With fifteen Best of Show ribbons to her name, Karen Kay Buckley knows what a judge is looking for when it comes to a perfect quilt. From perfect circles, ovals and stems, Karen shares tips and tricks for taking your work to a whole new level. Karen also shows her technique for squaring up the perfect  block.

Then meet North Carolina Textile Conservator Lynn Gorges, who spends her days preserving textiles for future generations to enjoy.

Star Members can watch Show 2007: From Perfection to Preservation with Karen Kay Buckley and Lynn Gorges when it debuts on Sunday, March 26, 2017.

Take a peek at the set while Karen was taping her show. Besides her ability to create great quilts, Karen has created wonderful quilting tools.

Click here to see her site and go to her shop.


Ann P. Shaw was on the set for Show 2006: Engaging the Viewer with Line, Shape, and Gesture. See what Ann shares and find out what foolishness Justin was "up to" in this behind-the-scenes video.

Have you ever wanted to create a landscape without the fuss of complicated pattern pieces? Laura Fogg's method of fast, free-form collage will open your eyes to the possibilities of creating stunning impressionistic designs.
Ann Horton shares her technique for creating a stunningly realistic three-dimensional butterfly using machine embroidery. Ann's free-form embroidery adds another layer of texture when it comes to making her award-winning quilts.
Watch the video to get a glimpse of what went on behind the scenes of Show 2005.

Star Members can watch Show 2005: Free-Form Collage and Embroidery, when it debuts February 26, 2017.



Let these famous quilters show you the way to make your next quilt amaze everyone.


It is easier than you think if you follow their lead.




When it comes to creating warm and whimsical design, Amy McClellan has it all stitched up. By combining cotton, wool, and timeless woodland themed embroidery designs, Amy's quilts have a charm that is simply irresistible to quilters around the world. Along with clever tricks for prepping your work, she shares a technique using cereal boxes that will have you raiding your kitchen cupboards.

Also in this show, Australian quilter, Sarah Fielke, shares how effective a hand-quilted big stitch can be on your project.

Star Members can watch Show 2004:  Into the Woods We Go - Embroidery with Whimsy in Stitches when it debuts on Sunday, February 12, 2017.


Wander behind the scenes at The Quilt Show taping featuring Lynda Faires. You'll drool over some of the luscious embellishments she uses in her crazy quilts.

Star Members can watch Lynda in Show 2003: Vintage Charm Using Silk and Machine Threadwork, when it debuts Sunday, January 29, 2017.


Victoria Findlay Wolfe is back to unlock the secrets of the Double Wedding Ring block in Show 2002: Look Out! Double Rings and Curves Ahead. Take a sneak peak behind the scenes.

By exploring the design in over sixty quilts to date, she has figured out tips for successful stitching that she is passing on to you. But why stop there? With free-form cutting, she is taking this traditional block for a spin on the wild and wonderful Modern side.

Then, step inside a Gee's Bend classroom to see what really takes place when these creative women get together.

Show 2002 debuts on Sunday, January 15, 2017.

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