Alex walks through some of our favorite features of this fun machine. Click the play button in the middle of the picture to start the video.





"Rodeo" won an honorable mention in the "Innovative Appliqué" category at Houston 2015. Click here to watch Cathy talk about the quilt.

Star Members can watch Cathy in Show 1909: Taking Leather to a Whole New Level.

RodeobyCathyWiggins - 35 Pieces Non-Rotating

RodeobyCathyWiggins - 96 Pieces Non-Rotating

RodeobyCathyWiggins - 300 Pieces Non-Rotating

RodeobyCathyWiggins - 35 Pieces Rotating

RodeobyCathyWiggins - 96 Pieces Rotating

RodeobyCathyWiggins - 300 Pieces Rotating

Original Photo: Mary Kay Davis


"Rodeo" won an honorable mention in the "Innovative Appliqué" category at Houston 2015. Click here to watch Cathy talk about the quilt.

Star Members can watch Cathy in Show 1909: Taking Leather to a Whole New Level.

Original Photo: Mary Kay Davis



Cathy Wiggins has an all leather exhibit in Houston this year, "Cowboys, Horses, Quilting, and Leather!" But this isn't her first time at the Houston rodeo. As part of her "Just for Fun" quilt series, she created "Witches' Brew" which was exhibited in Houston 2011 in the "Art Whimsical" category. The puzzle was for viewers to find all of the secret elements hidden within the design of the quilt. See what you can find.

Star Members can watch Show 1909: Taking Leather to a Whole New Level.

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If it has two wheels, Teresa Shippy has probably made a quilt featuring it. Every vehicle from a Harley Davidson motorcycle to a Schwinn bicycle was in this quilt exhibit showcased at PIQF 2016.
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There's still time this weekend to put together this cute & creepy "Little Jack Trick or Treat" bag for Halloween from WeAllSew.com. Fun for your kids and a great way to practice your free-motion quilting.



Katie Stein Sather and Karen Johnson of B.C. were mounting a new exhibit in Vancouver this month. The show was hung a week ago in the Unitarian Church, 949 - W. 49th Avenue, Vancouver. When Katie and Karen arrived for their Opening Reception...to their horror, several pieces had gone missing!

The missing pieces (nine quilts) were taken from the exhibit in the Parish Hall, which is across the atrium from the Sanctuary.

Click here to learn more and see photos of the missing quilts.

If anyone has any information, please contact Hunter, the church's office administrator.
Contact information:
Tel.: 604.261.7204, Ext. 224 - Congregational Administrator
E-mail: info@vancouverunitarians.ca

(photo: Alberta Poplars - Karen Johnson)


Sue Spargo (Shows 1304 & 810) is a stitching goddess and her classes fill up immediately. But, this past year she has been recovering from treatments for breast cancer. So others have had to step in to fill her big stitching shoes. Tonye Belinda Phillips has been one of those teachers. We are blessed in Central Oregon that Tonye is a local and we get to enjoy her classes more frequently. Sue was scheduled to teach two classes at the Stitchin' Post this month, a 3-day workshop on creating background and motifs followed by a 2-day stitchery class. Tonye stepped in for her and has in the past been a co-teacher in workshops with Sue. I was lucky enough to get in the 2-day stitchery class and was most likely the student who traveled the least. While I had two classmates who came all the way from Maine!!! What I can share with you is taking a workshop allows you a more relaxed immersion into learning. You not only learn from the instructor but in this relaxed environment your fellow classmates are a wonderful support group. Tonye is a wonderfully supportive instructor and has that sweet low key method of helping you learn stitches that Sue has. In the 2-day stitchery class, everyone brought their own projects and the goal was to become proficient in 2-3 additional stitches. I am happy to say I met my goal! I now am able to stitch the Woven Picot, the Drizzle and have perfected the Trellis, Rosetta Chain and Bullion, LOL...don't you want to give these stitches a try!!!

I know you will enjoy the slide show and it might be one you will want to bookmark as a reference in stitch choices!! Sue Spargo is scheduled to teach at The Stitchin' Post in 2017. Her 2017 BOM is already filled and closed, WOW!  But stay tuned, the Stitchin' Post will be organizing a BOM by Tonye Belinda Phillips in 2017 and I for one will be on that stitching list!!!

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Click here for Anna's blog.

Click here for Anna's YouTube channel.


Cathy Wiggins knows that some people are not comfortable about using leather in their work. Here she discusses her feelings on the subject of using animal hides to create works of art.

Star Members can watch Cathy in Show 1909: Taking Leather to a Whole New Level.

Ever wanted to be part of the excitement of IQA’s Winners’ Circle Celebration but weren’t anywhere near Houston? This year you can be with…

For the first time, the IQA will be live streaming the entire ceremony on Tuesday, November 1, from 6-8 p.m. You’ll be able to see all of the introductions, award presentations, and quilt reveals from three angles in real time.

Be one of the first to see which quilts take home awards and accolades in this year's Quilts: A World of Beauty Judged Show competition from your own computer, tablet, or phone, and right from the comfort of your own home!

And if you aren't able to view it live, the live stream will also be archived in its entirety for two weeks following the event. So, you can enjoy it at your convenience.

The cost to view the live stream is only $3, with all proceeds benefiting the non-profit International Quilt Association! Click on the button below for more information and to pay to view.

And remember, if you can't join in the fun live, TQS will be posting photos of the winning quilts, plus interviews with some of the winners, and highlights of many of the exhibitions. 


 Show#1909 with Artist: Cathy Wiggins

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