Leni Levenson Wiener has been photographing unsuspecting people on park benches for many years. She enjoys creating a little story and found that the background and bench itself were not actually necessary when trying to convey a message. Leni shares how she builds her unique mounted floating art works. She also shares tips for using unexpected fabrics when creating faces.

Also in this show, when it comes to quilting, we don’t often do our bodies justice. Hours of being hunched over a sewing machine can take its toll. Jake Simmons, a practicing Chiropractor, shares tips for preventing pain while quilting.

Star Members can watch Leni in Show 2204: The Human Form from Portrait to Art Piece, also featuring Jake Simmons. It debuts, Sunday, February 11, 2018.

#2 SchnauzerFan 2018-02-11 09:38
This is a fantastic show. Lots of really good information but Leni's piece on skin tones and how you put them together to create a face is practical and valuable and "I got it." Even if you're not into faces, it could still be applied to other similar effects. I loved her first show; love this one even more. Chiropractic info was a real plus as well. I'm guilty on a lot of what he showed us we do.
#1 AuntJo 2018-02-10 09:02
What talent ! looking forward to the show !
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