2022 QuiltFest Best of Show, Blair Stocker's New Show is Here, QSOS with Cynthia England, Canvas Market Bag Tutorial, Ruby Rulers in the Store, A Zebra Puzzle

Sunday Smiles - August 14, 2022
Featured Quilt - 2022 QuiltFest Best of Show

Persephone (Jenn) by Deborah S Hyde took home Best of Show at the 2022 QuiltFest in New England. Taking the expression of stepping back to see the bigger picture to new heights, Deborah's quilt is "is entirely made up of pieced squares of commercial fabrics, cut to one inch, stitched to a half inch", with the colors specifically chosen and curated to enhance and enrich the bigger picture at hand.
Blair Stocker Blazes In With Great Tips in Our New Show!
And BERNINA Expert Pam Mahshie Is Here Too!

Quilt designer and educator Blair Stocker is known for her love of colorful scrap colorful quilts, and upcycling. With a background in apparel design, she shares tips for t-shirt quilts by bringing a modern twist to an old favorite. And when it comes to understanding value, Blair has an easy and fun way to look at the colors of your fabric stash through a ruby lens with her Ruby Ruler.

Plus, BERNINA sewing expert Pam Mahshie shows how to add more interest to your quilts using decorative and textured stitches on a serger.

Learn from Blair and Pam in Upcycling Tips for a T-Shirt Quilt with Blair Stocker | Learn Creative Quilting Stitches on a Serger with Pam Mahshie, which debuts today!
Quilters' Save Our Stories with Cynthia England
Get The Story All the Way from "England"

Two-time TQS guest and picturesque pictorial quilt maker Cynthia England is the subject of this week's Quilters' Save Our Stories (QSOS) program from the Quilt Alliance. In it, she talks about not one, but two quilts, Piece and Quiet, one of her serene forest pictorial quilts, and Power of Houston, celebrating the city of Houston and the International Quilt Festival, which she made with Libby Lehman and Vicki Mangum.

Love what the Quilt Alliance does? Join them for Quilters Take a Moment coming this September. Tickets are available for everyone.

WeAllSew Tutorial: Canvas Market Bag
A Convenient Canvas Carrying Case

How do you help the environment and look stylish at the same time? Easy, you make a Canvas Market Bag out of your best looking fabrics so that you no longer have to use plastic bags when taking home your groceries. And Kymona Tracey at WeAllSew has the tutorial for you to do just that.
As Seen In Our Latest Show - Blair Stocker's Ruby Ruler
Cut & View your Fabric Scraps with an Artist's Eye to Focus on Value!

The Ruby Ruler cancels out the color, allowing you to view the light or dark color value. Trim and square up 5" pieced units to easily combine them with charm packs.

See Blair Stocker use the Ruby Ruler in our new show, Upcycling Tips for a T-Shirt Quilt with Blair Stocker | Learn Creative Quilting Stitches on a Serger with Pam Mahshie.
The Quilt Show Puzzle: A Zebra Out in the Wild
"Tanzania" by Teresa Duryea Wong

Tanzania was born out of Teresa's love for appliqué. While making her more traditional quilts, she was doing a lot of hand appliqué and covering her quilts with embroidery and hand quilting them. As she progressed more into art quilting, she wanted to explore different techniques. As a result, Tanzania is entirely raw edge appliqué, fused, and quilted on the machine. The quilt was inspired by a photo that Teresa and her husband took on a trip to Tanzania in 2011, and she learned to do the techniques for this quilt in a class from David Taylor.

See more of Teresa's quilts in
Improv String Quilts and a History of Japanese Textiles with Teresa Duryea Wong | Using Appliqué to Mask a Mistake.
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