Alex and Ricky are introduced to Shelley Scott-Tobisch and Bernie Tobisch of Easy Precision Piecing, creators of the Acorn Easy Precision Piecing Seam Align Glue, Easy Press Solution, Easy Press Pen, and the Block Builder Base. Shelley has been quilting for twenty years, while Bernie has had a 43-year career as a sewing machine tech. Combined, they offer students a wealth of knowledge when it comes to achieving perfection in their piecing results. Having serviced over 50,000 machines, Bernie walks TQS through tips to help resolve issues that all quilters face, like tension, tilting stitches, and the proper needle for the job.

Then, Bernie and Shelley talk about the special features of the Block Builder Base, a portable patchwork block base developed to keep pieces in place and aid in assembly without shifting when it comes time to move from the cutting area to sewing. Bernie and Shelley cap off the show by talking about the many wonderful years they spent living on a boat.

Watch Shelley and Bernie in Show 2506, when it debuts Sunday, September 8, 2019.