Fancy Shawl Dancer was created by Linda C. Anderson and won 3rd Place: Art Pictorial at Road to California 2015.  It measures 41" x 57" and was completed in 2014.

Artist statement: Having seen local Indians dance with this eye-stopping dress and mesmerizing movement reflecting a butterfly, I knew I had to capture that feeling and motion. The dark sky makes me think of dream catchers in the Southwest, as well as Starry Night by Van Gogh. I used 100% cotton and hand painted all the fabric used. I machine stitched the raw-edged appliqué.

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How can you protect your finished sewing project when giving it the final pressing? BERNINA Brand Ambassador Diane Gloystein reveals her trick. Click here to see what you can learn from WeAllSew.com and Diane Gloystein.


Make it personalized and reusable. This little gem of a sandwich bag is sure to brighten any school lunch. 


     My Country Home by Lynette Anderson.  Photo by Gregory Case Photography

What's a quilter to do when the pattern directions call for 140  1 1/2" squares?  Call Mom and ask what she recommends.  That is exactly what TQS member donnamc did.   "Mom gave me a tip - first build strata and then cut them down from there.  Of course!"

  • There were 23 colors in the A's last month, so add one more color.
  • You will need 34 squares on each side and 36 squares top and bottom.
  • Cut a 9.5" strip of each at 1 1/2" wide, sew 12 together and trim into 6 strips of 1.5" each.
  • Repeat with the remaining 12 colors.
  • For the top and bottom, join 2 of the first set with 1 from the second set.
  • For the sides, remove one square from one of the strips.




Ineka Voigt (Daughter of Helen Godden), along with three other winners of the ACT Chief Minister’s ANZAC Spirit Prize, will be visiting Turkey for a 14-day study tour.  They will participate in the April 25 dawn centenary service held at ANZAC Cove, commemorating the landing at Gallipoli.  Selection for this prize involved students showing in a creative way “how qualities displayed during wartime, such as loyalty, comradeship, endurance and devotion, are still present in our community today.”

Ineka Voigt’s quilt, called Spirit of Anzac, measuring at just under 40" square, is made using an antique piece of tracing linen from her grandmother’s days as a drafting student. The red cross is appliquéd, while the poppy (to symbolize the bloodshed) is painted.  Unit patches were made using old felt.  All of the stitched symbols were done in free motion quilting on a Sweet Sixteen longarm. 

Helen says that she was not even in the country while the quilt was being designed and created.  She only saw it via Face Time.  “Unbelievable. I am just again stunned and amazed by my daughter. Just look where quilting can take you!”


Ineka (2nd from left)


Take a look at the Best of Show for QuiltCon 2015, and other winners.  Stay tuned for more photos from the show...and interesting artist interviews.

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Pickle Promenade by Sharon Schamber is an embroidered appliqué quilt. Sharon has a love for the traditional Pickle Dish design and this was a great inspiration in designing the quilt.  Click here to purchase the pattern.

Star Members can watch Sharon in Episode 1603: Quilters and Friends for Life.

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(original photo: Gregory Case Photography)


Toyland Tree is a wonderful and whimsical quilt from Lynn Wilder.  It would make a great heirloom quilt for your children.  Star Members can watch Lynn in Episode 1604: Taking the Fear Out of Math for Quilters.

Click here to see a photo of each block close up.

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ToylandTree by Lynn Wilder - 36 pieces non-rotating

ToylandTree by Lynn Wilder - 100 pieces non-rotating

ToylandTree by Lynn Wilder - 300 pieces non-rotating

ToylandTree by Lynn Wilder - 100 pieces rotating

ToylandTree by Lynn Wilder - 300 pieces rotating

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