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Ruler Work for the Sit-Down Quilter

Featuring: Patsy Thompson

Posts On: December 31, 2015

Are you new to ruler work in free motion quilting and need guidance from the ground up? Are you a seasoned free motion machine quilter who is looking for some new ruler work design ideas for stitiching quilted motifs? Either way, this instructional class is for YOU! Longarm ruler work is not just for standup machines anymore. No matter what kind of machine you sit down at, you can master ruler work and take your free motion quilting to new heights.

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#23 quilterKate 2016-08-20 14:04
From my latest inquiry regarding a ruler foot for domestic machines: "YES, and the foot is fantastic! It is an adjustable Ruler Foot, #72, due to be released in November. It can be adjusted in height to adapt to a variety of fabric thicknesses, provides an excellent view of the needle and the point where it pierces the fabric, allows 360 degree access and sight and can be used with 1/4" thick rulers. It is compatible with all BERNINA machines using "new style" presser feet. Also available will be a ruler kit which includes a mini straight line tool, squiggle template, nested mini ovals, nested mini circles and mini 4-in-1. These are 1/4" thick acrylic ruler templates and are geared to those not yet experienced in ruler work.

Thank you again for your interest in the #72 Ruler Foot. It's been a bit of a wait, but looks like it's a wonderfully designed accessory."
#22 MarshaRegan 2016-04-20 19:58
For those of you who own Bernina's. I recently purchased one and when asking my dealer about the ruler foot, she strongly advised NOT to use it. It is a very costly repair. I do not remember exactly what she said but it has to do with the height of the foot and some of the electronic lift features. My understanding is that Bernina is working on their own foot so we can use rulers when quilting. So beware if you use the generic foot...
#21 mssquilt 2016-03-25 11:07
For bernina machines do you recommend the #77 adapter for the westalee foot or the bernina #96 (think I have the number right). I only want to invest in one and it seems the westalee is limited in rulers you can use with it. My bernina is the 750. After your amazing video I really want to try this ruler work. Thank you.
#20 VanHarlingen 2016-03-09 16:59
Great information in this video. I did find that for the high shank machines that can use the Janome feet you need both the "Convertible Free Motion Quilting foot Set" and the" Free Motion Frame Quilting Feet Set."(this Frame set also has a Open Toe quilting foot for 1600P machine. Check the descriptions and look for key word Frame on the foot.Thank you Patsy for and excellent program.
#19 JaneAnne 2016-03-09 07:49
Hi Patsy! When I made my mechanical pencil for drafting, I couldn't find a nylon washer with a small enough inner circle for the pencil point. So I got the closest one (.194) and wrapped bandage tape around the tip a few times to build up the space. Then when I slid the nylon washer over the taped tip, it stuck firmly and I didn't have to use the crazy glue.
#18 MCZIMBER 2016-02-13 13:42
Absolutely awesome! Thank you!
#17 crowefan0517 2016-02-11 09:23
This was an awesome DVD. Now I feel much more confident to try some of the rulers I purchased. And may need to check out your website to purchase a few more. Please make another DVD!!
#16 polikali 2016-01-24 17:16
Thank you Patsy for a very encouraging dvd. I have just received my foot and rulers from you and am very excited to give ruler work a go. Your tutorials are always inspiring. Thank you. Also a big thank you to TQS for presenting all the shows and dvd's.
Denise Polihronis
#15 lyndab2u 2016-01-23 20:44
I have been playing with the 4 paw ruler for straight lines and the Versa tool. I am getting better with them. I have ordered a fine line curved 10 in ruler next. I have a quilt lined up to play with.
#14 EditorAnne 2016-01-23 03:05
This video just cost me $15,000. It inspired me to buy a Westalee foot . . . then I accidentally bought a Bernina 880 to put it on. :) Anne in Vancouver, Canada
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