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BERNINA: Ruler Work with the #72 Adjustable Ruler Foot

Featuring: Nina McVeigh / Hayley Grzych

Posts On: November 13, 2018

Nina and Hayley share how straight line quilting and other ruler work quilting can be easily done using BERNINA's #72 Adjustable Ruler Foot.

#6 AlexAnderson 2020-04-01 11:07
For rulerwork the Adjustable Ruler Foot #72 is required. The side of the foot is taller so as you guide it along the edge of the ruler it will not slip over or under the ruler. If the Embroidery Foot #26 is used and the foot slips over or under the ruler the needle could hit the ruler.
#5 Anita Oosthuizen 2020-03-31 20:19
Do you have to use #72 foot when using the ruler or can you use #26 foot too. Please let me know I am only a beginner and this is my first Bernina b720. I always had brothers. Thank you
#4 Claudia G 2019-11-12 12:05
I have a lot of experience with free motion stitching. Thanks for responding to me.
#3 Irish 2019-11-11 19:11
I am not sure how much free motion experience you have but the Adjustable Ruler Foot #72 is not any different than any other freemotion foot. You are in charge of the stitch length. The stitch length is a relationship between the speed of the machine and the speed at which you move the fabric. be sure you have lowered the feed dogs. It does take practice. If you are getting stitches that are longer than you like you need to speed up the machine and/or slow down the speed at which you are moving your fabric. If you are new to rulerwork and new to freemotion I might suggest you get used to the free motion feel before adding the ruler element. You can practice your free motion with the #72 foot, just wait until you feel good about that before adding rulers.
#2 Claudia G 2019-11-11 16:30
I have a Bernina 740 and the stitches are quite large. I have the #72 foot on and it is turned to the lowest point. What can I do in order to stitch a normal size stitch? I have tried different speeds, putting the pressure foot to zero. The frame of the foot does no touch the fabric.
#1 Chris Graeve 2019-01-16 15:41
Why don’t you have the needle down?
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