We’re doubly excited to announce our quilting legend for 2014 . . . because there are two of them! Join us as we visit the charming 1915 Craftsman bungalow that is home to renowned quiltmakers, teachers, authors, and twin sisters Roberta Horton and Mary Mashuta. Although they share many interests, each has her own workspace and unique approach to the art and craft of quiltmaking - and we get to see samples from both! First, Mary reveals her newest passion - Sashiko by machine - demonstrating how to break down and adapt a complex hand-stitching design for machine stitching. Then, Roberta shares her process for creating a personalized fabric album using cherished family photos: from choosing suitable images, to transferring, sewing, and embellishing them. Two dynamic legends, tons of fabulous quilts, great techniques . . . what better way to wrap up another year of fun and learning with TQS?



These clean modern coasters represent every side of the dreidel.

In case you aren't familiar with it, the dreidel is a small spinning top with 4 sides and each side has a hebrew letter on it.  You spin the top and whatever letter it falls on determines how many pieces of delicious chocolate coins (called "gelt") you win or loose. 

The wool felt they are made out of is thick enough to also be used as a trivet and they are backed in rich shades of blue.  This fun holiday project will, in addition to protecting your table, make a pretty accent to your Hanukkah party.


really fun dreidel game.

In case you aren't familiar with it the dreidel is a small spinning top with 4 sides and each side has a hebrew letter on it.  You spin the top and whatever letter it falls on determines how many pieces of delicious chocolate coins (called "gelt") you win or loose. 

- See more at: http://www.purlbee.com/2008/12/07/mollys-sketchbook-hanukkah-coasters/#sthash.PDNr7ZNt.dpuf




This puzzle is an example of one of Roberta Horton's family photos transferred to cotton and embellished.  It's a lovely family keepsake.  To learn more about how she does it, Star Members can watch Episode 1513: TQS 2014 Legends debuting Monday, December 22, 2014.

RobertaHortonFamilyAlbum - 36 pieces non-rotating

RobertaHortonFamilyAlbum - 100 pieces non-rotating

RobertaHortonFamilyAlbum - 300 pieces non-rotating

RobertaHortonFamilyAlbum - 100 pieces rotating

RobertaHortonFamilyAlbum - 300 pieces rotating



It's time for Ricky's Christmas Concert! Ricky and Kat Bowser make the holidays come alive.

Watch the videos and lights or just play it in the background. Your holidays will be brighter and your smile bigger.


Great news for Star members. Starting January 1 there will be a special selection of DVDs on the site for watching all of 2015. We have brought back Libby's "Threadplay" for your learning all year long. Here are 7 tips from Libby as part of the lessons. These DVDs are shown online FREE to our Star members. The price of membership is $42.95 (with a $10 coupon at Superior Threads through Dec 31) and the DVDs are worth the price. A letter will be coming soon with more details.




It seems that Ricky was destined to play the piano from a very early age.  In 1957 his cousin, Carolyn Jane, received a Jaymar toy piano.  Ricky just couldn't tear himself away from it.  Here is a video from that joyful Christmas day where it all began.  Then watch Ricky perform on that same piano, just a few years later...

The music is from Christmas in a Small Town now available on iTunes.  The CD is available on Ricky's website, click here.


Ricky has just launched a new online website where he will be offering online classes. Don’t worry, Ricky is not leaving TQS - he’s just following his passion to teach - teach - teach and hopefully, inspire! This new venture is an easy fit with his career journey. Ricky says, “Because people are gravitating to the internet for their content, DVDs are less and less desirable. So instead of producing new DVDs, I decided that online classes would be the way to go.”

The format is set up so that when you register for a class can start immediately. Purchased classes reside in you’re My Classes library and are yours to keep forever. Your classes can be accessed any time day or night so you can progress at your own pace. There’s a place in each class to share photos of your projects with other students and there is an Ask The Teacher button if you need a bit of help along the way.

While the site is brand new and has limited offerings at the moment, over time Ricky will populate the site with classes that feature fun projects and a various techniques. Ricky will be presenting a variety of projects that will range from easy to challenging, from traditional to contemporary, and from modern to art. Classes are reasonably priced. Joining the site is FREE, and by doing so you’ll be the first to know when new classes are posted.

The site launched in early December in order to open registrations for one unique class. It’s an in-depth, 52-week Photography Challenge Class starting in January. It will run 52 weeks and have 52 lessons! Other classes can be taken at anytime, but registrations for this class must happen before January 4th. Students who sign up will progress together week by week throughout 2015. The class is crafted to teach design and composition, camera techniques, and Photoshop. To learn about this and the other classes, visit the site, read the descriptions and watch the video trailers.




Join the FiberShots Community Challenge and help support the San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles. Create a 16" x 16" quilt based on the concept of the "Embellish Your World" theme.  Break out your favorite fiber art media and embellishments, get creative and get involved!
Entries will be sold using a reverse auction and the proceeds will be used to support the museum's fiber art advocacy efforts.  Your contribution of artwork is an important investment inthe Museum's future and provides fiber art for others to collect and appreciate.
Click on Learn More to enter.


This time Melody Crust answered the questions in the TQS booth at IQA Houston 2014.  Star Members can watch Melody in Episode 312: Stimulating Your Senses where she teaches you fun and fast ways to add that bit of "bling" to your next project. Watch as she shows how beads, paint, and ribbons can change the entire look of your quilt.

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