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Show 111 - The Purrfect Quilt

Featuring: Ann Fahl

Posts On: October 15, 2007

Ann Fahl, teacher and author, well-known for coloring with thread, appears on the show and shares her whimsical series of quilts based on her beloved and mischievous cat. Ann demonstrates a pattern for creating a colorful cat and Gizmo Girl talks about lollipops for quilters and getting techie with new, easy-to-use computer patterns for quilters.

Show Information

From Chapter One:

Ricky demonstrates a fast and easy greeting card.
Field piece: Denise Havlan (

From Chapter Two:

Ann Fahl and Oreo (

From Chapter Three:

Book: Coloring with Thread by Ann Fahl and Pattern by Ann available at
C&T Publishing (

From The Afterset:

Gizmo Girl – Cheryl Uribe (
Thank you to:
  • Lollipops Bindings (
  • Yo –Yos (
  • Charm packs
  • Moda (
  • Sew Batik (
  • Clown Pattern / Lasting Treasure (
  • Quizzles CD (

From Chapter Five:

CD - Ann Fahl Teaches You Coloring with Thread (C&T Publishing)

#1 MarieHMisgen 2017-08-10 17:26
This was a joy to watch! I feel like I'm learning about my favorite hobby while hanging out with my favorite people! Thank you so much!
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