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Show 1808 - A Quilting Family From Vintage to Modern

Featuring: Sue Nickels & Ashley Nickels / Roderick Kiracofe

Posts On: April 10, 2016


Sue Nickels is a longtime quilter, who often finds inspiration from quilts of the 1800s. Her daughter, Ashley Nickels, is new to quilting, and found her niche after attending QuiltCon and viewing the Modern quilts. Together they cover the spectrum of quilting eras. In addition, Sue and her sister, Pat Holly, run the annual Holly Girls Quilt Retreat, so it’s all in the family! Sue demonstrates how she designs and lays out an old-fashioned appliqué flower border, often starting with an inspiring focal fabric. She uses simple tools, working from a rough sketch and then refining it. She also demos how she makes a complex little bird, and then later embellishes its eye. Ashley loves grid work, and has found inspiration in the front gates she sees in her San Francisco neighborhood. After photographing them and designing the quilt tops, she uses a sketch program to audition a quilting design on top of the photo.

We also visit Roderick Kiracofe, who invites us to see some of the unique quilts in his collection.

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Links to the Artists:

Sue Nickels

Ashley Nickels

Roderick Kiracofe

From Chapter One:

Sue and Ashley Nickels share their quilting experience as a mother/daughter team and their different approaches to quilting.

From Chapter Two:

Sue explains how she uses her old 1800s patterns for inspiration when designing flower garden borders for her quilts.

From Chapter Three:

Ashley Nickels lives in San Francisco and is inspired by the different types of gates she finds in her surroundings. She uses Adobe Illustrator Draw and Autodesk SketchBook on her iPad to help her draw her designs before incorporating them into her quilts. Then, Sue returns to demonstrate appliqué stitches and techniques.

From Chapter Four:

Watch as the TQS cameras go to San Francisco and visit with Roderick Kiracofe, who invites us to see some of the unique quilts in his collection.

Products and Artists Mentioned:

#10 vickiev 2016-04-22 11:29
Love the show!! Hooray for daughters following Moms footsteps. It is sooooo gratifying for a Mother to see her daughter coming along as an artist. I think it might be better than a win at Paducah :) ???? IMHO :P
#9 karonray 2016-04-13 10:39
I like taking designs from what we see. However when Ashley duplicated the gate designs in quilting is it a copyright issue?
#8 Sewdreamy 2016-04-11 11:15
This is a terrific of the best! Thank you TQS.
#7 FiberontheMt 2016-04-11 10:55
Thank you TQS for all you do! Show worked fine on my iPad 2 when I used your workaround. Is Sue Nichels paper folding technique described in one of her book? Thank you again.
#6 newfies 2016-04-11 10:37
One of your best shows yet! I've already ordered one of Kiracofe's books. I'm off to look into using my tablet with a drawing program. Thanks to TQS!
#5 sharycohn 2016-04-11 09:26
Not able to see sue Nichols . Will not work on air I pad.
It's totally up to date and I have been receiving two e mails with the same program
#4 karne51 2016-04-11 08:35
Is there a pattern for the table runner featuring the cute little bird?
#3 MollieAnne1 2016-04-11 04:27
Unable to watch on my IPad, I used my Kindle. The picture and the sound did not match. If the current problem causing me not to use my I Pad is not corrected, I will not be renewing for the next year. I have enjoyed The Quilt Show for several years but do not want to buy another appliance to watch it.
#2 NanaPie 2016-04-10 11:56
Really enjoyed this show! It's always fun to learn the how-to's to make our own quilts better. Thanks, TQS!
#1 kmitchel 2016-04-10 09:03
TQS has done it again! Another great show, with something for everyone Great tips and new ideas, and again, the show could have gone on for another hour.

Thanks to TQS, Sue, Ashley and Robert for giving me new ideas about appliqueing, using photographs, Sketch book and Adobe Draw, some books I will need to put onto my Books Wanted List.
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