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Show 1405 - Drawing from the Past: Jane Austen-Inspired Quilts

Featuring: Karen Gloeggler / Janet Finley

Posts On: March 3, 2014


The discovery that beloved English writer Jane Austen (1775 – 1817) had made a quilt, and a visit to the author’s home in Chawton, England, was just the impetus that Karen Gloeggler needed to create a series of quilts (and a quilt book) inspired by Austen’s romantic novels. In this show, Karen shares how to find, and then incorporate, vintage fabrics, handkerchiefs, and doilies into your quilts to give them a period flair, and shows a clever technique for making a scrappy pieced border, perfect for a Jane-inspired (or any other) quilt. Then, in a field piece, we meet author and quilt historian Janet Finley, who has amassed the world’s largest collection of 19th- and early-20th-century photos of people with quilts, and take a look at the book she created to showcase them.

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Karen Gloeggler

Janet Finley

From Chapter One:

Karen Gloeggler shares both her quilt story and fascination with Jane Austen.

From Chapter Two:

Karen teaches the tips and tricks to make a reproduction of the Jane Austen quilt, including a scrappy border you can do at home. (Click Here for Scrappy Border)

From Chapter Three:

Karen shows how to make wonderful quilts showcasing antique handkerchiefs.

From Chapter Four:

Janet Finley talks about owning what she believes is the world’s largest collection of early century photos of people with quilts from the 1850s to the 1950s.

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