Alex and Ricky welcome longarm expert and international award-winning quilt artist Cathy Franks. This powerhouse of exuberant energy shares a dizzying number of creative techniques on the longarm.
And, did you know that by manipulating just one stencil, you could create dozens of interesting and unique quilting designs with just a twist and turn of the wrist? The creative ideas just keep coming as Cathy is guaranteed to keep you enthralled.

Star Members can watch Cathy Franks in Show 2302: Creative Embellishments and Quilt Stencil Versatility when it debuts, Sunday, July 15, 2018.

Alex and Ricky are joined on the set by Renaissance man Mark Sherman, who unlocks the secrets for creating truly unbelievable Tiffany style stained glass quilts based on inspirational photos, hand-dyed fabric and his deft touch at realism.
And if that weren’t enough to get your creative juices flowing, Ricky designs a stunning contemporary quilt based on an antique string pieced tumbler design. It’s a double dose of fun and inspiration in one show. Don’t miss it!

Star Members can watch Mark and Ricky in Show 2301: Luminous Stained Glass Quilts, when it debuts this Sunday, July 1, 2018.

Using traditional Amish quilts as inspiration, Ann pares down the piecing lines using her new "gesture" process to create more modern designs. To shake things up even more, Ann pares down the Courthouse Steps block to its most minimal or remixed version.
Then, the effervescent quilt blogger Anna Bates makes a stop on her road trip to join us in the studio. Anna regales us with stories of quilt shops, meeting quilters on her journeys, and clever tips for doing handwork while riding along in an RV.

Star Members can watch Ann and Anna in Show 2213: Amish Remix and Quilting on the Road, when it debuts Sunday, June 17, 2018.


Alex and Ricky welcome back Katie Pasquini Masopust to share the secrets behind her new art quilts built using log cabin blocks. Her love of tradition led Katie to see how far she could expand the block.

Enlarged photographs are used to build on a grid system that becomes the framework for her quilts. Varying fabrics, color, and value take on the role of major players as an entirely new art quilt is built. Along the way, Katie shares tips for using this most traditional of blocks in an unconventional manner.
Star Members can watch Show 2210: Reimagining the Log Cabin Block when it debuts on May 6, 2018.

Quilt artist and teacher Katie Fowler returns to share the fun of coloring pre-printed mandala designs built with quilt blocks on fabric. It takes the joy of the coloring book to a whole new level. Now your colored designs can be used just like any other fabric in your stash!
And, Ricky kicks off the show with tips for assembling a contemporary baby bunting quilt inspired by an antique quilt. The large 16” blocks can then be combined using a variety of settings to make a number of very striking quilts.

Star Members can watch Katie in Show 2209: Coloring on Fabric Mandala Designs when it debuts this Sunday, April 22, 2018.

Alex and Ricky are visited by Maria Shell, who refers to herself as a "bit maker." She shares her method for creating visually vibrant and patterned quilts created by sewing small units or strips together. It is through sewing, cutting, and joining a large number of strip set units, that Maria pushes a design as far as she can, with the end result being an entirely new design.
Also in this show, Alex shares her updated version of an antique quilt and discusses the problems she encountered when trying to mimic the original quilt‘s border. Using lemons to make lemonade, Alex shares her new "super improv" and out-of-the-box triangle border.

Star Members can watch Maria in Show 2208: Improv Patchwork. The show debuts this Sunday, April 8, 2018.

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