count was quite reasonable. Of course, that's the thing about chili--its all the fixin's that can make it a more "luxurious" entree calorie-wise. Start with an extra lean cut of beef. Sometimes you can find "extra lean stew beef" already cut into bite-sized pieces for you.  Enjoy a steaming bowl of chili, guilt free. Then get back to your quilting! (P.S. This recipe is still delicious in our California spring weather!)

Here's a link to the recipe.


Alex opens this stimulating show with tips for quilting on Dupioni silk. This gorgeous fabric requires additional TLC, but the results can be stunning! Contemporary Fiber Artist Barbara Shapel then joins the show, to share her quilting odyssey. She too uses silk, spending as much time on piecing as she does on threadwork. Barbara works with themes of motherhood, nature and words, and her work reflects all of these elements.  She will share how she approaches her work, and will offer tips to improve your quilting and threadwork. She demonstrates a dense, free-motion stitch she calls “Herky Jerky,” which blends thread colors. While she discusses keeping your quilt stable and keeping your shoulders healthy, Ricky will show how Barbara creates an invisible sleeve, which she uses on her numerous two-sided quilts. To round out the show, Barbara discusses how her family’s stamp collection is like a miniature art gallery!

Barbara's Episode 1605: Contemporary Stitching Artistry debuts on Monday, March 2, 2015.


Inspiration from traditional quilts was the catalyst for this category, Modern Traditionalism, at QuiltCon 2015 in Austin.  This is Part 1, stay tuned for Part 2.

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As promised, here is Part 2 of  Modern Traditionalism, from QuiltCon 2015 in Austin. 

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Fancy Shawl Dancer was created by Linda C. Anderson and won 3rd Place: Art Pictorial at Road to California 2015.  It measures 41" x 57" and was completed in 2014.

Artist statement: Having seen local Indians dance with this eye-stopping dress and mesmerizing movement reflecting a butterfly, I knew I had to capture that feeling and motion. The dark sky makes me think of dream catchers in the Southwest, as well as Starry Night by Van Gogh. I used 100% cotton and hand painted all the fabric used. I machine stitched the raw-edged appliqué.

Click here to see the Zoom Quilt.


How can you protect your finished sewing project when giving it the final pressing? BERNINA Brand Ambassador Diane Gloystein reveals her trick. Click here to see what you can learn from WeAllSew.com and Diane Gloystein.

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