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Show 2313 - TQS Legend 2018 - Marianne Fons

Featuring: Marianne Fons

Posts On: December 16, 2018


Marianne Fons, our TQS Quilting Legend for 2018, welcomes Alex and Ricky to the turn-of-the-century house she has called home since she was 39 years old. This home in Iowa was originally owned by her grandparents. She loves living only two blocks from the town square and being able to walk everywhere. A model of beauty and utility, the house is filled with books, works by her father (a commercial exhibit designer), and other items of personal importance. In the home we enjoy a bed turning of some of her more remarkable/interesting works.

Marianne discusses Quilts of Valor, an organization that Marianne has supported for many years, including as a board member. The Non-profit was established by Catherine Roberts in 2003 as a way to honor and recognize the sacrifice service men and women have given while serving the US military.  Marianne says ‘nothing says love like a quilt’. She’s currently working on a quilt with pinwheel star blocks which she shares with TQS.

Marianne also talks about the beginnings of her career and meeting Liz Porter at the local quilting class. This unexpected meeting of two young women led to a long partnership (Fons & Porter) that has included numerous books, a magazine, and television shows.

Marianne is a voracious reader and loves a good story. A desire to become a fiction writer has now become a reality. She has completed one novel and is currently working on a second. This next chapter in her life, which includes being on the board of the Iowa Quilt Museum and Winterset Theater (which she helped to save and restore) have brought her full circle…she has fallen in love with her home town and is one of its biggest cheerleaders.

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Marianne Fons

From Chapter One:

Alex and Ricky visit Marianne Fons in her turn-of-the-century home in Winterset, Iowa. They tour the home and enjoy an old-fashioned bed turning of some of her remarkable quilts.

From Chapter Two:

Marianne discusses working with the Quilts of Valor program. She’s currently working on a quilt with pinwheel star blocks which she shares with TQS.

From Chapter Three:

A retrospective of Marianne's life which includes how she met Liz Porter at a local quilt class, her work with the Iowa Quilt Museum, and her work involved in saving the Winterset Theater.

From Chapter Four:

Marianne talks about writing her first novel and gives Alex and Ricky a tour of the Winterset Theater.

Editor's Product Picks for This Show:

#12 susanchinouth 2020-10-30 17:54
Panels: I LOVE what M said about Veterans just lighting up when they see a panel! I can't agree with this enough for my Grand kids who LOVE horses. When they see a horse panel in their quilt they LOVE it. My grandsons LOVE the DEER panels in the same way. I too- like Marianne states- can make quilt blocks. But... please consider panels when you are focusing on a special person who would really appreciate it!
#11 Debbie W 2019-06-17 09:02
I learned to quilt watching Fons and Porter and am a big fan of Marianne. This episode was such a treat to watch. I've always thought it would be fun to spend a day sewing with Marianne and now I have, sort of.

Thanks for sharing.
#10 Sew Many Stitches 2019-03-18 00:58
:D I also made my first quilt thanks to the ISU Extension Service, albeit as a 4-H project in Audubon County almost 45 years ago. I often tell people I was a quilter before Fons and Porter were Fons and Porter. Navy life took me away from Iowa, but there really is no place like home. I am looking forward to visiting the museum on one of my next visits. Thanks for sharing your story and teaching the world the value of a good quilt!
#9 biddyrob 2018-12-29 11:11
theblue trellis Quilt is beautiful. Is there a pattern available for it? marianne is a lovely lady and deserves to be calledalegend.
#8 Reedo 2018-12-28 20:37
This was a great show. Marianne is a wonderful person and so deserving of this award.
#7 Books53 2018-12-27 19:35
I learned to quilt by watching Marianne Fons and Liz Porter on my local PBS station.A wonderful show about a lovely woman!
#6 lguajardo 2018-12-26 19:25
What an inspiration Marianne is. I love her story
and so happy to be a part of the Quilting World.
Thank you Marianne for continuing to be an inspiration to all women.
#5 highplainsquilter 2018-12-26 17:54
Great show! Wow, Marianne is a "go getter". 3 reasons why I loved this show: 1)Memories of watching F&P while in rural NE with no quilt guild or fabric stores nearby; 2) Getting an art quilt of mine featured in Love of Quilting; 3) Memories of similar small theaters in 3 towns I've lived in...Including the current town in which the public chipped in to pay for the digital upgrade necessary for the theater to stay open. It is currently for sale...Hopefull y someone like Marianne will buy it!
#4 LJBowhall 2018-12-25 17:12
Awesome show telling Marianne’s story! She is an absolutely amazing woman who has given so much to the quilting world.
#3 debbydo 2018-12-20 21:32
I loved this show and Marianne. Thank you so much for this show -- one of my favorites.
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