We invite you to wander into the lovely 1915 Craftsman that is the home of Mary Mashuta and Roberta Horton.  Mary is the chef in the house, while Roberta oversees the garden. The little tandem garage was at one time used as a temporary church while the first owners of the home (a pastor and his wife) were building the larger church nearby.  Roberta and Mary renovated the garage shortly after moving in, so that their father could enjoy living close to his daughters during the later years of his life.  Enjoy the astounding gardens and lovely antiques that highlight the house and grounds.  The images are truly a feast for the eyes.
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The next time you gasp as the price of all metal scissors, think about the years of training, skill, and craftsmanship it takes to make a pair.  Meet Eric, one of the last remaining scissors makers in Sheffield, England.  Eric began making scissors in 1958.  At one time there were hundreds of factories employing 40,000 workers.  Today there are less than a dozen craftsmen working to keep this ancient tradition alive.


Baby it's cold outside!  Why not make a few of these adorable hand warmers for those on your gift list?  These little bundles will keep those fingers warm on even the coldest of days.




There is a reason we call them Legends.  Whether they inspired you to begin quilting, changed the directions of your quilting, or improved your skills, each and every one of these pioneers has had a profound effect on this craft we call quilting. See some of the world's quilting leaders and what makes them so remarkable.


Jinny Beyer (Episode 313) changed the way we looked at color, pattern and texture when it comes to fabric. 


Photo by Gregory Case Photography

Libby Lehman (Episode 513) changed the way we view our sewing machine.  It is a marvelous piece of machinery that can take your stitching to a whole new level. 


Photo by Gregory Case Photography

Yvonne Porcella (Episode 713) showed us the joy in free-form piecing filled with a riot of colorful fabrics.  Whether it be a garment or a quilt, her work is always fun and a joy to behold. 

Eleanor Burns (Episode 913) taught you that quilt making could be fun, fast, and something you could be proud of. 

Photo by Gregory Case Photography

Meredith and Bill Schroeder (Episode 1113) built a museum to educate the world in the fact that quilts are a truely an art form and not just a bed covering.


Photo by Gregory Case Photography

Painter turned quilter, Michael James, (Episode 1313) turned the quilting world on its ear with radical design and color concepts.



We’re doubly excited to announce our quilting legend for 2014 . . . because there are two of them! Join us as we visit the charming 1915 Craftsman bungalow that is home to renowned quiltmakers, teachers, authors, and twin sisters Roberta Horton and Mary Mashuta. Although they share many interests, each has her own workspace and unique approach to the art and craft of quiltmaking - and we get to see samples from both! First, Mary reveals her newest passion - Sashiko by machine - demonstrating how to break down and adapt a complex hand-stitching design for machine stitching. Then, Roberta shares her process for creating a personalized fabric album using cherished family photos: from choosing suitable images, to transferring, sewing, and embellishing them. Two dynamic legends, tons of fabulous quilts, great techniques . . . what better way to wrap up another year of fun and learning with TQS?



These clean modern coasters represent every side of the dreidel.

In case you aren't familiar with it, the dreidel is a small spinning top with 4 sides and each side has a hebrew letter on it.  You spin the top and whatever letter it falls on determines how many pieces of delicious chocolate coins (called "gelt") you win or loose. 

The wool felt they are made out of is thick enough to also be used as a trivet and they are backed in rich shades of blue.  This fun holiday project will, in addition to protecting your table, make a pretty accent to your Hanukkah party.


really fun dreidel game.

In case you aren't familiar with it the dreidel is a small spinning top with 4 sides and each side has a hebrew letter on it.  You spin the top and whatever letter it falls on determines how many pieces of delicious chocolate coins (called "gelt") you win or loose. 

- See more at: http://www.purlbee.com/2008/12/07/mollys-sketchbook-hanukkah-coasters/#sthash.PDNr7ZNt.dpuf




This puzzle is an example of one of Roberta Horton's family photos transferred to cotton and embellished.  It's a lovely family keepsake.  To learn more about how she does it, Star Members can watch Episode 1513: TQS 2014 Legends debuting Monday, December 22, 2014.

RobertaHortonFamilyAlbum - 36 pieces non-rotating

RobertaHortonFamilyAlbum - 100 pieces non-rotating

RobertaHortonFamilyAlbum - 300 pieces non-rotating

RobertaHortonFamilyAlbum - 100 pieces rotating

RobertaHortonFamilyAlbum - 300 pieces rotating



It's time for Ricky's Christmas Concert! Ricky and Kat Bowser make the holidays come alive.

Watch the videos and lights or just play it in the background. Your holidays will be brighter and your smile bigger.


Great news for Star members. Starting January 1 there will be a special selection of DVDs on the site for watching all of 2015. We have brought back Libby's "Threadplay" for your learning all year long. Here are 7 tips from Libby as part of the lessons. These DVDs are shown online FREE to our Star members. The price of membership is $42.95 (with a $10 coupon at Superior Threads through Dec 31) and the DVDs are worth the price. A letter will be coming soon with more details.



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