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Show 506 - Picture Perfect

Featuring: Esterita Austin / Jan Krentz

Posts On: September 14, 2009

Jan Krentz Skypes in from San Diego to demonstrate how to build a LeMoyne Star. Want to see how the star will look before you cut the fabric? Jan has a great trick for you. Then meet Esterita Austin, who will amaze you with her quilts, which she creates using photographs and freezer-paper templates. She shows how tulle can suggest different shading effects when used with misty fuse. Traditional blocks, artistic shading, and Dan Purcell with "What's on the Internet?" addition to being informative and fun, this show is a visual treat.

Show Information

From Chapter One:

TQS visits Jan Krentz in San Diego CA via skype. Jan demonstrates how to get the most out of your leMoyne star block sewn with NO Y – seams.
Quick Stars by Jan Krentz
Jane Sassaman

From Chapter Two:

Esterita Austin shares her quilts with us
Angelina fiber
American Folk Art Museum
David Walker
Laura Wasilowski

From Chapter Three:

Esterita creates a piece using photography and freezer paper templates
Parchment paper
Teflon sheet
Transdoodle Transfer paper and misty fuse: for more information - Click Here

From Chapter Four:

Web Boy, Dan Purcell discusses blogging and shows how to maximize your blogging efforts.
Quilters Blogs
Bonnie McCaffrey

From The Afterset:

To learn more about Esterita’s Quilting under the Tuscan Sun workshops - Click Here

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