Tapings are fun and sometimes the artists have quilts and art pieces for sale. The TQS crew and the Studio crew get first rights. We showed the works bought by Alex and Mary Kat (click here). Below is the piece Ricky bought from Tamara Leberer. It is a wonderful example of her silk fusion process and is 72" x 20". Star members can watch show 1901 to see how she creates these amazing works.

Your Star membership is what allows us to bring you all these wonderful things going on in our quilting world. It is just $42.95 for a full year with 26 brand new shows plus you get 30% off your next purchase in the shop. Our upgrading members are averaging $11 savings on their 30% off purchase. That makes membership even a better deal.



"Summer Slices" is a fun, refreshing quilt from Jill Finley. The pattern is available on her website. It's perfect for a picnic table topper or wallhanging. Whip this quilt up in a weekend to enjoy with family and friends!

Click here to order the pattern.

Want to learn how to do beautiful appliqué, watch Jill in Show 1902: A Bias for Appliqué.

Click here to see the quilt.

SummerSlicesbyJillFinley - 36 Pieces Non-Rotating

SummerSlicesbyJillFinley - 100 Pieces Non-Rotating

SummerSlicesbyJillFinley - 289 Pieces Non-Rotating

SummerSlicesbyJillFinley - 36 Pieces Rotating

SummerSlicesbyJillFinley - 100 Pieces Rotating

SummerSlicesbyJillFinley - 289 Pieces Rotating

Original Photo: Jill Finley


As promised, here is Part 2 of Ricky's motivational talk, "Let the Art Find You" at "Quilters Take Manhattan" (QTM) last September.

QTM is presented by Moda and the Quilt Alliance and held at the Fashion Institute of Technology in the heart of the New York City garment district.


Jill Finley's kids started making a quilt skit spoof every year for their annual family retreat. They like to make fun of her obsession with all things quilting. Enjoy a little family goofiness.

Watch Show 1902: A Bias for Appliqué with Jill Finley to learn how to really make a quilt.


Star Dance is another fresh and pretty quilt from Jill Finley. Colorful pieced stars dance across a crisp white background. The appliquéd border showcases star flowers on vines. (56" x 56") You can purchase the pattern for this lovely quilt on her website, www.jillilystudio.com.

Star Members can watch Jill in Show 1902: A Bias for Appliqué.

StarDancebyJillFinley - 36 Pieces Non-Rotating

StarDancebyJillFinley - 100 Pieces Non-Rotating

StarDancebyJillFinley - 289 Pieces Non-Rotating

StarDancebyJillFinley - 36 Pieces Rotating

StarDancebyJillFinley - 100 Pieces Rotating

StarDancebyJillFinley - 289 Pieces Rotating

Original Photo: Jill Finley

Are you an "Art Deco" baby?  A Mid-Century Modern? Or a Colonial Revival?  Find out what was in style the year you were born. Click on the "See More" button to walk through the years of decor.


You can never have too many project pouches, zipper bags, or cosmetic carry-alls.  Here's a quick video from the girls at The Fat Quarter Shop which shows you how to make a simple zipper bag.
Pat Sloan has made her own adorable version.  Click here for more information on Pat's A Busy Buzzy Summer Bee!
Star Members can learn more about Pat in Show 1507: 21st-Century Paper Piecing: Explore Hexies with a "Hexpert" also featuring Cheryl See.



It's that time of year again, notices have gone out to the entrants of the International Quilt Festival in Houston. Will your quilt be hanging in the show?  Or will it have to find another place to play? Here's an interesting article from neonkittyquilts and how she feels about entering quilt competitions.  How do you feel about it?

Click here to read the article.



(Heart for a Hospice by TQS Member, Marion Curtis)

Laura at SewVeryEasy demonstrates a quick and easy stitch for you to use to quilt your quilt.   Watch the video and you'll "C" what we mean.

Stacy Hollander, museum curator of the American Folk Art Museum, tells the amazing story of this silk quilt featuring over 31,000 pieces. The story features a child left on a doorstep and a fashion-forward tailor in the early 1900s.

Stacy shared this story at Quilters Take Manhattan 2014.


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