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Show 1502 - Small Pieces, Big Impact

Featuring: Mary Elizabeth Kinch / Terry Grant

Posts On: July 21, 2014


Canadian quiltmaker, teacher, and author Mary Elizabeth Kinch drops by the studio to share her love for antique quilts and how she recreates them full-size with tiny pieces and reproduction fabrics. Mary Elizabeth, founder of the SPA (Small Piece Aficionado) Society, demonstrates how to tame those tiny pieces from template stage to finished block, incorporating lots of fabric and hand-piecing tips along the way. Then Alex travels to Washington County, Oregon, for a chat with textile artist Terry Grant, in which we get a glimpse at Terry's latest art quilts . . . featuring "upcycled" men’s shirts!

Show Information

From Chapter One:

Mary Elizabeth Kinch shares her love for antique quilts along with her journey.
Biz Storm
SPA (Small Piece Aficionado) Society

From Chapter Two:

Mary Elizabeth teaches how to REALLY look at your fabric and maximize its print - it is all in the details!
To order Mary Elizabeth Kinch's books -  Click Here.

From Chapter Three:

Mary Elizabeth takes the scary out of small. It is all in the accuracy.

From Chapter Four:

TQS visits the studio of Terry Grant in the greater Portland area.

#1 2007pams 2016-12-27 22:20
Captions are easy to turn off if you click on the CC on left side of screen.

I am enjoying all the shows and getting so many ideas.
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  1. Alex demonstrates an applique method.
  2. Pam Holland joins Alex and Ricky.
  3. A tip for sharpening your pencils.
  4. Pam teaches Ricky how to make the "Elies" block and talks about drapplique (drawing and appliqué).
  5. Gizmo Girl shares some new notions.
  6. Ricky shows pages from Pam's The 1776 Quilt book and takes questions from the audience.
  7. After Set.

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