Ruth Chandle is one of the founders of Textiles West and shares its focus and vision with Alex and Ricky. Ruth demonstrates how different tools, fabrics, and assorted types of fibers can be used for hand embroidery work. She shares how manipulation, layering, and a variety of simple stitches can add a new level of interest to your design.

Ruth follows this up by sharing the what, who, where and why of Boro, a Japanese repair work stitch form used to lengthen the life of garments for the poor in the Aomori prefecture.

Then, Wendy Grande comes back to The Quilt Show to share with us the techniques for creating several styles of silk ribbon roses. It’s then on to making a carnation that becomes a fascinator embellishment enhanced with the addition of a few pearls.

Watch Ruth and Wendy in Show 2504, when it debuts Sunday, August 11, 2019.