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Synthrapol Excess Dye Remover 4 oz.

G&K Craft Industries Synthrapol Excess Dye Remover 4 oz. Removes excess dye from fabrics ibefore starting a project.. Product #: GKCI-NOTI-SYNT based on 0 reviews Regular price: $3.50 $3.50 Out Of Stock

Synthrapol Dye Remover

Price: $3.50

Stock Status: Out Of Stock
Tags: 1601

Synthrapol removes excess dye from fabrics. Made for dyers, it is also extremely useful to us quilters who don't want our fabrics to crock while we quilt with them or run after our lovely quilts are finished.

To use, prewash your fabric with a teaspoon or two added to the wash water. The 4 oz. bottle contains enough for 12 - 24 washes.

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